[The Art of Metal Gear Solid I–IV] EBOOK / KINDLE

These art books are amazing Your receive 2 400 page books one containing colour art and the other containing sketches and concept art Both go in a really nice slip case Great value as it contains all the main series games xcept 5 Definitely pick it up if you re a fan of the series as it contains art work from previous books there weren t translated and now out of print meaning that they d be hard to get nowOnly gripe is that some of the pages were stuck together but other than very happy with the books Metal Gear Solid is one of my favourite video game series Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard ever and one of the things that I always. Twenty years of tacticalspionage action concept art design and creativity Coming in a collectable slipcase this two book set contains concept and key art from Metal Gear Solid MGS2 Sons of Liberty MGS3

Thought process behind the design of the characters The Matriarchs (The Family etc I think this is highly recommended for fans of Metal Gear Solid games Deux ouvrages de 400 pages chacun r unis dans une bo te bien solide Les visuels sont absolument magnifiues un vrai r gal pour les fans ue dire Voil un concentr des illustrations de Yoji Shinkawa l artiste derri re tous les dessins crouis les Metal Gear Solid ces bouuins sont des chefs d uvre Vraiment top Pour les illustrations pas de surprise on retrouve tout le talent de Shinkawa La ualit d impressionst de tr s bonne ualit Notes for the Everlost en tant ue fan de la saga Metal Gear cst un r gal. D Metal Gear universe translated to English for the first time ver while leaving the original Japanese handwriting intact Explore twenty years of classic stealth action video game artistry in loving detai.

The Art of Metal Gear Solid I–IV EBOOK / KINDLE

Loved about them was the character designs by the artist Yoji Shinkawa This collection contains two thick coffee table books one of sketches and another of finished promotion art tc His art style is gorgeous to just look at and they really went a long way towards No Biggy! establishing the atmosphere of the games Some of the art is included in some of the Metal Gear Solid art books that were published years ago but this time the artist s notes handwritten in Japanese on the sketches have been translated into English and are printed on the pages next to them Some of these notes give interesting insights into the. Nake Eater MGS4 Guns of the Patriots and MGS Peace WalkerThis definitive chronicle of characters vehicles and weapons is the ultimate companion to the tacticalspionage and future warfare of the celebrate.

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