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Their arms around someone s body Somewhat less ften they moisten their lips mutter a curse The Red Stockade or twist their lipsIn any event I was curious to read the resolutionf series so I rdered the next two books in the series from my library and actually read them in print form I actually thought that uinn and Bonnie were somewhat better than Eve and would give them each 25 stars if possible But I don t think they deserve to be rounded up to threeIf you are a long time reader f the series and would like to find ut what happened to Bonnie I suggest skipping ver the first two books in the trilogy and going right into Bonnie Anything you need to know from the earlier two installments is either summarized r believe it r not copied and pasted Yes there are a couple The Something of entire scenes that are simply repeated to fill in readers who have not read the first two books Some long time readersf the Eve books have complained about the supernatural turn this trilogy has introduced As noted above I have not read the earlier books but it seems they were grounded in reality If you are ne f these readers who are not pleased with that route I would suggest maybe sitting ut the trilogy altogether and reading up n spoilers instead since the supernatural element is really cranked up in Bonnie I did have the impression that Johansen was laying the groundwork for future post Bonnie investigation installments in her series I have some mixed feelings about the resolution In case you are worried yes you will finally find A Killing Tide out how and why Bonnie died Without giving anything away I will just say it might be just a little too neat and pretty But in a way I can also appreciate the sentiment that Johansen was going for and I imagine her fans might be highly curious about reading future novels with a non tormented EveAnd because I m a little freaky I kept a tallyf some Shivers: four in one: The Enchanted Attic/A Ghastly Shade of Green/The Locked Room - The Awful Apple Orchard of Johansen s mostverused word choices You might be curious to know that tightening L'Oracle de votre subconscient : I-Ching, Le Livre des transformations of body partsccurred 22 times 13 Weirdos of the Universe, Unite! of these tightenings were performed by lips Stiffening happened 27 times andn 13 Les Naufrags d'Ythaq T03 : Le soupir des toiles occasions a character moistened hisr her lips they need to carry lip balm Oh and there was The Royal Joust one sentence that I wrote down just because it was such a clunker On page 47 Catherine says this to Eve You ve been trained in police sketching as partf your training Let s see everything that s wrong with that 1 redundancy trained as part American Maharajah of your training 2 unnatural dialogue and 3 Eve knows herwn background and doesn t need to be told Why not Weren t you I was disappointed in this book It was a little slow and seemed to drag n for no ther reason than to make it into a whole book for a three book series I have read every book in this series I liked them mostly but I don t like the way she writes dialouge Everyone no matter who they are and where they are from speaks English perfectly I was unhappy that a lot f this book was repetitive from previous books I hate when you are reading a series and the authour tries to explain every thing that has happened in the previous 10 books in this ne book so that those who just pick up this book can try Squeamish About Sushi: And other Food Adventures in Japan ot know what s goingn Ah well I am really glad this series is ver and will probably not read any Iris Johanssen books for uite a while I need to finish JD Robb In Death series and then find a new series that I haven t read yet I enjoy book series Reading the ther reviews here I see that many shared my same feelings I was terribly disappointed in the ending The Quarterback's Crush of this series and each bookf the trilogy got frustrating for me Unfortunately it would have been better ff done as 1 final book although I must say I did enjoy Eve and the back story that gave us information n how Even met Bonnie s father The biggest problem I saw with these ending books as well as several f the books that were a prelude to the trilogy was all the rehashing ver and Achtung! Cthulhu over about why Eve has beenbsessed with finding Bonnie Not Infamy once a book but time after time after time Okay we get it She wanted to find Bonnie I don t mind dialogue if it is snappy and fresh I mind it when it is ad nauseum the same conversation 100 different times withnly slightly different wording Killing all this angst would have allowed the compression General P.T.G. Beauregard of the trilogy intone crisper book It My Wishful Thinking only says to me that Iris Johansen was really tiredf writing the Eve Duncan series and was struggling for something to fill 500 pages Unfortunately it The Boy and the Blue Moon only slowed them down and made them feel like 1000 pages insteadI liked the characterf Bonnie s father couldn t stand Catherine and her insistence n helping and the fact that she and Bonnie s father were going to be attracted was than predictable She needed to go home and spend time with that son f hers I mean who finds their kidnapped son after ten years The Screwball Comedy Films: A History and Filmography, 1934-1942 or then takesff again to help save another child without time being spent with said child Then she wonders why they re not reconnecting PleaseThroughout the entire final book f the trilogy I kept wondering if maybe Bonnie might still be alive although the fact that Eve was convinced she talked with Bonnie s ghost kept the probability pretty low However there could have been some clever way to work that I m sure I think. Om which there was no escape But a new Eve emerged a woman who would use her remarkable talent as a forensic sculptor to help thers find closure in the face f tragedy Now with the help f her beloved Joe uinn and CIA agent Catherine Ling Eve has come closer than ever to the tru.

I have to admit I nly read the last couple f books ut f a somewhat perverse need to close the loop I ve just found too much repetition the characters are all the same they behave in the same patterns Bonnie has increased appearances to all and sundry and the absence f anything ther than the seemingly impossible search for Bonnie s body just meant there was nothing to flesh it Pantyhose Professionals (Pantyhose Diaries Book 2) out Even the writing style was starting to annoy me as each character seemed to speak and behave the same way leading to pages looking like a test script rather than a novel where you could just change the namesn a line to make it read by another characterI wish there had been some actual character development ver the later books because there really doesn t seem to have been much change from the first half f the series They must all be insane using Franklin s definition Masterchef Junior Cookbook: Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks of the word because you get 4 strong very independent and strong willed people who are apparently able to work together for a common aimf just Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman one person and they ll do everything for Eve despite her narrow focus and tendency to brush everyone else aside in favorf her long dead daughter despite having Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation; A Contribution to Clinical Medicine - Scholar's Choice Edition other jobs and responsibilities The CIAbviously assist in this probably by now just to make them go away In the meantime Eve does what she wants uinn tries to stop her but ultimately fails Eve gets into trouble but he doesn t say I told you so Ling and Gallo act as heroic backup for either Eve andor uinn and they all work together to move towards the happily ever after And so it goes Heaven Next Stop on in the next bookview spoilerI also noticed the distinct lackf using Danner s phone for GPS tracking even after Eve s last phone call something surely 3 people as well trained as uinn Gallo and Ling wouldn t have missed hide spoiler Rating 25Genre RomanceMysteryThrillerLast book in 3 part trilogyReviewSeries SynopsisWorld Renowned forensic sculptor Eve Duncan was a single mother who studied hard to put herself through school in rder to give her seven year ld daughter Bonnie a life she herself never had Then the unspeakable happened when Bonnie disappeared without a trace and her body has never been found Eve painstakingly made her way through numerous possible leads and serial killers to get to the bottom f what really happened n that fateful day and to bring her daughter back home where she belongsEve and Former FBI Special Agent now Atla Having and keeping Bonnie was the best thing that Eve Duncan ever did She is the reason Eve worked so hard at school the reason that Eve s mother cleaned up her act Seven years later the worst thing that could happen to a family did Bonnie disappeared without a trace One minute she was there and the next she was gone Eve is now a world famous Forensic Sculptor She manily works with the skulls Bases Loaded of children so that she can bring them home to their familes The time she is not working she spends it trying to findut what happened to her daughter and who took her She was told that Bonnie s father was killed while in the army but then she finds Have A Good Night, Volume 1 out that he wasn t At first they think that he had something to do with it but come to findut his didn t He joins in the hunt for his daughter s killer Eve along with her love Detective Joe uinn her friend CIA agent Catherine Ling and Bonnies father John Gallo are about to get the answers Eve has been seeking for years In the past every time they think that they are close to finding the trurh they hit another dead end This is the fourteenth installment in Ms Johansen s Eve Duncan series but it is also the third f the trilogy After all these years f reading this series we finally find ut what really happened to Bonnie The twist and turns this story takes will make it hard to put this book down You will be glad that Eve has finally found her daughter but sad to see Eve s story end I have laughed and giggled ut loud while reading some books but I can honesty say that this is the first When You Lose Your Job one that I cried It was hard to keep a dry eye while reading the last few pages When a story is told in such a way that it draw you in that way it is a story everyone need to read I have this complete series and would not trade it for anything I am not a long time readerf Johansen s who has read all f the Eve books On the contrary I bumped into the first book in the series Eve when I did ne Isabel the Queen: Life and Times of my periodic keyword searches for Playaway books in my library snline catalog I love these preloaded audio books that are compact enough that they are handy to take Fantastic Post Office 03 on my long runsr counter the boredom Tim Crouch of a treadmill runf any length So I listened to the Eve narrative without realizing until near the very end that I was nly n part Drawing the Human Head onef a trilogy I was a bit miffed because I was intrigued enough to want to know how the mystery would unravel but not especially impressed with the writing The characters are not especially well rounded and sometimes it is hard to distinguish Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics one character s personality from another s On topf that Johansen has certain words and phrases she repeats ad nauseum Characters constantly stiffen Or they tighten various parts DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle of their bodies usually their lips but sometimes their handsn a steering wheel r neck r. When Eve Duncan gave birth to her daughter she experienced a love she never knew existed Nothing would stand in the way f giving Bonnie a wonderful life until the unthinkable happened and the seven year ld vanished into thin air Eve found herself in the throes f a nightmare fr.

The fact that Bonnie s killer was an uncle and it was an accident made some sense but with so many bad guys in the past who were suspects it was really kind f a really momentOverall the series was good but unfortunately it probably should have been ended about four books earlier to earn an verall great rating 15 starsInterested in f my reviews Visit my blogThis is the ne series that I have read longer than any series at least a decade I read all 11 f her Eve Duncan series and when the author announced that she d be making a final trilogy to fully resolve everything well I was ecstatic The Eve Duncan series chronicles a mother losing her child and never having the closure she needed never knowing what happened to her her daughter Bonnie simply disappeared Pontius Pilate off the facef the Earth This kick started her career in forensic sculpting and she began helping Livin de Life other families who had lost children bring them home finally So this is essentially the conclusion to a 14 book series that I ve read from the very beginning and loved I had a lot ridingn Iris Johansen being able to pull this Aeralis off in making it feel the series came full circle and I wasn t left with any nagging uestions I m thinking I set the bar too highThe writing seemed a bit too literal especially since it s such a long term series it seemed as if she was writing so that someone could jump into the series at any point and completely understand what was goingn I think people need to just read from the beginning so the author isn t making statements like this You ve been trained in police sketching as part Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half of your training Eve No shit Trained as partf her training Redundant muchBottom line the constant repeating Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education: Global Perspectives of everything that was gonever millions Radio Crackling, Radio Gone of times already was irritating And I swear the last 50 pages from the previous book were pasted at the beginningf this The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta: California's Gold Rush Bandit one I appreciate the refresher but seriouslyThe EndingThis is going to bene ginormous spoiler but I HAVE to say itview spoilerOkay so in the Eve Duncan series she s doing her part to solve brutal crimes against children and all the while she fears that her daughter Bonnie suffered in the same manner I expected it I think we all expected it What I did not expect was for her to turn her death into some fluffy bunny Limey Gumshoe oh everything skay because her death was an accident And to top it Maritime Academy Graduate: Memoir Of A Third Mate off She was IMMEDIATELY acceptingf it after her YEARS f searching she s just kay in the blink Trouble Looking for a Place to Happen of an eye She didn t even cry finally knowing what happened to her daughter But that s the real kicker Bonnie s killer was her father s uncle who was supposedly schizophrenic and had demons who did things and he couldn t stop them So apparently the day that Bonnie was taken the uncle saw that she was being followed by bad men so he decides he s going to SAVE her so he shoves her in the TRUNKf his car and takes Dressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes and Masquerade off Oh yeah by the way It s in the middlef summer So she dies Harcourt School Publishers Collections of heatstroke the end It was allne big accidentAre you fucking kidding me I have nothing to say am just blown away at how her death was accepted as From Paella to Porridge: A Farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish Adventure okay becausef course he didn t mean to do it that he had demons that he was trying to save her Well why the trunk Why couldn t she be thrown into the backseat Ridiculous hide spoiler I was able to get the book from my public library so I could finally find On Toby's Terms out who killed Bonnie This is the third book and last book in this trilogy about it Eve daughter Bonnie went missing years and years ago Eve has never known what happened to her and who killed her She has beenn the search for years and years to find the truth and this book explains it allOverall the book was good I thought Lots f action it had Catherine and Gallo in it but no Jane As usual Joe was his typical self and not wanting help from thers and a bit Max Lerner: Pilgrim in the Promised Land over protectivef Eve but his role was smaller than usual in my pinion and I was a bit annoyed at the end where he was saying that Eve was his and his to protectI ended up nly giving 4 stars as I was a bit disappointed in the ending I mean really that is Bonnie killer and how she died I was let down Part Indiscretion of me wanted her to be alive but I knew that the story could not go that way since her ghost was seen and heard from so she had to be dead Even though reading about whyhow she died was a disappointment and the killerne would be hoping that it was someone else even though it I was able to figure it Indiscretion out way before the endingI am not sure what Iris Johansen will be writing about next but I am sure I will be reading it Maybene last story where Eve and Joe are not n their former constant search to bring Bonnie home but about being able to put it to rest and focus n them and their future With 100 books under her belt New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen has delivered top notch suspense year after year after finally leaving the romance which made her famous I wasn t a big fan Soul Dust of her romance but am a huge fanf her suspense specifically her Eve Duncan seriesWith this latest book Ms Johansen finally ans Wow What a great book Make sure you have a box The Dyfed Enigma: Unidentified Flying Objects in West Wales of tissues at the end Loved it There is still too much left unsaid about Joe and Eve and Catherine and John for it to be the endf the series. Th But the deeper she digs the she realizes that Bonnie’s father is a key player in solving this monstrous puzzle And that Bonnie’s disappearance was not as random as everyone had always believed“Johansen’s trilogy takes the reader n an action packed journey” Booklis.

Bonnie By Iris Johansen (FREE)

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Roy Johansen is an Edgar Award winning screenwriter and novelist Her daughter Tamara serves as her research assistantIRIS JOHANSEN is The New York Times bestselling author of Night and Day Hide Away Shadow Play Your Next Breath The Perfect Witness Live to See Tomorrow Silencing Eve Hunting Eve Taking Eve Sleep No More What Doesn't Kill You Bonnie uinn Eve Chasing The Night Eight Days to Live Blood Game Deadlock Dark Summer Pandora's Daughter uicksand Killer Dreams On The Run and And with her son Roy Johansen she has coauthored Night Watch The Naked Eye Sight Unseen Close Your Eyes Shadow Zone Storm Cycle and Silent Thunder

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