EBOOK or PDF (Mars and Her Children Poems) ☆ Marge Piercy

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81154 P618h 1992 This book contains some of the most beautiful and meaningful poems I ve ever read The poem about Mars and Her Children is one of my most favorite poems This book was my introduction to Marge Piercy s work I can hardly wait to read of her poems Her poetry is accessible and is guaranteed to capture your emotions and your imagination Whether she describes dancers through time or Persimmon pudding or The price of the body you will be enthralled It deserves an honored place on your night table so you can easily reach it to read and reread I ept this one entirely for a single poem called A Dirty poem It s hot trust me I learned that I need to check in with my old self I love this book As ever I prefer her observations on people but her lyric voice was overtly complex at this period which I also like 1970 1990 was a great period for poets who happen to be fe. A major new collection of poems about women's lives and the closing circle of nature

EBOOK or PDF (Mars and Her Children Poems) ☆ Marge Piercy

I am a big Marge Piercy fan More her poetery than her novels but This book isn t necessarily my favorite but I do like the way it is put together sectioned into colors The poems in each section really do evoke a sense of the corresponding color even when at first you just aren t sure where she is heading This is an interesting collection of poetry in that the last few sections are titled after colors I tried to make connections between the poems within each color s section but only saw obvious ones in a few such as Apple sauce for Eve in the Red section Another interesting aspect in this collection is Piercy s treatment of an assortment of women s backgrounds Eve and a homeless widow are discussed in the same collection I had to stretch my thinking a bit when deeming some poems as worthy feminist reading so that s why this is only a three star collection for me personally. Cle of love death and birth that is being interrupted by the assault on the environmen.

Male I picked up a copy secondhand in a used bookstore As with many of Piercy s late poetry volumes this collection read as uite uneven a few great poems like The Ex in the Supermarket and Toward a Sudden Silence recall the force of her early poems understatement and subtlety while a great deal of mediocre poems read as the work of a lesser poet trying and failing to sound a lot like Piercy The poems do generally become better though as the collection goes on The collection itself is structured into sections based off colors a pattern of organization that proves to be interesting in theory than in practice many poems seem arbitrarily placed After having read this volume I d still advise friends to read Piercy s early volumes in their entirety her late work only in her Selected Poems You cannot break prose into lines and call it good poetry This collection is proof of that. Rom a bestselling poet These poems celebrate the beauties of nature and the eternal cy.

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Marge Piercy born March 31 1936 is an American poet novelist and social activist She is the author of the New York Times bestseller Gone to Soldiers a sweeping historical novel set during World War IIPiercy was born in Detroit Michigan to a family deeply affected by the Great Depression She was the first in her family to attend college studying at the University of Michigan Winning a