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D his wife Natalya I was sorry that we didn t learn that much about Natalya and I was even slightly shocked to find that she is killed off in the story but interested that the author was not afraid to kill off one of his main characters so soon I would have l I have to say I really enjoyed this book I didn t think it was on par with Gorky Park as one blurb suggested but it was definitely a well written mystery I d like to go back and read his first book with the main character if I can find it over here. Range twists and contradictions in the case Vadim surrenders to the dark power of Russian myth and prophecy But he is linked in neasy parnership with a black FBI woman seconded from Moscow Locked in a clash of cultures the ill balanced pair must confront an abductor who is at once deviously clever and bafflingly derang.

Mysterydetective thriller set in Murmansk in the year 2017 A detective battling corruption warped individuals from Russia s tortured past and simple bloody mindedness while trying to find his wife s attacker and ncover a trade in child slavery Absolutely brilliant Good storyline well structured believable characters A page turner with depth like a young John le Carre Strangely low average mark for a well written and researched book with a dark and frighteningly real tale Unfortunately half way through. The Arctic city of Murmansk capital of the Kola region of north Russia early in the new century Inspector Constantin Vadim is back in his home town after a short and nearly catastrophic appointment in Moscow But now he is faced with a frightening personal challenge one night his young wife Natalya a doctor answers an em.

EBOOK DOWNLOAD The Fortune Teller Æ Donald James

I discovered that Mr James is no longer with s Bugger Interesting enough He should have built the plot This novel is the second in a trilogy involving the character of inspector Constantin Vadim James s first novel Monstrum is one of my favourite all time murder mystery novels I was therefore very interested to read the seuel and revisit all the old characters This time the story takes place in Murmansk where Vadim is once again in over his head as he hunts down a ruthless sex killer who has abducte. Ergency medical call twelve hours later she still hasn't come back An accident seems the first possibility Or even a lover Yet soon a terrifying answer begins to emerge as Vadim's desperate investigation reveals that a second missing woman an American consular official was abducted on the same night Frustrated by the st.

Donald James born Donald James Wheal was a British television writer novelist and non fiction writerEducated at Sloane Grammar School and Pembroke College Cambridge where he read history James completed his National Service in the Parachute Regiment before returning to London to work as a supply teacherHe was the author of the best selling novels Vadim Monstrum The Fortune Teller and Th