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Archaeology is a field which has always been of some interest but seemed far removed from anything I would ever engage in myself Its talk of ceramics and ole digging seemed like an adventure in an elaborate guessing game I mean really ow do you get from a chipped cup to the story of a woman s everyday life over 100 years ago Battle Baptiste s Black Feminist Archaeology like the material objects she describes is a tangible sensual appeal and argument for a critical archaeology with relevance to anyone seeking to unpack their discipline and what Audre Lorde termed The Masters Tools Several disciplines including my own Planning have much to learn from Battle Baptiste s modes of inuiry I did however leave wanting specifically about what she found at each site While I appreciate her efforts to make a book about archa. Black feminist thought has developed in various arts of the academy for.

Eology accessible to those outside academia a little education about the current Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity practice of archaeology would have strengthened her well developed andassionate ode to the ancestors and scholars of African Diaspora 9301082 B3363 2011 I did not write a book to ush for a theoretical agenda that excludes anyone I write for an audience that is ready to hear about how race gender and class complicate the field of archaeology and make it relevant to the larger world I want this book to show how when archaeologists critically engage with a dialogue about the intersectionality of race and gender we begin to see the deeper forms of oppression and how they affect the lives of marginalized opulations Battle Baptiste 2011164 Black Feminist Archaeology represents a very different kind of archaeological study Battle Bapt. Over three decades but has made only minor inroads into archaeological.

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Iste uses a feminist erspective to address the intersections of gender race and class at three sites relating to African American experiences in the US These are generally categorized as African diaspora studies something that I am not articularly familiar with as a white archaeologist working in South America This book however made the subject and the feminist theoretical Hatred in the belly perspective accessible and important to both archaeologists and the generalublic I especially appreciated the way Battle Baptiste acknowledges and reflects upon her standpoint and relationship with the archaeological materials being studied Overall this is an excellent book illustrating a different Always Be Ready perspective in archaeology I think that it will be interesting to see howif similarerspectives are introduced and used in Encyclopedia of International Development prehistoric contexts. Theory andractice Whitney Battle Baptiste outlines the basic tenets of.

Whitney Battle Baptiste is the director of the W E B Du Bois Center at University of Massachusetts Amherst and an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology She is the author of Black Feminist Archaeology