Greyfax Grimwald (E–pub READ) ✓ Niel Hancock

D prominently in the narrative than Grimwald Despite these complaints and due in no small part to nostalgia for my outh I did enjoy parts of it and will eventually be moving on to book two in the series I remember reading this series in those halcyon days of Amok youth 20 or 30ears ago give or take 5 And a Bottle of Rum years and being uite enchanted with itI tried rereading it about 10ears ago I suppose and somewhere the magic had disappeared It just wasn t nearly as good as I remembered it sadlyBut I m still giving it three stars I liked it in memory of that 12 Crochet year old kid who was ensorcelled Fantasy is a difficult genre because so many readers come into it with preconceived notions baggage from favorite and despised authors and other such stuff that generally keeps them from enjoying a good book if it doesn t really meet their expectationsGreyfax Grimwald is probably one of the books that gest abused by the fantasy snobs I admit Niel Hancock is no Tolkein but then only Tolkein is Tolkein It s a fairer thing to say that Hancock is no Terry Brooks he s a few notches above Brooks in uality and narrativeWhere Hancock may fall short lies in differentiating his characters one from another The wizards Greyfax Grimwald Froghorn Feringay and the wizard in disguise General Greymouse may as well be the same person they re so alikeThen there s the treatment of magic There are these things see that are meant to keep whatever world we re in that s also hard to follow safe or at least help people get out of fixes Or something They are to reside in a chest of sorts but they ve ben scattered to protect them I spent too much time trying to figure this out trying to figure out the lay of the land Hancock provides maps but there s little resemblance and few landmarks in common between the maps and these stories that I kept losing the storyIfou want to read Hancock I recommend Dragon Winter Much coherent in narrative and geography Always enjoy this one First read in third gradeIt s the only one of the four I can recall clearly between readings Fans of fantasy will probably like it though it isn t the next LOTR as the publisher states all over the cover WOW A let down I guess the danger of being a pioneer the book was written ages ago is that ou may be judged by current standards For its time Greyfax Grinwald s characters and plot may have been just fine It is not a bad book It is just not up to par with today s standards Like trying to review a telegrapgh system in the age of phones. Dangers that await them the gloomy border of the Northerlandthe green fires of the Palace of Darknessevil spells and dark enchantments the dread city of Humans and most fearsome of all the evil Dark uee.

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S book was great This is the first in the Circle of Light series and it has a world reminiscent of Lord of the Rings but not sotwo legged for lack of a fun word Animals play a bit of a role from what I can tell The main characters are a dwarf short skinny and magical a bit different from other dwarves a bear an ancient powerful being who is always hungry an otter he s mostly fun and playful and a couple of wizards who help them understand w Bought this paperback book at a book sale with it s 3 others in it s set for a full 100 Where has this been all my life and I ve never heard of this series or author Great high fantasy story that I plowed through in one very lazy day It s written for adults due to the complex concepts but it made me feel like a little kid reading LOTR for the first time again Wow Can t wait to read the others I don t know what kind of crap this is but it is absolutely unreadable The sentence structure is appalling and every decent rule of good writing is broken on every page Apparently this writer has never even heard of stuff that every writer learns or should have learned in 5th grade like that ou shouldn t use too many adjectives and ou shouldn t use the same adjective over and over The delightful soft glowing movements of the sunThree adjectives were necessary hereLeaving all that world frozen by the cold ice nightArgh The redundancyThe cold snowDo ou really need to say that snow is cold ReallyThe characters are inconsistent in their behaviour and their dialogue is boring in the extreme The styles are mixed in too It s supposed to be set in olden times but the expressions used are decidedly modern day The plot falters along with lots of pom I first read this in the mid 1980s but didn t remember much about it Decided to re read it as an adult and my conclusion is that this book the first in a series of four will likely be most enjoyed primarily by ounger readers It s not terrible but it does leave much to be desired It is unoriginal within the fantasy genre and uite derivative of Tolkein in particular Not so much an homage as a blatant rip off as there are numerous characters events and items that directly correspond to Tolkein s creations The writing style is uneven and distracting at times Characters were often weakly developed unmemorable and interchangeable with one another Also I m not uite sure why Hancock chose Greyfax Grimwald as the title because there are at least three and arguably four or five characters feature. Fabled World Beyond Time a place where glows the ageless Circle of Light Along the way they meet many marvelous friends including the mighty wizard Greyfax Grimwald But little does the trio realize the.

This was not what I really thought it would be I was never much into the whole personified animal fantasy so that was really strike one Strike two is hate me if ou want I m a fantasy purist is the use of pretty much anything found in the modern world When I got to the parts with the guns and bullets and such I lost all interest and faith in this writer That s just meThere are uite a few parallels to LOTR which would work for some story lines just not this one I am a HUGE admirer of LOTR so if an author wants to display the fact that heshe has no imagination to come up with their own concepts and plots they better get it rightNiel Hancock did notEven Terry Brooks did a better job at ripping LOTR offIt s not a bad story as it had some interesting parts but overall just not what I had anticipated I m not sure if I ll be reading the rest of these Bear Otter and the dwarf Broco were happy living their own lives beyond the great river Calix Stay but some mysterious unrest has overtaken them all Drawn together they cross the river once heading back into the lands that know time They are searching for their uest But it doesn t take long for them to come to the attention of both the good and the evil who are warring for supremacy in this conflicted realmBy and large this is a novel that shines with its language and characters Grumpy hungry Bear playful Otter and the serious Dwarf form the heart of the story The interaction between the three is freuently amusing especially since all of them have been alive so long that things like hurry and short term memory often fall to the waysideThe plot however suffers a bit While Greyfax knows who Dwarf is and the reader figures out through him fairly early what the fuss is all about Dwarf spends most of the book sitting around waiting for plot to happen to him Greyfax despite being the title character isn t much better he s always rushing someplace only to find his bit of information came too late or is meant to push other people into acting The plot also has several echos of Lord of the Rings which doesn t have to be a bad thing it just makes certain twists seem far too familiar For instance when Dwarf suggests they go to the hall of his cousin which is sure to be full of feasting it tends to be rather too obvious what they ll find when they arriveThe characters are solid and the overarching world or rather multi verse appealed to me so I ll track down the second book It s an easy read I rate this book Recommended Thi. Welcome to Atlanton Earth Drawn together by an enchanted summons three loyal friends Bear Dwarf and Otter bid farewell to their fair home in the kingdom of Lorini and embark on a magical journey to the.

Greyfax Grimwald (E–pub READ) ✓ Niel Hancock

Niel Hancock started out from the Panhandle of Texas in 1941 and was on the ground when the Sky Riders went down outside Roswell New Mexico Even as a lad that tweaked his curiosity and then they touched off the Atom Bomb at Trinity Site which put him on the trail of the Road to the Sacred Mountain young as he wasHe grew up in that wilderness always looking for clues to the Mystery then d

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