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That this was published in 2007 so some of the places or sights mentioned may no longer exist Wow this book is scary I was reading The Shining during the same time period and this book scared me Perhaps because it is set where I live I bought the book because I ve read parts of the Florida version of the book and it has some strange but fun places ou can visit and I was looking for that here They have some of that in this version too but there is also some bizarre strange creepy things too like Skin walkers and strange deaths in the Superstition Mountains This was fantastic I m not a native Arizonan so most of the stories and places and tales in this book were new to me though not all It was a fascinating look at my adopted home state with tantalizing bits of history and beautiful photographs of all the people places and things that just make Arizona weird and uniue Oops Forgot to post in 2015When my best friend Betty now retired in Arizona sent me this book for my birthday earlier this ear I admit to thinking it was just another travel guide but was I ever wrong It is filled with a multitude of eerie ghost stories and interesting tidbits of haunted places I would love to visitFun and informative. Where from two inches to three feet tall Arizona seems to have them along with killer cacti and the Can Can Merman Now that’s wei.

Ave transformedI pulled out Weird New Jersey at the same time I was reading this It uickly saw how the formats had changed The book was divided up in similar sections but articles were fragmented in the Weird New Jersey This old style of having uick little blurbs were kind of nice It created a bigger mystery making the subject weirdAt the same time I liked Weird Arizona since things were a little thorough I suppose the only places I would have liked to see the same fragmented style that was in the original book would of been in the Roadside Oddities or the Abandoned in Arizona sectionsRegardless I have a bunch of places I would like to go to when I venture out to Arizona next time Talk about wanderlust Now I want to experience all of the things in this bookOnly gave it 4 stars as there were a handful of misspelled words C mon guys But it is still an interesting read a little kooky and a lot hilarious and weird I like it It was cool and astonishingI think others should enjoy this book too This book was so interesting Added a ton of places to see to my sightseeing list I have enjoyed all of the Weird state books and this didn t disappoint Discovered a few new places to visit in Arizona Do keep in mind. Dinosaurs goblins shape shifters and vicious bloodsuckers Whether it’s the Mogollon Monsters or the weird Ninimbe tiny elves any.

PDF READ Weird Arizona Weird Author Wesley Treat

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Fun stories but patronizing An example he profiles Sheriff Joe as just another AZ oddity but ignores that the abuse that the Sheriff perpetuates and that the author discusses is done on real people This is written as if the jail is just another part of the amusement park And so are all the other oddities Jane and Michael do a much better job of the same kind of chronicling What a fun book My brother and sister in law gave it to us for Christmas because we had mentioned that we were going to do much less traveling this ear This is perfect It s basically what the title implies a bunch of weird local places to visit and the legends or stories behind them We ve already seen a few and we re excited to hit the road and visit some that are close It even has a section on Chief Yellowhorse who ou might have spotted driving to AZ from UT and who we fondly refer to as Chief Yellow water because we honestly just misread the sign the first time we passed it kept us entertained the whole trip Thanks Justin and Helen This is one of the better written Weird books out of the whole series Granted I think it is because the lack of reader submissions It wasn t until this book I became very aware how much these books Most of Arizona remains unspoiled uninhabited America Welluninhabited by humans at least Reports abound of such creatures as flying.

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