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Cross posted from my blog where there s information on where I got my copy and everythingOddly I think I liked this one best The setting of celebrities and a fashion magazine and all that stuff fits the fluffy tone of the book way than other things Even with the dramasomewhat series mystery at the end it seemed to fit better It reminded me of that book I read a while ago Killer Cruise I actually wish this had been like that and embraced the fluff a little I honestly wish I had liked this because it had a lot of potentional It s an interesting premise But it frustrated me too much There s ust as much girl hate in this and again it s incredibly white not ueer and basically not diverse at allSeries wrap up The thing is these are not overwhelmingly terrible books They aren t A few years ago I probably would have thought they were really cute But they are very much a product of their times and I don t much like that time in books The constant girl hate and slut shaming gets so old the celebrity references kind of date it and the complete lack of any form of diversity whatsoever besides a few token attempts is exhausting They are so average that I was very frustrated and the times when the books seemed unrealistic or not the best researched only added to the frustrationLast to address the astrology stuff I know that some people believe very fiercely in astrology and all the power to them But the way it s handled in the book did not really work for me Logan reads two books about astrology and is suddenly an astrology expert to the point of solving mysteries and it being considered that she would get an astrology column in a magazine Every single person fits their astrological stuff so well that Logan can guess peoples Star signs upon meeting them and she s always right It is incredibly improbableAstrology in the book is almost borderline treated like magical unless people are freaking out and treating it like Logan has started doing drugs I think in real life people would treat it like a strange hobby not in the extreme ways they do in the book I find it very odd And there was a little too much of it I started skimming heavily towards the endI think there is definitely an audience for these books I Dead Boy just do not think I am that audience How young the voice seemed compared to the actual age of the characters didn t work to me and it did a lot of things I didn t love I could break it down and give ratings to each of the books and one might sueak out a little higher but on average I think two roses sums things up well enoughOther notes Making toast makes you a foodie now Is it supposed to be aoke when her dad says Logan inherited his foodie genes when she puts peanut butter on toast Fun fact since they live in California and the age of consent is eighteen if any of them have sex a bunch of these relationships are technically illegal I did not have enough suspension of belief from enjoying these to ignore that I knew that The first book accidentally implied a studentteacher relationship twice and I got so grossed out There were some typoes and I m not sure if it s because I wasn t enjoying the books very much that I noticed them or if there were ust One particularly bad example from the second bookA photo of a section where a line is repeated twice but I didn t type out an image description of the photo I probably should do that Seriously these covers confuse me so much WHO are these girls I literally have no idea It s like random stock photos Okay I know 2010 was a while ago but it was not impossible to find a record player then was it In California Near San Francisco I THINK EVEN IN 2010 YOU COULD HAVE FOUND A HIPSTER WITH A RECORD PLAYER Also they never actually played it so Another series I m finally finishing XD I didn t like the first book as much as I did when I was younger so I didn t enjoy the other two books as much as I could have The zodiac spin was appealing to me A big message in the third book especially is not letting your sign rule you that your birth chart is a guide and not a life sentence You are always going to be There s so. Logan McRae's guy is far away and out of touch and she is heartbroken She turns to her mentor renowned ournalist Henry Jaffa who helps her land a ob as the Friday intern for CRUSH magazine in San Francisco With a little luck she could also be the mag's teen astrology columnist All she has to do in order to prov.

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Me good astrological stuff in here and I enjoyed the story but speaking as an astrologer there are are a few mistakes in there too which I will try to alert the author to as I did with the Zodiac Girls series by Cathy Hopkins I am awaiting books one and two and hope she continues the seriesHaving now corresponded with the author and found out that mistakes were left in due to a tight deadline I am disappointed to hear she lost interest and umped to thrillers typical Gemini ha ha but I see they have good reviews so will try them too I s still pretty disappointed that I never got the book I got all hyped up because I won but I never ended up getting it Logan McRae has landed a dream internship at CRUSH Magazine thanks to her well connected mentor Henry Jaffa Logan is deferment to prove herself to the editor in chief Stacey and maybe even land a astrology column but first she has to keep Arianna Woods the cover model and over all train wreck from complete disaster the night of the big costume launch party On top of that Logan s relationship with cute Taurus Jeremy seems to have come to a sudden halt much like her parents relationship Can Logan astrology once to save the launch party and win back her wayward boyfriend or is this Gemini Night going to end in disaster and disappointment I have got to say that reading this book has be a struggle to say the absolute least I m amazed I forced myself to finish it To me the books get steadily worse as you go through them This once Eros Unbound (Great Loves, just felt forced I didn t care about any of the characters All of the characters are pretty flat and one dimensional except for Logan who even as the main character is only like 2D at best There was even a point in the book where the antagonist if we can even call her that she was mainlyust a bitch who did nothing for the plot was spreading a rumor that Logan was a witch who practiced witchcraft and the school was Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda just like sounds right All the adults were really apprehensive about astrology but never gave an explanation as to why The plot was at time nonsensical and there were plot points that literally didn t matter Honestly there are uite a bit of plot holes throughout the trilogy Another thing that really bothered me is that there was adults literally acting like children and even hitting on children the celebrity chef is supposedly 21 and is hitting on a 17 year old The climax wasn t very climatic and really the whole thing to me wasust dull and I m a pretty easy to please reader I think I would have liked this a lot 10 years ago when I was 13 but as a 23 year old it was Mes recettes au baby-robot just disappointing I love the premise as a whole but in my opinion the writing was poorly executed throughout the trilogy It lacked detail and cohesion and it lacked that special something thatust makes a reader connected to a book Over all I rate the trilogy a 510 and I rate book 3 a 310 Gemini Night was definitely my favorite book in the Star Crossed series I thought this story was so adorable I could not put it down Like with the previous books I learned about astrology than I could have ever thought to want to know It was interesting to see how much of astrology applied to me through my signIn this book Logan has earned an internship at a magazine Using her astrology skills she discovers that someone will be in trouble on the night of the huge costume party The mystery in this book was so much fun to read It had me guessing right until the endMy favorite part of this book was the ending It was so cute Such a happy ending that I really enjoyed I also liked how the characters continued to grow Logan learns about astrology and how to apply it to her life She learns not to La Stratgie du camlon jump to conclusions and she overcomes some boyfriend problems Paige probably grows the most She is not the uiet girl from the first book She comes out of her shell in a great wayGemini Night is a fun book I loved the story full of excitement and mystery I really enjoy how Bonnie Hearn Hill writes Her writing pace isust perfect I am looking forward to reading her other books Gemini Night by Bonnie Hill has me wanting to E herself to Stacy her editor is figure out the astrology chart for one of the celebs who will be attending the CRUSH launch party Halloween nightBut when she studies the mystery person's chart she sees disaster predicted for the weekend of the costume party Who is the in danger Gemini Is it fashion designer Grac.

Pdf Download Gemini Night Star Crossed #3 AUTHOR Bonnie Hearn Hill

Earn about astrology It s an excellent book and even though I didn t read the first two in the series I still understood it The books is easy to read and gets exciting as Logan starts her internship at CRUSH magazine and has to start working her astrology magicLogan McRae an Auarius is home from her Writers Camp and her boyfriend Jeremy is away at his home in Ireland As Logan begins to start her Junior year of high school her new mentor Jaffa helps her land a magazine internship at CRUSH an up and coming magazine Logan has no clue that along with this magazine will come trouble And the fact she has to abandon her favorite book Fearless Astrology so she can get the internship will cause even trouble When cheerleader Kat and her best friend begin to get up on her case about the soon to be swim suit model shoot at their home town Tera Bella Beach hosted by CRUSH even astrological events begin to occurGemini Night the third book in Logan McRae s series Star Crossed has a great plot and is really smoothly written Plus it doesn t hurt that the cover gets the readers attention too I m pretty sure it s Logan s Pisces friend Paige Altogether I would recommend this series once I got into Gemini Night it was easy to read and great for a rainy day I ll be honest I wouldn t have finished this if not for a its years long presence on my TBR and b its perfect fulfillment of a 2019 PopSugar prompt I can t remember when or why I got it into my head that I wanted to read this series but I suspect that it started with middle school me who may or may not have enjoyed this Anyway The maturity of the characters and writing style is MGlower YA which isn t inherently bad but doesn t work with the story being told Logan continually umps to conclusions only to be proven wrong but learn nothing so the cycle repeats it was exhausting to read and the twists really weren t all that excitingThe morality is very black and white even when the she s bullying a classmate or slut shaming her own friends I feel like there s supposed to be some kind of moral portrayed about astrology andor trust andor something but I can t pin it down I was also genuinely confused because for some reason I thought I was reading the first book in the series so the constant references to a past incident and Logan s main romantic storyline being view spoilerthe boyfriend off in Ireland with hints of love triangle on both ends hide spoiler Original Review Here Astro Girl is back in this third book of the Star Crossed series And might I say back she is and traipsing around San Francisco always wanted to go there I think that this third book in the series was my very favorite I m sure it s because I knew all the characters better than in book one duh and the plot was fun and suspenseful I always like a good turn of events and Hill has given me ust thatIn this book we get to see Logan in all her writing glory but we also get to see some of her friends Chilli and Paige It was interesting to see their character development take off especially for Paige Plus there was a whole new mystery for Logan to solve with the stars It s funny how 3 little books could pull me in so much and actually interest me in astrology Because I m dead serious when I say I ve never been into itBut Hill has done an amazing ob of presenting it in a way that intrigues the reader Plus with all the new characters and plot twists you won t expect what awaits on the path of the cosmos Because with high maintenance singers kidnappings costume parties and maybe some love at last for our dear Logan you ll want to pick up this book If you haven t read the first 2 and you like YA contemporary fiction I recommend the series for a light fun read that will make you laugh and maybe even remember what good friends are for The third book in the Star Crossed series Logan is getting ready to start her internship at CRUSH magazine Using her interest in astrology she discovers that someone at the CRUSH Halloween party is in danger Can she find out who what the danger will be and warn them in time Fans of this series will enjoy this installment. Iela Perez the Silver Dragon Is it her friend Chili's new guy teen celebrity chef Alex Keen Or is it as Logan suspects out of control singing star Arianna Woods As Logan turns to her book Fearless Astrology for guidance she sees something she's missed before Big trouble is predicted that night for her sign as wel.

Bonnie Hearn Hill's latest novel of suspense THE RIVER BELOW was described by Publishers Weekly as a poignant standalone that is as much a story about friendship and loss as it is a mystery Hill is the author of six thrillers from MIRA Books the Star Crossed young adult series and the Kit Doyle series IF ANYTHING SHOULD HAPPEN 2015 GOODBYE FOREVER 2016 and I WISH YOU MISSED ME 20