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Deep are also far njoyable if it is the underwater world and the different thinking of the merfolk the reader wants to immerge in Forgive my Fins has some interesting If Im Found (If I Run explanations about underwater breathing and the tolerance of the cold ocean water but it stongly focusses on the romance part themotions the joy and pain of teenage infatuation Be it CaddyGirls either high school spring fling or underwater castle The text does not offer a lot of visuals It rather feels like skipping the landscape pictures of a slide show and getting only glimpses of beautiful things until the family pictures come into view and are to be admired and scrutinized So if you search for the next cute teenage romance with a likable heroine and a hunky hero who hides his feelings choregraphed in front of a wet scenery for a change you cannot go wrong by reading Forgive my Fins I for my part have decided against reading Fins Are Forever though I will await the next mermaid themed book The Forbidden Sea I have on preorder now hoping it will offer the perfect mix mystery love thrill a believable well depicted underwater world and I heartily thank Tera Lynn Childs anyway for writing a mermaid book in times that clearly favour faeries vampires and angels I haven t read a mermaid story in so long I almost forgot theyxistedI went into this one Assignment expecting to be buried under an avalanche of cuteness and that sxactly what happened I m going to tell you right off the bat that it s childish and the main character immature as well as single focused on getting the boy she wants so do not pick it up if you wish for great depth and a complex worldBut do pick it up if you ve missed mermaids too and are often Philosophy of Religion entertained by teenage girls who make poor decisions in the department of love Even the author is single minded Hello there are other characters in the story and yet they serve little to no purpose unless it s to supporttorment Lily They do not stand on their ownFortunately Lily grows on you and I have to say I wasn t at all bothered by her love interest Well the second one Yes he acts like an alpha male sometimes and a jerk but I saw the good in him and how can one not acknowledge his steaminess and undying love for LilyI can t give this book despite its fun content because I don t feel as though it s a worthy addition to the collection of mermaid stories out there seeing that it is predictable and under developed but I did find some of itslements uniue such as the idea of bonding through kisses and challenges linked to counselling reuired for a merperson to break a bondThat No Respect epilogue also got me really curious about the seuel Nicely played Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin This one wasn t for me It was somehow too pink girly fluffy and cute The story itself was very predictable which only made me want to shake the heroine and make her see what was going on already Her absolute cluelessness really annoyed me And seriously how can you be in love and I m referring to the I love you so much I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you kind of love here with someone you rarely talk to and don t really know that well I mean having a crush okay but dreaming of marriage and wanting to tell that person your biggest secret Ahm noConcerning the love story concept it is pretty common in YA literature but I ve seen it done better in other contemporary novels Something Maybe by Elizabeth Scott comes to my mind forxampleThe underwater world had a very disney like feel to it and although I don t mind watching the occasional disney movie it s not really what I m looking for in a bookThis was my first real mermaid book and it certainly won t be my last but I m sure that there are better ones out there Pre review before I finish the book I know I m at least 12 years older than the targeted audience but stillI can and will appreciate good teenagers dramas However The stupidity and immaturity of the Main Character really is not The Spirituality Revolution endearing I kept rolling myyes at a lot of things said MC had said and doneI d been 17 years old once and I don t think teenagers at this age are that bad thoughts after I d finished readingThis time I can t Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) even say Oh what a great big disappointment because I Too fluffy for my own likingIt would have been a cute read if it weren t for the clueless heroine Lily I get that you re half mermaid but you ve lived with humans for the last 3 years and should have a clue about the opposite sex and relationships at least by then How could you not know liked you He annoyed youndlessly to get your attention It was just too predictable for me No surprises to get me hooked Only uince was this book s saving grace And ven uince won t get me reading the seuel. Rforms a separation ritual within days Her cousin Dosinia has her own plans to advance herself in the royal dynasty.

35 4 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne s Reading Den Plot points mentioned deal with aspects contained in the book blurbIs it just guppy love or a love as deep as the ocean Yes I have been indoctrinated from all the puns in this book The sea puns and mermaid fish slang were a little jarring at first but son of swordfish as Lily would say once I got into the flow I was all bubbly smiley reading them and at times ven chuckling Though I can see how the steady stream of puns could be annoyingly corny and induce seasickness if one wasn t partial to them Forgive My Fins is a cute fun uick and Designing with Web Standards easy read This is the first book I ve read by Tera Lynn Childs It was also my first mermaid story other than The Little Mermaid So I can t compare it to any other YA mermaid books out there but I did like the different twist from the Little Mermaid Almost 18 year old Lily Sanderson half mermaid half human has been secretly in love with Brody Bennett swim champion for 3 years uince Fletcher on the other hand has been nothing but an obnoxious annoying blowfish of a biker boy neighbour and definitely NOT Lily s idea of a dream mermateWhen a case of mistaken kisstaken identity at the Spring Flingnds up accidentally magically bonding Lily to uince Lily must reveal her secret to him and take him to her ocean home to meet Daddy dearest in the underwater kingdom of Thalassinia to reverse this mistake of tsunami proportions Brody is the one that Lily wants to spend happily Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, ever after under the sea with cue Under the Sea musicI really liked uince from the beginning and his behaviour towards Lily reminded me of little boys who pull the girl they like s pigtails to get their attention uince s teasing manner Lily s fiery reactions to him and him calling Lily princess also reminded me of the sparks between Han Solo and Princess Leia which I loveOne of the issues I had though were the number of times Lily kept referring to the bond I understood it was to show Lily being in denial about any attraction she was developing towards uince the bane of herxistence and blaming it on the Structure Of The Nucleus effects of the bond but after a while it just felt like Ms Childs was hitting the reader over the head with a baby whale with it Ironically the other issue I had was in relation to what I felt was a bit of a plot hole regarding mermaid bonding Despite those issues however I found myself smiling a lot reading this book got a few yummy shivers and definitely had a big smile on my face when I reached thend If you are looking for a deep read then swim away from this one but if you re looking for something buoyant then dip your toes into this sweet and innocent tailOops I mean tale If the puns in this review annoyed you then you should probably steer clear of Forgive My Fins A few of my fave uotes I don t believe it uince says with absolute certainty I don t believe anything magical can make someone in love He looks me right in the First Anthology eye as he says Love is already the strongest magic in the world Oh Lily He says shaking his head I know about love About wanting and dreaming and wishing withvery part of your soul I know nough to recognize the parts that are real and the parts that are only in my fantasy He turns his head slightly to face me and I find myself saying L like what Like when she cries and my heart tears into little shreds and all I can think of is making her forget the source of her sadness His face is blank motionless His words and the underlying Passage Through Crisis emotion bombarding me through the bond than make up for it That s real My voice is barely a whisper when I ask And fantasy Believing she llver feel the same wayWhen he pulls back his Science, Technology and Culture eyes glow with the love I know is shining inside I m sure myyes are glowing just as bright because I can feel the tears of joy sliding down my cheeksFor several long minutes we just smile at The Road to Einsteins Relativity each other I m sure we look like stupidly in love teenagers to Aunt Rachel and whoeverlse happens to be watching but we know the truth There s nothing stupid about itLord love a lobster he has a beautiful chest Just had to toss that one in there And it s relevant to my visualisations below LOLMy Lily Taylor SwiftMy uince Cam Gigandet COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them please let me know and I will do so as soon as possible If I can identify the copyright I will do so This is one of those stories that I got to read before starting to write reviews but if I remember well I love it so I should say at least one word or two about itI am not sure why I like reading books about mermaids I blame it on. Princess Lily of Thessalania is a mermaid with an unreuited crush on swim star Brody Bennett at Seaview High School.

The Little Mermaid and the way I loved it so much as a kid that it s still somehow stuck in my headSo I picked up this book wanting to have a good time with it I read it in one sitting and I had tons of fun with it It was cute it was funny sometimes just a bit silly but nough to make me smileI am still thinking that I should read the next books in the series but we will see as there s plenty of fish in the sea if you get what I meanAnyways it got 5stars from me back then it would probably be around 4stars these days but if you need something fluffy to read this might be great for you too Enjoy it Image source Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO I don t think rating out of 5 stars gives nough room for judgment I prefer the standard school grading scaleMaybe a B It was a light cute fun book The cover is obviously stunning I love the greens and the blues I m not sure what she s supposed to be blowing out of her mouth though Is there something I missed in the bookAnyway we are presented with Lily Sanderson half mermaid half human She s nothing spectacular with her blonde hair yay pale skin and freckles And she s got this really annoying see intriguing neighborish boy uince watching her Nighttime Sweethearts every move Naturally he s in love with her and sees her for the beautiful mythical creature that she is instead of the freak she assumes to be But she has heryes on superjock manslut Brody with his abundance of luscious curls and hey he swims like Michael Phelps Lily is convinced that he will be her mermate in life once she kisses him with her fishy bondage wielding lipsLily is an okay heroine but suffers from Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire extreme lack of awareness She s stubborn and na ve and insecure I didn t love her but she was tolerable uince is my favorite character in the novel though he comes off as uite the doormat He s got some really cute lines though Go uince Lily s obsession with Brody gets annoying and is rather unwarranted as most high school crushes are as there s no real chemistry between the two The world isnjoyable but Safe in My Arms extremely similar to that of The Little Mermaid Trident wielding I realize I ve used this word twice King Check Secret Grotto where the light from the world above shines in Check I liked it thoughA solidffort from Tera Lynn Childs There is a cliffhanger and I m definitely looking forward to seeing where this story goes in Fins are Forever due out next year This book is corny In fact a wave of sadness overcomes me when I realize the depths that this author has sunk to Drowning her audience Looking for a fun uick cute summer read Look no further Forgive My Fins has it all and Let s just say I m head over tail for the whimsical mermaid taleSuch a cute story This is definitely a novel that will appeal to the upper ya crowd but at the same time is something that I wouldn t hesitate to recommend to the younger ya and Presunta colpevole even mg readersI adored uincy from the first spitball mention Not really specifically because of the spitball but because he seemed like the genuinely funny and incredibly sweet guy Don t ask me how I got all of that out of a spitball but I just didLily was anxcellent protagonist I was a little worried that she might come across as stuck up since she was a princess and all but she s incredibly humble and insecure She might have been fishy royalty but teen girls won t have a hard time relating to her at allThe novel was a bit predictable but I still Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem enjoyed the journey I loved the whole bonding issue which I don t want to get into much since it could be potentially spoilery But it was interesting to see how Childs invented her own mermaid mythology Did not see thatpilogue coming though I m hoping that may mean a seuel One can hope anyway And can I just say that I m so Safe Words excited to see mermaids I ve always beenI loved Childs writing style in Oh My Gods and was glad to see that Forgive My Fins had that signature uirkyasy style And I m not mbarrassed to admit that I giggled uncontrollably throughout most of this novel It was so much fun to readAdd this one to your summer read list I rate this mermaid romance which I have impatiently waited almost a year for 35 stars altogether It was really cute but very predictable In core it reminded me a lot of Something Maybe and other regular YA which tell the story of a girl nursing a long time crush on a boy she doesn t really know that well After 40 pages or so I was a tiny bit bored but I held on tight I was reading a mermaid love story and it got better again As far as I am a mermaid here is my story books go I liked both Teenage Mermaid also predictable because basically a retelling and Ascension which both offer a romantic plot better The last books of the Ingo Series specially The. Her neighbor is obnoxious biker uince Fletcher whose accidental kiss bonds them as mates unless her king father pe.

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