(E–pub) [The Rosary]

(E–pub) The Rosary

What a find I m so glad I found this book It is truly engrossing from the first pages And as deeply moving as any Bronte or Austen work The first half of the book is so perfectly written and edited that I could see the scenes enacted in my head as if watching a movie for some eason I pictured James McAvoy as the hero She lags somewhat in the second half but the urge to know what happens speeds you along Please ead this one it s such a beautiful book Now I m off to ead another Florence Barclay book and it looks to be as good as this one Melodramatic suffering sighing and professions of love at their height which in any other book would induce episodes of gagging and eye olling in this eader but which for some eason induced feelings of protective loyalty instead I was convinced that though the dialogue exchanged would be permitted only at the opera today it was befitting the characters written whose intense artistic passions were meant to be felt with intense dramatic phrasesOf course pure old fashioned morals the testament to the nobility of marriage and themes of our dependence on God which were wound throughout the entirety of this truly engaging storyline secured my allegiance like only early 20th century literature can Certainly not for everyone and definitely not for the those who are adverse to sappy Mys you would hate it but great lessons about pure love selflessness endurance and humility if you can just make it through hands that are always flying to hearts overemotional exclamations and the deep wells of love filled eyes 25 Was intrigued by the very high atings 412 Had to see what the fuss was about Apparently a bestseller in 1910 Wellit had it s appeal for me too I love a heroine who is plain what does that eally mean anyway not ugly it seems only heroes are allowed to be downright hideous and logical Jane Eyre for instance Setting Jane Champion against an artist who values physical beauty above all is interesting I liked that a lot However I found it hard to suspend my disbelief about the nurse bit Garth wasn t just blind he was an idiot And everyone was too nice no one had any failings or uirks or eal personality Contrast that with a Rochester gruff ude at times hiding a dark secret but for good eason and it s easy to see why a book like this doesn t stand the test of time as Jane Eyre has Still I have to give Barclay credit for a very eadable novel this uote summarize the whole theme of the novelBeauty is not in the face beauty is a light in the heartKahlil Gibrani ead it and eally enjoyedtalks about the inner beauty And the extent to which it can overcome the beauty of appearanceand that beauty is in the eye of the beholderThe story of Jean Champion a Woman in her thirties she is simple looking but has a sweet voice and is talented in playing pianoGarth A young man who is very handsome and wealthy Well known as a painter with great skills during one of the concerts attended by both the singer didnt come Jane eplaced her she agreed to sing but was too shy to sing in front of people she sang the osaryThe hours I spent with thee dear heartAre as a string of pearls to meI count them over ev y one apartMy osary my osaryEach hour a pearl each pearl a prayerTo still a heart in absence wrungI tell each bead unto the endAnd there a cros. First published in 1909 The Rosary tells the story of Jane Champion and Garth Dalmain The Honourable Jane is plain smart and fiercely

S is hungO memories that bless and burnO barren gain and bitter lossI kiss each bead and strive at last to learnTo kiss the cross sweet heart to kiss the crossher soft and affectionate voice and the tone of nostalgia in her songGarth was completely surprisedher beautiful soul was unfolded and her sweetnesshe asks to marry her but she ejected his love as he is a boyand too youngfor herJane was not ugly but her excessive sensitivity make her feel that she didnt deserve his lovehe was hurted as he love her deeply and see her prettiness and beautythe story makes you want to keep eading till you find out how the lovers eunitethis novel takes you to the perfect love emotionsIf you like stories like Pride and Prejudice Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility you ll enjoy this Teresa Scotton Williams 55The Rosary is an exuisitely timeless story of Jane Championbeauteous of soul and voice but enclosed in a plain though intensely feminine body When the star singer has an illness Jane is called upon to sing The Rosary which she does with amazing sweetness power and beauty Garth Dalmain extremely handsome and artistically gifted in his own ight found that the veil is lifted to eveal his perfect soul mate Believing that his love would not stand the test of time Jane ejected him but suffered deeply and secretly proclaimed him king of her heart Blinded in an accident Garth efused Jane s attempts to come to him Eventually through many sacrificial trials these exuisitely drawn lovers overcame all barriers to the perfection of their loveFlorence Barclay was a profoundly gifted author of The Rosary translated into many languages and transcending time She portrayed the deeply spiritual and emotional aspects of enduring eternal love Mrs Barclay edefined true love as a meeting of two souls in a divine union with each other and God I am a little torn The love story in this book is eally touching and uniue And there is so many true and beautiful thoughts but I suddenly became conscious that for the first time in my whole life I was essential to somebody I could not enter a oom without ealising that he was instantly aware of my presence I could not leave a oom without knowing that he would at once feel and egret my absence and I knew the day did not begin for him until we had met and was over when we had said good nightFurther the characters are so well chosen and described And they feelings Sometimes characters in books are doing things just because it is needed for a plot and one sees their actions don t fit to their personalities But not here And I am not sure which love is the most beautiful Jane s Gareth s or Deryck s So where is a but This is another thing I am not sure Initially I had no but I think that somewhere in the last parts of the novel the story started to hung around It isn t the best definition but I can t find better My English is too poorIn other words if this story had written in a little different way it would have been an amazing book As it is I am torn because I was eally tired at the end And it is sad because I am sure Barclay had a gift for inventing sweet and thoughtful love stories The Rosary is one of those wonderful but unfortunately completely overlooked books It deserves to ank as high as books by Jane Austen LM Alcott Charlotte Bronte and LM. Oyal Garth is artistic sensitive and exceedingly handsome After years of friendship one night Garth hears Jane sing for the first time.

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Montgomery yet few people have ever heard of it Such a shame because it is one of the most beautiful and omantic books I ve ever ead Florence L Barclay paints very vivid pictures for her eaders and makes the book impossible to put down I cannot ecommend it highly enoughUnfortunately it s very difficult to find the book except through second hand bookstores However it s available as an e book through Project Gutenberg here and as an audiobook through Librivox here both absolutely free for your enjoyment Shameless plug Can I give this 6 stars Or It was so so sweet and I am learning that I eally love these obscure books written around the turn of the 20th century The dialogue was ich and thoughtful and the characters were all just entirely lovable There was a strong sense of nobility dignity and faithfulness that was part of the plot It was just great omance novel was apparently the best seller of the year 1910 so I thought I would test the durability of its appeal What immediately struck me was that this tale of the young English gentry working through the difficulties of their love lives in order to each the safe haven of engagement and marriage is exactly the kind of thing that PG Wodehouse was parodying there is even an eccentric Duchess with peculiar taste in pets here so even if nobody actually eads The Rosary these days it has a certain legacyIt is well enough written I certainly liked it much than 1909 s bestseller with the plot concerning a youngish woman who turns down a proposal of marriage because she feels she is not beautiful enough for her artistic admirer though she lies and tells him that he is too young for her She then travels around the world bitterly egretting her choice and on hearing that her young man has been struck blind by a plot device persuades a friendly doctor to allow her to nurse him while pretending to be someone else who just happens to have a similar voice to the woman he loves Well you can guess how it ends but it would probably make a decent film either set in 1910 or updated to the present Though we might skip over the unexpected evelation two thirds of the way through that she had gained nursing experience in the Boer War why did this not come up earlier and I suspect that the author is not well informed about Scottish marriage law oh darn I gave away the endingThe Rosary of the title incidentally was a very popular song of the day which our heroine sings thus convincing our hero that she is the one for him If you eally want to hear it I ve found a Vera Lynn endition on Youtube though I could have done without the picture seuenceAnd my friends list have satisfied me about the sperm This book is so wonderful I eally eally enjoyed and loved it There were some humorous parts some tense parts some that were lovely and beautiful and some that made me want to cry I loved all the life like characters and their development was very well done Definitely one of my favorite omancesMuch of a hidden gem The Rosary follows Jane Champion who thinks herself ather plain and unattractive When handsome Garth Dalmain promptly falls hard for her it takes a horrifying accident for her to accept his proposal of marriage and for their love to blossom A truly beautiful story of love that sacrifices itself for the other and gives al. And “the veil is lifted” to him He declares his love to her but Jane does not believe his love will last Then things get interestin.

She was born Florence Louisa Charlesworth in Limpsfield Surrey England the daughter of the local Anglican rector One of three girls she was a sister to Maud Ballington Booth the Salvation Army leader and co founder of the Volunteers of America When Florence was seven years old the family moved to Limehouse in the London Borough of Tower HamletsIn 1881 Florence Charlesworth married the Re