E–book Last Man Standing The Ascent of Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase author Duff McDonald

Orld has seen Very good book with much history of ach of Jamie s career steps and phases and also the details of the banks and the decisions that were made The Epilogu One of the best books I ve Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) ever read This writer has verve style andrudition When you re in a commodity business the only way to thrive is to be a low cost producer And when you re selling money you re in a commodity busines. Ethic are complemented by fierce loyalty and an unrelenting aversion to offi ce politics Dimon for the first time shares detailed insights on the heart of his business and management philosophies and industry titans such as Weill and Warren Buffett offer their analyses of his careerAt a time when Dimon's competitors watch their companies crumble JPMorgan not only continues to weather the worst period in the history of Wall Street but is growing by leaps and bounds The defi nitive biography of Jamie Dimon Last Man Standing is by far the most comprehensive portrait of the only man in finance today who can be called an American hero.

Although the story of Jamie Dimon is truly Gone (Gone, enchanting and interesting to read I was not satisfied the way the author puts it There are gaps in the narration and I often found myself puzzled with some parts and how they are related to the story Most of the stuff written in the book seems as if you re reading a news report rather than actual narration of Jamie Dimon s life and his achievementsTh. In the midst of this disastrousconomic climate one Threads Of The Shroud executive has weathered the storm deftly than any other Jamie Dimon chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase considered the dominant fi gure on Wall Street Dimon'sleventh hour acuisition in 2008 of fl ailing archrival Bear Stearns stunned the world Even incredible JPMorgan's continued success in the face of an industry wide meltdown that has seen its CEO become a paragon of financeIn Last Man Standing award winning journalist Duff McDonald chronicles Dimon's tumultuous rise from his joining the legendary Sandy Weill at American Express fresh out of Harvard Business School to their

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E style of writing is flawed but I thoroughly All Seated on the Ground enjoyed the aspects of Jamie s hard work intelligence style of leadership andmphasis on building stable businesses I would not recommend this book if you do not have much familiarity with technical aspects of the financial sector Great book about a great bankerThough too much unrestricted praise for Dimon he surely is one of the top bankers the Uilding of Citigroup and Dimon's unceremonious ouster to his rescue of Bank One and at the unprecedented age of forty Untitled. eight his ascension to the top post at JPMorgan Chase a bank he transformed from a broken institution to the sine ua non of global banking in five short yearsUpon gaining unfettered access to Dimon McDonald spent countless hours interviewing him and his full circle of family friends and colleagues to provide an unprecedented and deeply personal look at thisxtraordinary figure Moving beyond Dimon's fortress balance sheets McDonald reveals a dedicated family man whose uncanny facility with numbers and tireless work.

E–book Last Man Standing The Ascent of Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase author Duff McDonald

Duff McDonald is a journalist and the author of Last Man Standing a biography of JPMorgan Chase CEO and chairman Jamie Dimon A contributing editor at Fortune magazine and the New York Observer he has written for Vanity Fair New York magazine Esuire G Wired and Time and has been awarded two Canadian National Magazine Awards He lives in New York

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