いたずらまじょ子の大冒険 1 (DOWNLOAD)

Stories are completed in one chapter and they re all light hearted and silly Think My Little Pony type stories but with a witch instead of a unicornThe last story is the exception which spans at least three chapters two of which are in this volumeThe artwork is adorably cartoony and would be right at home on Discovery Kids with MLP and Strawberry Shortcake It s bubbly and light and the number of color pages in actual color is impressive It actually reminds me a bit of the artwork from the Madoka Magika opening with all the cute round faces and missing nosesThis is definitely a children s manga but it s not particularly patronizing If you have a little kid ust getting into manga this would be a good start and if you yourself are a magical girl fan who wants a break from all the dark and gritty stuff that s been coming out since 2011 you should try this one What a fun read I love that some of the pages are in color too I ll definitely be reading this series to the end A rambunctious little witch named Majoko befriends Nana a shy human girl and takes her off on adventures in the Land of Magic This light hearted manga Japanese comic book has been smoothly translated into English by Udon EntertainmentParents will want to preview most manga titles for girls called shojo manga or ust shojo before letting young daughters read them as the content often involves teenage romance and drama and can be sexually explicit The Big Adventures of Majoko is an exception cute innocent and funny Nana and Majoko occasionally get crushes on boys or dream of someday marrying a prince but mostly they re into exploring new places getting into trouble and making new friends wherever they goThe five volumes read from back to front and right to left which can take a little adjustment Volume 1 is currently out of print but used copies are easy to find online Preview Nana and Majoko s first adventure together on the Manga for Kids website This is an adorable little series about a witch her human friend and their adventuresmisadventuresThere is very little development between one chapter and the next most of which are standalone adventures but they come together to create a fun read perfect for young graphic novel readersI d rate this a three for myself however I gave it a higher rating as I can see it being uite good for the age recommendation. Ll of magic spells wondrous creatures and endless surprises Every day is a big adventure when Majoko is arou.

Personally I think cultural appropriation is a good thing unless it involves religion heroes or other highly emotional and symbolic content Still I found it a bit disconcerting to see the Little Mermaid retold from a Japanese perspective and sanitized Witches on broomsticks Magic spells So now they are world wide memes But what I really want to know is Why are there no black haired people in a Manga book for children Or is that only in the English language version this review is for volume 1 of this seriescute factor over 9000 the colorful carousel of mangas Majoko is intended for elementary girls I assume therefore it falls into the shojou category yet this female who well is far past the age this series was intended for read this heh heh Majoko moves uickly but the plot is simple enough that speedy story telling doesn t really detract from the overall uality of the manga each chapter is its own episode and one chapter doesn t necessarily lead into the next no breath taking cliff hangers here the dynamic between our heroines normal elementary school girl and witch in training is one of good and bad this helps teach the moral lessons typical of shojo manga work hard help others teamwork and honesty is the best and so on while reading this volume I thought that this manga is such an amalgamation of so many other stories for example Majoko s wand looks ust like one of Sailor Moon s primitive wands the male protagonist that shows up later is also uite reminiscent of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon as wellthere are also a bunch of cute motifs in this series the cops travel around on little clouds like in Dragon Ball the werewolves look like puppies and rainbows can be stolen from the human world and sold in Majoko s magic world yet all of these motifs are executed with subtle ease which makes the story digestible especially for the younger audience Majoko is intended forI didn t find this manga riveting but clean simple giggly and very cute I read Majoko out of curiosity and probably won t return to the series because it is so primitive but I imagine younger audiences will love this one and I can t even imagine how cute the anime must beemoticon rating This book is really good I think it is like that because it is Fix Her Up (Hot Hammered just like Happy Happy Clover Majoko is a witch Nana is Majoko s partner And Nana isust a human So this sto. While cleaning her room a young girl named Nana finds a mysterious diary As soon as she opens it out pops Ma.

いたずらまじょ子の大冒険 1 (DOWNLOAD)

review いたずらまじょ子の大冒険 1

Ry is about Majoko and Nana s adventure s Its Grounding Grounded Theory just like Happy Happy Clover s book type If you read Happy Happy Clover Instead of talking about adorable rabbits this story is talking about a witch Wait its a good nice helping witch Not these kind of evil spirit witch Its a good story Nothing scary You won t freak out Itsust like Happy Happy CloverI like this book very muchYou should try itMy Rating 5 out of 5 Fun manga for young children Not something I would read for myself but I like to keep aware of what my children are reading especially within this genre This was uite cute Nothing earth shattering but a comfy little magical girl manga that s perfect for younger readers Wholesome episodic content It s about a witch who comes from the land of magic to find an adventuring partner by using her magic diary The diary leads her to Nana a human girl who is shy and very smart They become the best of friends and go on adventures to discover good lessons to learn on the way They made friends of all shape and sizes and Nana discovers the true meaning of adventure friendship and risk One thing that I thought could be better in the book is that even though it s a manga and been translated from Japanese it could have been less confusing to read what they say For example it would cut off at points and leave the reader confused about what s happening and they would have to read closer and look at the illustrations again Though it was uite confusing the comedy was very funny and the adventures were fascinatingI think that anyone 7 and up could read this because this is really funny enough for younger kids and it would be somewhat on their grade level Even though it had easy reading ualities the plot was really good Mariama Cute It s an old school style magical girl seriesWhat do I mean by old school Well you know how since Sailor Moon in 1991 a lot magical girls have been fighting evil by moonlight This isn t one of them This is a magical girl and her human friend getting into trouble because of their magic and learning some kind of lesson because of itThis is the story of a human girl named Nana and her witch friend Majoko as they travel to the Land of Magic for some kind goofy adventure They try to cheat on their tests by getting good grade apples They try to rescue the prince by going under the sea to find him Most of the. Joko a rambunctious wizard girl from the Land of Magic Together these two girls explore a fantastic world fu.

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