(DOWNLOAD) Puro Border Dispatches Snapshots Graffiti from the USMexico Border AUTHOR Luis Humberto Crosthwaite

(DOWNLOAD) Puro Border Dispatches Snapshots Graffiti from the USMexico Border AUTHOR Luis Humberto Crosthwaite

My getting lost in Google maps satellite images for an hour Guys did you know that San Diego is south of Los Angeles Yeah There is some excellent material in this book but it s not nearly as good as the 1990s book now out of print that it replaces THE LATE GREAT MEXICAN BORDER from the same wonderful publisher Cinco Puntos Press Read that one first if you can find it then this one Multiple essays and poetry and songs and photos and lists about the USMexico border la frontera Several purposes to counter the media presentation of border issues to show how the governments on both sides are making life harder for those who live there and to give a richer perspective on life on the borderRead this book to nderstand the paradoxes compl. States became the prototype of the world’s largest gated community The sibling of the militarization was NAFTA the child of corporate America and bureaucratic America The headlines are everywhere US Marines shoot and kill 17 year old Ezekial Hernandez in Redford Texas; Donaldo Luis Colossio is assassinated in a Tijuana barrio; gargantuan drug busts and eually huge deliveries of stuff across the lineBut nderneath the ink are millions of people who live and work in this cultural linguistic and geographic soup The indigenous peoples of the region like the Tohono O’ddham will tell you that the border is a make.

Stories ReadAll Jokes Will Be Taken Seriously David RomoThe Dead Women of Juarez Sam inonesRopa Usada Cecilia BalliNothing to Declare Welcome to Tijuana Juan Villoro A very nice collection of essays about life along the border The editors did a commendable job of selecting a sample of writings that reflect the experience of living in this area from a wide variety of perspectives I liked the spectrum of personal memoir to drier reporting The breadth of subject and style are pretty amazing as is the editing in that the excerpts mostly don t feel excerpt y and there aren t any pieces I wish I d skipped which is my The Making Of Henri Higgins usual anthology experience There s a lot of stuff in this is my overall response What there is not is a map which led to. The magazine Traffic got it wrong The Border with its frantic commerce in drugs human beings electronic gadgets money and other economicnits is a lens into the future of the new world economy But it’s misunderstood disparaged cheated and even sentimentalized by the national media portraying it from its Big Brother perspective Puro Border is a remedy to that bias creating a collage rooted in the best writing from both sides of the border plus photographs and grafitti corridas newspaper clips and facts revealing life en la fronteraIn the 80s and 90s with the militarization and fencing of the border the United.

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Exities and hidden stories which are ignored in the political discussions and diatribes about immigrantsSeveral of the essays are disturbing bitter and funny but all jokes will be taken seriously and levity is scrutinized with judgments based on perceived stereotypes This is than an academic look Personal note I was acuainted with one of the authors Sam inones from our stay at Barrington Hall at UC Berkeley in 1978 79 If there were ten stars I d give this book eleven Never have I read such a captivating collection I have sed this book as a diving board into graduate studies and my own personal research and return to it again and again This collection is as eclectic as the USMexico border itself if only there were like it out there. Believe line They know because it crosses through the heart of their ancient homeland And in Juárez the line is real enough There over 300 young women mostly workers in the booming mauila industries have been disappeared The media on the other side have mostly ignored this tragic factMexican contributors include Juan Villoro Eduardo Antonio Parra Julian Herbert Julian Cardona and David Ojeda Writers north of the line include Charles Bowden Luis Urrea Robert Draper Cecilia Balli Gary Nabhan and Doug Peacock Introduction by Bobby Byrd and as counterpoise an Epilogue by Luis Humberto Crosthwaite the Mexican editor.

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