Deadhead and Buried English Cottage Garden Mysteries #1 (Pdf/E–pub) ´ H.Y. Hanna

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Puts so much into her books that you can find it really hard to put them own Deadhead and Buried kept me up at night and I loved it I am looking forward to reading books in this series I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it I was so excited to hear about this new series by HY Hanna and hoped it would be just as good as her other series Deadhead and Buried was such a fun read the mystery was well Ask Me No Questions done the theme was fun and there are a lot of fun and uirky characters It The first book in the English Garden mysteries Poppy is working at a thankless job with no chance of advancement when she receives a letter from the lawyer handling her estranged Grandmother s estate Upon her arrival at the lawyer s office she takes the keys and goes to see the rundown garden While there someone tries to break into the cottage and Poppy finds the handyman buried in a flower bed She has uirky neighbors One side is a retired professional teacher and the other is a well known mystery writer She meets Oren yellow orange tomcat He has a minor role in the tale Poppyecides to bring the Garden and back to life I recommend this book A great start to this new series 45 Poppy Lancaster would love nothing than to uit her job but she has numerous bills and just can t Then out of the blue a letter shows up that she s inherited a cottage garden nursery in Oxfordshire It wouldn t hurt her to check out the property her grandmother left her and see if she can sell it This is a grandmother who Poppy has never met after all Deciding to stay at the cottage for the night she encounters a grumpy neighbor a The Gnadiges Fraulein. demanding cat and aead body I liked Poppy right away The setting of this book has a soothing feel to it and I wish I could have that cottage Good mystery although it seemed to take a backseat to the plot This author was new to me and I m so glad I picked this one to read Looking forward to reading and would Unscrewed definitely recommend to readers Deadhead and Buried by HYHanna is the first book in the English Cottage Garden mystery series Poppy Lancaster finds that she has inherited an English Cottage garden nursery from her estranged grandmother only to stumble across a body on her first night at the cottage A nice start to the series Poppy is a likeable character and she has some interesting and uirky neighbours with Oren the tomcat and aog Einstein It was interesting how the garden theme and flowers played a part in the mystery and I loved learning about the flowers with Poppy A American Musicians delightful and enjoyable light cozy mystery A 5 star new seriesA story set in the beautiful Oxfordshire area of England The book has great characters plus the added bonus of a large finger Tom car named Oren an. T not know her pansies from her petunias but thatoesn’t stop her His Convict Wife (Convict Wives digging for clues The only problem is she could beigging her own grave too This book follows British English spelling and usage Clean read no graphic violence sex or strong language Genre cat cozy mystery series gardening cozy mystery women amateur sleuth British etective mystery THE ENGLISH COTTAGE GARDEN MYSTERIES Deadhead and Buried Book 1 Silent Bud Deadly Book 2 coming so.

REVIEW Deadhead and Buried English Cottage Garden Mysteries #1

Deadhead and Buried English Cottage Garden Mysteries #1 (Pdf/E–pub) ´ H.Y. Hanna

DEADHEAD AND BURIED is the first book in the English Cottage Garden Mystery series by HY Hanna and it lays a firm foundation for what promises to be a fun new seriesI enjoyed the run own cottage setting and the nursery with all of its beautiful flowery potential After inheriting her estranged grandmother s cottage nursery and surrounding gardens Poppy abruptly uits her The Perfect Indulgence dead end job in London and heads to Oxfordshire Though intent on selling the estate she finds herself falling in love with it and getting mixed up in a murder mystery to bootI admit that Iid not initially warm to Poppy Honestly she seemed kind of Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, dumb but she than redeemed herself as the story progressed Dr Bertie Noble her eccentric inventor nextoor neighbor is an endearing hoot providing much of the comic relief within the pages Poppy s other next A Seductive Revenge door neighbor crime writer Nick Forrest adds some moodiness mystery and possibly romance i Reviewed at Haunted BookshelfPoppy is facing aull and boring existence in a job she loathes and with California Living dreams unable to be realized All that will change when she inherits her emotionallyistant grandmother s garden cottage a place now overrun with flowers weeds and broken pottery oh and a So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, dead bodyPoppy might be able to have beautiful blooms keen over at her slightest glance but the cottage is working its magic on her soul Yes there s a mystery to be solved new neighbors to get to know an annoying relative that she rather not have met and just maybe a touch of romance in her future But first she has to figure out why this guy ended up Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty dead in her or her grandmother s garden plotAs with any mystery or cozy mystery I will not go into plotetails in a review that s just wrong on so many levels I will however say that DEADHEAD AND BURIED captured my attention with a really good base story several twists and turns along the way and rich characters that I easily either liked loved or loathed Watching Poppy come into her own sense of worth and purpose was a Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book delightful part of this story And no Iid not see that reveal coming although looking back knowing who A Study in Scandal (Scandalous did actuallyo it there were enough clues I just frankly Letting it Go didn t pick up on them So I think it s safe to say that any mystery lover will enjoy figuring out this one without aoubt in my mindI m excited to be beginning a new series with H Y Hanna although I miss the paranormal aspect there is certainly enough mystery and engaging characters to satisfy meI read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription Deadhead and Buried earns 55 Sprigs of HeatherEngaging Can t Miss ReadWhat would make one uit their job Demanding boss Personal rebukes Docking pay Twenty something Poppy Lancaster acuiesces The One Who Stays (Summer Island, desperately needing her. A new British cozy mystery series from USA Today bestselling author HY Hanna City girl Poppyesperately wants to pay off her Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, debts uit heread end job find her father oh and keep a plant alive But she knows these are just hopeless Smijurija u mjerama dreams until theay the letter arrives Suddenly Poppy is on a train heading eep into the English countryside to collect a mysterious inheritance And the last thing she expects to receive is a cottage garden nursery

Paycheck but when the last straw comes uitting is the only solution Remembering a chance meeting and the gift of a papier m ch sprig of heather pin Heather symbolizes transformative change from the mundane to the extraordinary The mundane is left behind and the extraordinary leads to the Oxfordshire countryside you are the sole beneficiary of her estate Extraordinary isn t without its problems missing keys overgrown garden need of repairs cottage four legged and two legged intruders and a ead body HY Hanna is my most favorite author of my two most favorite series Oxford Tearoom Mysteries and Bewitched by Chocolate so I was ecstatic about her new series that would still be set in Oxfordshire and weaving through the Ultralearning drama is fascinating English gardens small village life and a cata big one with aemanding nature Love it Although the murder investigation The Ring Of The Dove doesn t get started right off something I prefer my attention was immediately engaged with introductions and a compelling back story I prefer a first person narrative but that s easily overlooked because Hanna s style is well paced clever and entertaining along with vividescriptions and banter that illustrates well the tone emotion and personality of the characters Poppy has joined a marvelous community of Hanna women Gemma Rose and Caitlyn Le Fey who lack confidence and struggle to overcome their past or insecurities but they find their inner strength and their skill at amateur sleuthing Romance Maybe I highly recommend this first in the series Oh I recommend anything from HY HannaDisclosure I received an ARC My review is voluntary with honest insights and comments With very little education or self confidence Poppy Lancaster The Lost Literature of Medieval England doesn t think much in her future She has to work extra long hours but gets no overtime pay She can barely pay her part of the rent and utilities and minimum payments on the credit cardebt left when her mother A Curse of Kings died What little is left goes to pay for foodAfter receiving a letter from Charles Mannering an attorney Poppy takes aay off to meet with him It turns out to be a good choice as she Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, discovers that she has inherited the Hollyhock Cottage Garden Nursery from her grandmother Mary Lancaster After moving into the cottage she realizes she has her work cut out for her The gardens are completely overgrown with weeds and vines except for one area This area looks to beug up recently Things get interesting when Poppy trips and falls in the freshly turned soil She finds a body and things just seems to go from bad to worseWho was the person buried in the garden How long has the body been there Will Poppy sell the Nursery or try to make a go of it Will the corpse affect the Im a Narwhal decision to keep or sell HY Hanna. Omplete with romantic climbing roses fragrant herbs a ginger cat with attitude and aead body Now she must solve the mystery or risk losing her new home and the chance for a fresh start But who would want to murder a gardener in a sleepy little village Could the reclusive inventor have something to Madame Timide do with the killing What about the brooding crime author nextoor And why is her long lost cousin so esperate for her to sell the cottage Poppy migh.

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