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Addis Aläm EBOOK

The corrupt clergy and o introduce such emblems of Westernization as he elephone and he phonograp.

Try he meets almost insuperable difficulties in his attempts o eradicate obsolete customs o purify.

Story of a young Ethiopian who has an opportunity o study in Europe; on returning o his native coun.

Heruy Wolde Selassie ´ 2 Free download

Blattengeta Heruy Welde Sellase 8 May 1878 – 19 September 1938; ብላቴን፡ጌታ፡ኅሩይ፡ወልደ፡ሥላሴ Blatten Geta Həruy Wäldä səllase was a Foreign Minister of Ethiopia and a writer in Amharic