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PDF KINDLE Anything Once

The future This is a well thought out plot and it is a uniue and refreshing chance to have a story about a couple who have been married for 12 years and as with most marriages life has a habit of getting in the way and issues and communication or rather lack off can be swept under the carpet I loved how uinn and Ian worked through their communication issues and opened their minds to different prospective to sex and porn This is a well written story which is steamy sexy and an all round entertaining read I look forward to reading from this talented author and recommend her work for all Established romances are few and far between Anything Once is a refreshing read and an advocate for couples continuing to recommit to maintaining their HEA Loved Ms James s pacing and voice LORDY LORDY SWEET BABY JESUS This story really hit home for me in so many ways I just couldn t put it down First I loved it because it was an older couple that was married and had been married for years They loved one another and would do anything for each other They also had a healthy sex life with no cheating and no one else coming in the middle of their marriage That I give Meka mad udos for because it usually ends up with cheating and I really hate that This was real life than any other book I have read in a long time and that is saying something because I read like a crazy woman two or three books a day if I can manage it through everything I have to douinn and Ian have a wonderful marriage and life Things are going good until one day uinn finds Ian watching Porn She is shocked then she is hurt because she thought everything was good between them but she must have missed something Worries and insecurities war in uinn s heart and mind and she decides to talk to Ian and have a heart to heart with him Lay it all on the line to find out what she did wrong and how they can get past this situation They both When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) know that communication is theey here and if they can have that they can work through anythingAfter they are done talking there is one uestion that Ian has for uinn and that is are you willing to put yourself out there and try anything This is where the rubber meets the rode and uinn will either have to say yes and have a happy life with Ian or she can say no and their marriage end What will uinn choose for her and Ian Amazing story that is a MUST READ Claiming Ian as my book boyfriend here and now I am a sucker for a silver fox and his tender playfulness pulled me right in He s going to linger in my dreams for awhile uinn is a complicated and well thought out character that was super refreshing in Contemporary She is very relatable and Ms James writes her in a very raw and truthful manner I love the plot of this book what married couple couldn t use some spice from time to time And Ian brings new ideas into the bedroom in a very respecful way And because life is messy and complicated so was their other issue This is a well written rollercoaster of love heartache and hot hot sex Five big stars Full disclosure I met Meka James a few months ago on Twitter and she is a lovely person Between that and the ultra gorgeous cover I picked up her book despite the fact I don t read much erotic romance But I ll tell you what the lady can write some good sexThe story focuses on a married couple Ian and uinn who hit a bump in their marriage when uinn catches Ian jerking off to porn She is devastated and once they address what happened they discover each of them have been uietly and inadvertently hurting their marriage and each other with how they deal with their own unhappiness and insecurities Though the porn and subseuent conversations about their sex life cover one thread infertility and their feelings about that issue make up the otherLet s tackl. Wkward situation uinn starts to uestion her beliefs about their marriage While they've always had a healthy sex life it was far from adventurous She loves her husband and he loves her but the revelation allows worries to mount an.

E the infertility first Though I felt like it was a smaller thread than the sex stuff I thought James handled this with balance and sensitivity Though it would be easy to paint this as a uinn issue the entire point was that her heartbreak over it hurt her husband because in her grief she shut him out Ian s internalization of his fault in their infertility gave his character dimension and highlighted how much this is a couple s issue and not simply a source of sadness for just the man or woman who mourns their ability to have a child the way they want to From a realism standpoint this conflict worked much better for me than the pornYou see that plotline reuired a high level of suspension of disbelief for me That a 30 year old sexually active woman was so innocent as to have never given a single blow job or had sex anywhere but the bedroom was a tough pill to swallow But if you can go with that the way James details the sexual evolution of the couple is really uite good The book has a lot of sex It s varied in its style positions locations etc And each and every sex scene felt fresh and different from the others in the book This is no small thing I ve read a lot of sex on page in my life and occasionally it all starts to blend together Big udos to James because I never felt tempted to skim a single timeOther props come for featuring an olderestablished couple I wasn t sure how I would feel about missing the falling in love parts but the rediscovery between these characters still satisfied me And once James built a conflict without cheating or any unforgivable mistakes I found Ian very likable and I loved how much he loved his wife uinn for me read a bit younger than her age but I feel like her character definitely progressed in her arc and I believed these two could find happiness no matter what their future heldBe warned not everything is tied up in a neat bow but it gave me the sense that life goes on for these two and whatever they faced they would work it out togetherWould read from this author again Anything Once is much than an erotic romance Don t let the cover fool you That being said I do really love that cover It s stunning This is the first book I m reading from the author and I must admit I really liked it Especially loved her writing style Anything Once focuses on a married couple Ian and uinn who are childless Being married to Ian for over 10 years uinn thinks their relationship is going strong and steady until she walks into Ian masturbating while watching porn Self doubt and insecurities suddenly spread their ugly tentacles in her mind as she wonders what was wrong with their relationshipFortunately uinn after two weeks of silence take that step to reach her husband and ask what she missed all along Together they decide to explore their sexual life and the rest is for the readers to find outI love how the author captured the essence of relationships She has addressed one of the important fact most of the married couples go through after a few years of their marriage The initial bliss of married life tends to get lost with how busy our lives are and when children and other responsibilities come along many just go with the flow while struggling to catch up Some couple stop to think what they ve been missing and try to reignite the passionIf you re in a relationship for so long and feel it s time to reignite that passion this book is definitely for you It addresses the concern and I m glad the characters have a positive approach toward the issue and I love how understanding they are with each other Another thing I liked is the approach on women s self doubt and hesitation to explore certain things in their sexual lifeIt s definitely worth the read I m looking forward to read from this author Cheers. D insecurities to grow After having a candid conversation with Ian uinn realizes that it all boils down to one very important uestionIs she willing to try anything onceThe answer isyesthis book contains discussions of infertility.

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Anything Once is so many things that I am so excited to see in a romance it features a married couple it features a couple who older and it features contemporary issues threatening a relationship that aren t infidelity At the same time it s steamy and sexy and hot a really difficult feat and James navigates all the issues with the fun aspect so well uinn and Ian are so easy to root for I love how they work through their communication issues and their guilt while still experiment with some amazingly hot and interesting sexy times many a good idea in there Also I totally want their bathroomand maybe their whole house I also really loved how the book delved into so many different aspects of sex as well as porn providing various view points and thoughts without a lot of judgment The writing is really lovely and yesagaintotally hot It is so good and I really can t wait for the next story from this author This is my first book by this author uinn thought everything between them was good until she found her husband watching porn on his laptop I love how the author did not use a young couple but one that has been married for 12 years A couple that has been married for that many years can have things change between the 2 of them Add in infertility and things can get interesting Ian thinks uinn will leave him because of their infertility issues That s it There s uestions to items that happened That is the only thing I really did not like about this book Unanswered uestions I give this book 4 out of 5 starsRecommend this book Yes Author YesRead from this author YesHappy ReadingMelissa FREE on today 452019 Blurbuinn has been happily married for ten years Her relationship with Ian is built on love trust and honesty At least that s what she thoughtuntil a four letter word changed everythingPORNAfter finding her husband alone in a rather awkward situation uinn starts to uestion her beliefs about their marriage While they ve always had a healthy sex life it was far from adventurous She loves her husband and he loves her but the revelation allows worries to mount and insecurities to grow After having a candid conversation with Ian uinn realizes that it all boils down to one very important uestionIs she willing to try anything onceThe answer isyes This week s review finds us delving into an established romance written by one of my favorite erotic authors Meka James Anything Once from Limitless Publishing is a tasty look into the life of a married couple facing real life problems and hot sizzlin sexual explorations As always Ms James delivers with her erotic scenes and leaves you swoony sighing over her romanceI ve always been a fan of the characters Ms James produces They re three dimensional realistic flawed and full of uniue voice and personalities With Anything Once she continues this trend uinn and Ian are deep wonderful characters who you latch onto and cheer on throughout the entire novel You fan yourself over their hubba hubba sex scenes and tear up when they re facing demons I wouldn t wish on any couple Which I should mention is something Ms James wishes everyone to be aware of going in this book touches on the subject of infertility and the many ways it can affect a loving relationship If this is a trigger for you please go in prepared She doesn t treat it poorly but it is a major plot point with ample page timeOverall the tone of this novel despite the heavy hitting infertility subplot is light hearted and sexy It s a wonderful read if you re feeling like something frisky and fun I d recommend this to any contemporary romance reader who isn t afraid of erotic delight and can stomach a side of serious heart wrenching infertility battles This is a new author to me but I will certainly be looking out for her work in. Uinn has been happily married for ten years Her relationship with Ian is built on love trust and honesty At least that's what she thoughtuntil a four letter word changed everythingPORNAfter finding her husband alone in a rather

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