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Nes I used to be friends with this Russian girl who when we travelled together would make a game out of spotting other Russians She would whisper to me Russian Russian There s another one Russian Oh that one s Latvian I can do the same thing I can fucking tell and I swear to you this book did not do us ustice Also women also do not wear tartan dresses for special occasions If you re going to an event with traditional dancing you wear any dress you choose but perhaps with a tartan sash or other smaller decoration We do not say blimey or filly or call people fit If what you re going for is authentic collouial language that s not a difficult thing to research either not when you ve got great and easily accessible resources like Scottish twitter Why on earth it seemed like a good idea to shoehorn Cockney English slang into a book about Scotland is beyond me though part of me thinks it might be because of my previous point about swearing You cannot write authentic Scottish dialect without using the word cunt which probably isn t appropriate for a YA book but that s a rod you built for your own back Go hard or go all the way home or better yet don t do it at all Don t bother with slang if you re going to simultaneously butcher it and point it out like it s a fucking zoo exhibit When I write I don t write collouially but I do speak collouially it s natural But my collouial dialect is not unintelligible or a punch line or a funny foreign curiosity But it s a cheap shot isn t it It s a dime a dozen Ha ha people speak in dialect Ha ha Scots is a uniue language rooted in 7th century Gaelic Ha ha it s a protected piece of Scotland s culture Ha ha haI m at the point now where it s Creationism in Europe just fucking irritating A short while ago it really wouldn t have gotten my back up these narratives where my home and my community are lensed into some sort of bastardised sideshow attraction where the women are all poisonous harpies and the men are wild untameable beasts but it s become so prevalent in American pop culture since the explosion of Outlander This bullshit piss taking of important cultural cornerstones like kilts and Scottish cuisine and Scots dialects which as I previously mentioned did stem from Gaelic a recognised indigenous language that a lot of communities across Scotland are battling to keep alive since it was battered out of us by brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing Mocking such cultural markers is upsetting because while overseas it sust a funny curiosity it s a different beast within the confines of our island To the rest of the UK we re drunks La mythologie selon Game of Thrones junkies spongers thieves uneducated uncivilised a waste of resources Gaslighting media will have a field day claiming that Scotland is a drain on UK resources and a social burden while simultaneously begging us to remain in the union offensive smear campaigns by Westminster run media churns outright lies that damage and deride us and reserved powers that is powers over Scotland that are retained by Westminster not devolved to the Scottish government continue to cause chaos including an epidemic of drug deaths and an absolutely appalling welfare system that is killing vulnerable people A story like this could not have come at a worse time We are in the middle of a serious crisis of identity and when the storm ebbs we might not wholly recognise our own home Across the whole of the UK the tectonic plates beneath us are shifting and books like this which to some people overseas are among their sole impression of a country they don t understand can engender distasteful ideas about who we are and what we re doing This is not a narrative I m comfortable reading about one that trivialises us smears us and mocks us It s not funny and that s the crux of it It s not funny in the slightest But let me make myself clear If you re not Scottish and you want to write about modern Scotland do it Do it and don t hold back But if you re going to don t speak to someone who knows someone who went once Steer clear of the beaten path Go to Dunfermline or Dundee or Glenrothes go to Musselburgh or East Kilbride The curtain is there but there s nothing stopping you from peeking behind it Go somewhere real and speak to some real people about real things that are happening Have an authentic experience and write about that Because thisust isn t good enough This was a lot of fun A little angstier than I usually enjoy but it was mega charming and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK BC UEER ROYAL LADIES HAVE MERCY This is the ultimate feel good book It s cute it s down to Earth it s a gleaming royal setting and the cast of characters is so fun The main character Daisy is sarcastic and witty in a way that resembles a real teenager but doesn t come off as corny The book is packed with action and twists almost within every chapter There s never a good place to put this book down because something new is always occurring I loved how easy and feel good this book seemed but it also had roots of relatable problems like having a sibling who outshines you and handling being the second best and learning not to take others false Golf by the Numbers judgments of you to heart This book could have been drawn out to fill some of the time in the time skips or establish the romance better but I think the shortness of the book is actually what made it so simple and sweet I wasn t planning on reading this one and intended toust ump into the seuel because it has a ff romance but I m so glad I picked this up and I ll definitely be investing in a copy of the newer paperback version that was updated to match the seuel 45ADORABLE and so so fun. Nger brother kicks up scandal wherever he goes and tries his best to take Daisy along for the ride The crown and the intriguing Miles might be trying to make Daisy into a lady but Daisy may ust rewrite the royal rulebook to suit herse.

T they re overwhelmingly rare A guy in our office was considering naming his child Sebastian and everyone laughed at him He was a good lad and laughed along but we honestly couldn t believe it Sebastian Huh Besides if Sebastian were royal then his name would be Robert or James or maybe John Even Alexander is a little bit of a stretch especially for a modern royal Some royals have been named Alexander before but not since the 13th century Come on nowI know that people whose governments force them to pay out the nose for health care have been told all sorts of horror stories about socialised medicine and how subpar it is and how they re better off with bills but I m here to scorch you with the tea it s not The NHS is life saving It s an institution to be protected at all costs I ve already gone into this in my status updates but forcing medical bills to be an issue in this book is a load of shite at best and insulting at worse Miles laments that he s in debt to the royal family because his mother had medical bills because she needed specialists but she didn t She fucking didn t Miles She didn t need a private hospital She didn t need to pay for a specialist The NHS is not some charitable scheme for the poor or a base line from which patients are referred to expensive specialists It s ustwhat you do It s normal It s health care If you re sick go to the hospital and whatever treatment you reuire you ll receive it with no bill at the end Whether or not to use the NHS is not a conscious choice It s completely the norm Medical bills do not cross our minds it s not Should I use the NHS but Fuck my hand got sliced open from a broken bottle of Buckie I d better hop along to the hospital and get that seen to No big deal What s in Scotland we don t pay for prescriptions either Get yourself along to the pharmacy tell them what you need and they ll give you it No need to touch your purse The NHS is funded by tax It s a startlingly tiny portion of each person s monthly wage that goes directly from their employer to the NHS I ve never had to do my taxes or any of that bureaucratic shit since the buttons it costs to keep this incredible service running never touches my bank account I don t miss it Unemployed people or people on benefits don t pay for the NHS at all And let me tell you I m thrilled to pass on that tiny portion of my pay check so that if I break my leg have an allergic reaction or have to have a mastectomy I don t have a bill at the end of it The NHS is very far from perfect with overworked and underpaid staff some hospitals overcrowded some waiting lists long but the NHS is underfunded due to a far higher chunk of my tax being thrown at fucking ridiculous shit like Trident that we don t want need or ask for This is a tangent but it irritated me Don t foist problems like medical bills into a setting where they don t exist Don t fucking smear us with your shit ust so that we can seem less foreign to you Similarly don t pretend that tuition fees are a problem for us SAAS the government funding program that allows Scottish students a free four year degree from a Scottish university does not grant funding based on the financial background of students There was nothing stopping Miles from applying for his funding and getting a free degree I couldn t afford to go to uni in St Andrews but that s because accommodation in St Andrews is too expensive for me If Miles issue had been framed this way I d accept it It would resonate a lot with international readers But there are still issues with that If you can t pay for accommodation etc off your own back you can apply for a student loan and depending on your living situation you can receive a respectable amount of money to live on during your time as a student Student loans are generous and you aren t expected to pay a penny back until you re making a good wage If after a certain number of years you re still not able to repay the loan it s written off Alba gu br th am I right It s fine to waffle about the rolling hills and the Royal Mile in Edinburgh without mentioning the traffic or the heaving crowds hm but there s nothing here about modern Scotland that feels even remotely authentic Drinks being thrown in bars ends with everyone involved getting kicked out because it s probably going to escalate uickly not so fun but actually true fact we fight and stab each other a fair amount though it s worth noting that Glasgow once known as the Murder Capital of Europe was also voted Friendliest City in the UK Friendly rich people mingling with poor people isn t something that happens either and the fact that none of the Scots swear in this book is also ridiculous since swearing is part of our passive and basic vocabulary even in professional settings It s so common that it s not noteworthy Here s another interesting point we don t look like the people in this book either Glossy shiny hair Perfectly symmetrical faces Very straight very white teeth Have you ever laid eyes on a white Scottish person People of Celtic descent in Scotland have a very particular look which I mean Celtic is a distinct ethnicity and since most people in Scotland are white Celtic most people share a basic genetic aesthetic Living amongst Celtic people and being one myself it s extraordinarily easy to spot people of Celtic ancestry and let me tell you I m not looking for anyone with glossy hair or straight teeth This is a weird thing to notice It s not anything that I could uantify but I can tell I can bloody well tell if I m looking at a Celtic Scottish person I Liberty Arrives! just know It s in the angles and the li. E spotlight but relentless tabloid attention forces heroin Ellie at the relative seclusion of the castle across the pondWhile the dashing young Miles has been appointed to teach Daisy the ropes of being regal the prince's roguish you.

4 stars Royals was a fun and sweet YA romance that kept smile on my face After reading Her Royal Highness earlier this year I wanted to read the first book in the series I loved Daisy and Miles Either book can definitely be read as a stand alone but it was great to see Flora in this one Also I m dying for a Sebastian book If you re looking for a swoony charming slow burn romance with that fake dating troupe we all love check this one out How come most US authors never bother to learn about the countries they re writing about This devil may care attitude is so fucking exhausting and I know for a fact that most US readers couldn t care less but aren t you tired of being fed the bare minimum Especially when the main conflict itself medical bills doesn t make any kind of sense in a Scotland context Way to transfer a US issue into another country and thoroughly failing In the end there s always this weird sentiment that other countries are somewhat similar to the US when they re really not 35 stars Magic school paranormal princess story Rachel Hawkins will write about anything and everything that comes to her mind and I love that about her Princess stories are my thing I don t care if they are unrealistic as long as they make me want to become the heroine of the book and live this fantasy myselfAnd boy do I want to be in Daisy s shoes right now It s not as though she is on her way to become a princess her sister is sort of but spending the summer the history buff in me Mary Elizabeth Garrett just sighed so loud at the crown prince of Scotlandbut fuck it lmao give me some princes and let me binge this shit Thoughts while reading 1 The premiseust makes me want to watch Made of Honour 2 It s been two hours and all I ve done is watch Made of Honour 3 Daisy is making this all about her and that s selfish as heck4 Should I pick up the Princess Diaries again5 When s the Outlander reference coming6 two pages later Whoop there it is 7 Miles is 100% the love interest8 Why are we pretending Seb is a love interest9 I need a Princess Diaries 3 movie before I die 10 Genovia Genovia forever will your banner reign11 MONTERS12 Missed opportunity for an outfit montage regardless of cliches 13 Horse riding of course14 Seb s a different person in every scene15 Would love a book about Princess Flora16 Papa paparazzi17 FAKE DATING PLOT YES PLEASE18 Ooh real dating plot19 What the heck Seb20 Where s the royal couple in all of this What are they doing 21 The ending is the euivalent of the foot pop 22 I love royalty books This was great Yeah 1 Prince Charming 2 Her Royal Highness 5 I M OBSESSED Listen I didn t pick up this book expecting it to rock my world I wasn t looking for Homer s bloody Odyssey I was merely curious it s the first book I ve seen in a very long time that s set in Scotland but written by an American author and it s not historical It s also not about people going back in time That was pretty exciting to me and I wasn t fussed about the Crown Prince of Scotland thing since this is obviously AU It s a bit weird yeah given the history of monarchy in Scotland and the circumstances in which it came to be removed but whatever Like I said I wasn t expecting Kafka After finishing this I know why I didn t like it It s because I m not the target audience And that s nothing to do with my age alas I m a crusty old fogie of 24 Do you guys remember how much I loved Anna and the French Kiss I m still here for that shit I am still trash for it I m still a sad sack of shit for stories about winsome teenage girls being hurled into unfamiliar situations and falling in forbidden love and bemoaning the fusty old adults who could never understand what it s like to be teens it s not like we ever attended high school or anything What would we knowI m not the target audience for this because it was written solely for an American audience It s not for Scots no The wagon might be flying our flag but nobody saved a seat for us Before anyone comes at me with their well actually let me explain I was born in a town on the outskirts of Glasgow Scotland then moved to Fife also Scotland where I lived until I was 15 I then moved to Canada southern Ontario for the scant handful of you who might be mildly interested and moved back to Scotland when I was 20 to a city in the historic county of Angus I still live in that city so I can tell you with all of my lived experience that this book may be set in Scotland but it is not written for a Scottish audience We re on the wrong side of the glass in this one I m aware that this book isn t meant to be particularly serious but I can t maintain my integrity and say nothing on this The crux is this doing your Serious Research by going on walking holidays with a tour guide is fine and good for you for knowing what a bothy is but details like knives in paintings and Pimm s feels like little than smug window dressing when you couldn t do something as simple as Googling Scotland tuition fees or Scotland health care Scotland boys names would have been another good one That s the essence of it right I m very worldly because I know what Pimm s is Not really because as a Scottish person living in Scotland I d venture that the fucking NHS is a good deal relevant to all of our lives than a drink mostly sourced in those pompous pop up bars in Edinburgh that nobody I know would ever go to I recently read something that characterised the city I live in as off the beaten track which was kookyExhibit A Miles and Sebastian are not names that we give our children I m not saying that nobody in Scotland has ever been named Miles or Sebastian bu. Meet Daisy Winters She's an offbeat sixteen year old Floridian with mermaid red hair a part time ob at a bootleg Walmart and a perfect older sister who's nearly engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland Daisy has no desire to live in th.

E–pub/Pdf Royals author Rachel Hawkins

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