[The Culprit and The Cure Why lifestyle is the culprit behind America's poor health] Read ↠ Steven G. Aldana

Of the book so much was mostly because of the facts it shared and the tone it took while sharing the facts Aldana was very direct in sharing almost mini meta analyses that balanced o This book should be reuired reading for every person in a westernized country Not many books can claim to be life changing and then produce the evidence to support that claim Sure some of the information in this book is what we have been hearing for ears but now Dr Aldana explains the hows and whys Every time a new study comes out it seems to contradict the last one and it proves to be rather self serving to one group or another Dr Aldana has researched all of the published studies and does an excellent job of making sense of itCheck my record I don t throw around 5 stars just anything Maybe this is a case of Silk and Steel you love the research that supportsour own argumentopinion but I don t mind This book is awesome I love how well rounded well researched and whole picture it is With the exception for people who truly do have allergies and intolerances I think this book presents the way to healthy and feel good living as opposed to all the fad diets out there saying to cut this or that out of our diet entirely The principles in this book just make sense I visited with a local group t This book was one of the most inspiring books I have ever read about health I still think about it almost every day The author includes synopses of hundreds of health studies and everything is written in layman s terms Class book for chronic disease prevention Everyone should read this book Great reminders and some sensible studies done about healt. Help individuals begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle for life No infomercials here just the facts from an authority who kno.

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Much helpful in helping me feel inspired or motivated to change This felt mildly useful and informative I appreciated learning some new information about exercise but I have to go elsewhere to get the detail I am looking forStill all things considered if the standard American adopted the very reasonable recommendations given in this book their health would be remarkably improved so in that sense it is definitely a good book This book was a useful addition to my personal education in nutrition health and physical fitness This was a meta analysis in layman s terms of all the research on health and exercise out there It was nice to finally have some explanations for the confusing words of wisdom we hear every day I would like to see books like this written in tandem with Intuitive Eating principles There wasn t any mention of Intuitive Eating which is something that research suggests is beneficial for weight maintenance I have already started putting everything into practice for the last three weeks Great read for my life This was an interesting and informative read I felt like this book was written towards an older audience I liked the sections where he talks about the link between disease and diet the best I have to say reading this book while eating junk food was probably the closest I ve come to spitting on someone s life workNow that that s out of the way this book was actually pretty good and made me want to change my diet The reason I only gave it three stars was because I really connected well with the first half of the book but I wasn t so keen on the second halfThe reason I liked the first half. Span and the risk of cancer heart disease diabetes and other chronic diseases It provides easy to follow guidelines that will.

This book was pretty simple and serves as a pretty good basic introduction to the science surrounding nutrition fitness and preventing chronic diseases losing weight etc This book is moderate in tone and avoids extreme recommendations in either diet or exerciseThe author says that as of the writing of this book the balance of scientific benefits suggests that to capture the health benefits of exercise we do moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes on most preferably all days of the week He also says that is even better and that strength training is recommended at least 2 days a weekHis approach to food is pretty straightforward He advocates lots of fruits and vegetables whole grains with every or almost every meal beans and legumes nuts in moderation and healthy fats not saturated or trans fats He suggests minimizing red meat and eating meat sparingly with fish poultry of eggs 0 2 servings per day He recommends eating dairy products somewhat sparingly and low fat is best He suggests minimizing butter and non whole grains processed foods etcAdvocates of vegetarianism veganism or whole foods plant based diets will probably say that this author doesn t go far enough in pushing for the meat dairy processed foods etc to get cut out of the diet entirely but I think if ou are following all his good advice then the limited amounts he is recommending of the other stuff is probably not going to do much harmAs a fairly simple introduction to the subject I felt like this book was a bit light on details and was written in a informative than persuasive tone Other health and nutrition books I have read were. This book presents a wealth of evidence that reveals how a healthy diet exercise and other healthy lifestyles can impact life.

The Culprit and The Cure Why lifestyle is the culprit behind America's poor health Read ↠ Steven G. Aldana

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