The Punishment She Deserves) [Pdf Download] ó Elizabeth George

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The Punishment She Deserves) Pdf Download ó Elizabeth George

Inued in this book I was ready to give p on this seriesInspector Lynley and Detective Sergeant Havers are sent to discover if a suicide was really a few suicide or a murder Elizabeth George has improved the character of Barbara Havers so that she is a lot likable She and Lynley make a formidable team Like a mediocre muffin dotted with delicious chocolate chips were Lynley and Havers in this nearly 700 page tome I Shotgun Bride used it forpper arm workouts during breaks from reading There is an interminable The Long Road Home uantity ofninteresting storyline here involving binge drinking college students screwing and blowjobbing college students and an Anglo Indian family falling apart The Isabelle Ardery thread was surprisingly welcome We hate her because she is a termagant and has a sexual past with Lynley and our hatred is nudged along here by her The Sweetest Burn (Broken Destiny, uncontrollable drunkenness Every time she thinks about reaching for the airline vodka bottle pulls her hand away and then reaches for it again and downs it readers will cheer We won t be happyntil she is finally destroyedSomething interesting happens to Lynley in that George makes his aristocraticness the cause of his good character and virtues He is so well bred that it has become impossible for him to do wrong The book does in fact end with a scene in which Lynley bullies Havers but this is portrayed as doing her a favor 4 starsI love Elizabeth George s Linley and Havers mystery series She does everything I like in a mystery She has great leading detectives who s lives evolve as the series goes on The mystery itself is complex and steeped in real life issues And she gets deep into her characters by writing the story from different perspectives But reading the next instalment in the series is No small feat because all of her books are massive bricks The Punishment She Deserves is almost 700 pages long and I enjoyed every page The death occurs in a small town in Wales and Havers and her superiors are sent to look at whether the local police properly ruled it a suicide The story delves into a group of local young people an The Greek Tycoons Revenge underfunded police force and different forms of obsessive parenting There s no point getting into a deep description of the story but I suspect fans of this series would enjoy it as much as I didGetting into this series is a deep commitment I took the plungeite a few years ago and caught p by reading each book obsessively one after the other over a few months This may not be for everyone but I m happy I did and am always happy to read the next one As a fan faithful of Elizabeth George s it is an exuisite pleasure to again open one of her lengthy tomes and know that I will be lost to her words lots of them for a fair while AND blissfully happy meeting p with one of my favourite literary anti heroes Lieutenant Barbara Havers This time round George does not disappoint and the novel is as serpentine as the best of those written by her in past time bringing Havers into messy moments as The Queens Choice usual and offering Thomas Lynleyp with his typical aristocratic euanimity The Punishment She Deserves is set in a British village a college town which can suffer from rowdiness in its late hours after pubs close where young people test boundaries suffer depression look for new versions of themselves and search out new relationships Somehow something went very wrong Was procedure followed when the curate was found having committed suicide When the alcoholic Superintendent Irene takes Barbara with her intending to dead end the lieutenant s career the outcome is circumvented by Havers strategic and careful investigating She and Lynley return and the complicated lengthy procedure of figuring out what actually happened ensues Elizabeth George writes gritty novels The descriptions of the settings are so lovely in her books I sometimes think we are lulled into thinking her plots might be eually scenic None of her characters are without faults and even those most relatable can be irritating as heck Her main characters like Barbara Havers for instance may be left without redemption in one novel only to totally shift their life s situation in another The college students here are all somew. Citizens–Ian Druitt the local deacon–is accused of a serious crime Then while in police custody Ian is found dead Did he kill himself Or was he murderedWhen Barbara Havers is sent to Ludlow to investigate the chain of events that led to Ian’s death all the evidence points to suicide But Barbara can?.

In this 20th book in the Inspector Lynley series Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sergeant Barbara Havers look into the alleged suicide of a deacon The book can be read as a standalone but familiarity with the characters is a plusIn the Inspector Lynley Mysteries Inspector Thomas Lynley is played by Nathaniel Parker and Sergeant Barbara Havers is played by Sharon SmallIn the English town of Ludlow Community Support Officer Gary Ruddock handles minor infractions like kids binge drinking and the like So when an anonymous caller accuses the local deacon Ian Druitt of pedophilia Ruddock is instructed to bring Druitt to the local nick from which he ll be transferred to Shrewsbury which has a real police force Before Druitt can be moved however he s found dead in his cell an apparent suicide Ruddock who left the prisoner alone is on the hot seat but an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission IPCC clears him of criminal misconductand Ruddock gets to keep his job Ian Druitt s father who has money and connections doesn t believe his son committed suicide and contacts his Member of Parliament who gets New Scotland Yard the Met on the case The Met s Assistant Commissioner Sir David Hillier sends Detective Chief Superintendent Isabelle Ardery and Sergeant Barbara Havers to Ludlow in hopes they ll endorse the IPCC s work and put paid to the matter Both Hillier and Ardery have an The Cowboy Wants a Wife! ulterior motive as well they want to find a reason to transfer SgtHavers who s a thorn in their sides to the booniesso they re rid of her for good Once the detectives get to Ludlow Ardery who s a spiraling alcoholic with personal problems does a shallow by the book investigation wanting to get back to London as soon as possible Havers however makes thorough inuiries This gets Havers into trouble with Arderybut ends with Havers and Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley going back to Ludlow to re investigate Pruitt s death Once Havers and Lynley begin a real investigation they discover that things are amiss in Ludlow For instance the CCTV camera that would have shown the anonymous caller who accused Pruitt of child abuse was moved the police station parking lot wassed for sexual liaisons the county s Assistant Chief Constable had CSO Ruddock keeping an eye on her son Finn a college boy who partied hard a girl had been assaulted and Everyone is keeping secrets though and Havers and Lynley have to winkle them out to learn the truth about Pruit s death In this they re aided by Sergeant Winston Nkata back at the Met who s a whiz with computer searches The book has a complex plot and a rich cast of characters The characters include a Ludlow physician of Indian heritage and her drug To Defy a Sheikh using British husband indifferent college students who share a house and are friends with benefits a cadre of women who belong to a glider club a couple who s waiting for marriage a vicar who worked with Ian Pruitt and The detectives interact with many of these people while they re looking into Pruitt s demise which turns out to be a wrongful deathOne of the big pleasures of this series is following the private lives of Lynley and Havers who ve been through a lot since they became detective partners In this book widowed Lynley is still dating veterinarian Daidre Trahair who only makes a token appearance in the story thank goodness and Barbara Havers and Met secretary Dorothea Harriman are taking tap dancing lessons so they can improve their fitness and lose a few pounds The women are preparing for a dance recital and Barbara FORBIDS Lynley from attending Do you think he listens Ha ha ha I enjoyed this addition to the series and strongly recommend it to mystery fans You can follow my reviews at Ian Druitt was a respected deacon of the Church of England When he turnsp dead while in police custody due to an accusation of pedophilia it s The Highlander and the Wolf Princess (Legend of the Faol, up to Detective Chief Superintendent Isabelle Ar I was pleasantly surprised to find that Elizabeth George brought Inspector Thomas Lynley the 8th Earl of Asherton back full force in this novel It had seemed like she had been pushing Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers into the main character role If this had cont. Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers and Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley are forced to confront the past as they try to solve a crime that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of aiet historic medieval town in EnglandThe cozy bucolic town of Ludlow is stunned when one of its most revered and respected.

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Hat anguished very bleak tied to the terrible event and with wretched personal lives The state of limbo Police work is also in limbo Families in limbo And everything and everyone cannot move forward Whiteout (Threes Allowed, untilI very much enjoyed The Punishment She Deserves and felt that it was one of George s better recent novels And the ending promises that another is in the works Five stars I read the series with Lord Asherton from time to time and decided to give The Punishment She Deserves a chance not long ago The mystery of an alleged suicide of a clergyman is intriguing and there are several other plots which are well developed however I cannot stop thinking this novel could be at least 200 pages shorter without injury to the story Who is the SheWho is the she in Elizabeth George s title There are many possibilities First the irrepressible insubordinate ill kempt Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers who is my favorite character in the whole series for her colorful way of saying off color things brilliant instincts and believable background Barbara has managed to piss off many of her superiors at Scotland Yard and at the beginning of the book she is sent off to Shropshire on an investigation with Detective Chief Superintendent Isabelle Ardery her arch nemesis The assignment has been designed as an opportunity for her to screwp and be appropriatel Heavenly days Elizabeth George is amazing This book looked daunting when I got it as it is 690 pages I wanted to feel that she could have told the story in half that but of course she couldn t We needed every bit of it to solve the crimes examine all the players and come to a typical LynleyHavers conclusion This book is tremendous Elizabeth George and I are in a lovehate relationship right now She is probably The Princes Ultimate Deception (Monte Carlo Affairs, unaware of it but I am I love Lynley and Havers and have been reading them for decades It is a commitment because George loves the sound of her own voice and writes overlong books This one was over 690 pages and 150 of them could have been edited easily and made the story clearer but whyibble Continuing on her attack of her beloved characters Havers is once again being abused out of all proportion by Isabel Ardley her commanding officer and the author Ardley is one of the most nlikable characters in fiction right now An alcoholic out of control she wields her power to get Havers transferred She is assigned to go to Ludlow to investigate a suicide of a church deacon while in police custody She is told to take Havers with her and you know this is a disaster in the making and it is She is so petty doing things like not allowing food or cigarette breaks although she can find time to down little bottle of vodka Ardley wants to do a cursory investigation and get back to London and her alcohol and Havers actually wants to investigate the case They do a very light investigation and return home when new pressure is put on the police by a high ranking government official Lynley and Havers return to Ludlow to actually investigate how the deacon committed suicide while in custody while left alone There is no stone left nturned and the arresting officer comes nder close examination There is also a house of sexually active college students who figure prominently There is plenty of sex thrown including rapes sodomy and a student s father dying in an auto erotic death If Ardley abusing Havers is not enough the author forces her into tap dancing classes with Dee Harriman and then a recital that is absurd A mysterious figure from Barbara s past makes an appearance Luckily Lynley s romance with the zoo vet takes p little time George really likes trying to make suare pieces try to go in round holes It s a relationship that doesn t work which every reader knows everyone but George I have made my peace by only getting library books now because the books have become only so so Still after hefting the almost 700 pages around and developing biceps I will now switch to Kindle I will also wonder at my continuing addiction to this series that I know I will continue to read but I really wish someone would sit George down sand say Really Elizabeth You are capable of so much better than this. ?t shake the feeling that she’s missing something She decides to take a closer look at the seemingly ordinary inhabitants of Ludlow–mainly elderly retirees and college students–and discovers that almost everyone in town has something to hideA masterful work of suspense The Punishment She Deserves set.

See this thread for informationSusan Elizabeth George is an American author of mystery novels set in Great Britain Eleven of her novels featuring her character Inspector Lynley have been adapted for television by the BBC as The Inspector Lynley MysteriesShe was born in Warren Ohio but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was eighteen months old She was a student of English receiving a teaching certificate While teaching English in the public school system she completed an advanced degree in psychologyHer first published novel was A Great Deliverance in 1988 featuring Thomas Lynley Lord Asherton a Scotland Yard inspector of noble birth; Barbara Havers Lynley's assistant from a very working class background; Lady Helen Clyde Lynley's girlfriend and later wife of noble birth as well; and Lynley's friends Simon and Deborah St JamesThis Elizabeth George is distinct from the other author named Elizabeth George Christian authorSeries