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PDF/EPUB Zen beyond Mindfulness

Nice book about being aware of one s self An excellent appeal to fully embrace the ethical and spiritual base of Buddhist practices In an age of technocratic commodification An effective new approach to Buddhist practice that combines the igor of traditional meditation and study with the psychological support necessary for practice in modern lifeZen teacher Jules Shuzen Harris the first African American man to eceive Dharma transmission in the Soto Zen school argues that contemporary American Buddhists face two primary challenges 1 “spiritual bypassing” which mean.

E see these teachings necessarily modified to make them palatable for a general audience Practitioners must take care to preserve the backbone of the practice including facing S avoiding or epressing social and psychological problems in favor of “pretend Enlightenment” and 2 settling for secularized forms of Buddhism or mindfulness that have lost touch with the deeper philosophical and ethical underpinnings of the eligionDrawing on his decades of experience as a Zen practitioner teacher and psychotherapist Harris writes that both of these challenges can be met throu.

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He unpleasant and identifying the unuestioned attachments we harbor particularly to ease speed and comfort that freuently serve to exacerbate our own sufferingHighly ecommended. Gh the combination of a committed meditation practice a deep study of Buddhist psychological models and tools from a psychotherapeutic method known as “Mind Body Bridging” Using this uniue approach students can do the Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose real work of awakening without either denying their embodied emotional life or missing out on theich array of insights offered by Buddhist psychology and the Zen practice traditi.