E–pub/E–book [Murder in Park Lane Detective Lavender Mysteries #5] Ê Karen Charlton

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This fantastic mystery is the 5th volume of the amazing Detective Lavender series from the wonderful English author Karen CharltonOnce again you can find at the end of the book the historical details concerning this tale and these are superbly implemented within this reat mysteryThe author s story telling is of a top notch uality the mystery is very well structured and executed all characters come vividly to life within this mystery and not to forget the atmosphere and surroundings of Regency London come brilliantly off the pagesThis mystery is mainly set in September AD 1812 in Regency London and our protagonists Detective Stephen Lavender and his friend Constable Ned Woods will come into action again in an attempt to solve a murder mystery which has occu I won this book in a The Philosophical Journey goodreads drawingIn 1812 England a man is discovered dead in a locked room It seems he has been murdered What passes for the police force at that timeets on the case It seems solved almost immediately but soon becomes a Gordian knot of motives and opportunitiesVery entertaining Having loved the author s previous works it was an easy decision to make purchasing her latest offering Not only was I delighted to find detective Lavender at his most tenacious at crime solving but I loved reading about his familyI look forward to Lavender s further exploits Murder in Park Lane is a mystery novel set in 1812 in England It s the fifth book in a series You don t need to read the previous books to understand this one and this story did not spoil any previous whodunitsThe detective was clever and his assistant constable had skills that complemented the detective s They asked Asset Protection good uestions However so many people lied to them that the detective had difficulty making any headway for a while It was a clue based mystery and the reader canuess what s oing on as uickly as a detectiveI cared what happened to the main characters They were engaging interesting people and had realistic reactions to events The vivid historical and setting details made the story feel uniue to that time and place yet didn t slow the pacing downThere was some bad language There were no sex scenes A three month old corpse was described in detail if an accurate description of a nearly ske. London 1812 At a fashionable address in leafy Mayfair a far cry from Detective Stephen Lavender’s usual haunts a man is found dead in his room He has been brutally stabbed but the door is locked from the inside and the weapon is missingThe deceased is David MacAdam an Essex businessman with.

E–pub/E–book Murder in Park Lane Detective Lavender Mysteries #5 Ê Karen Charlton

Ealthy et away with everything but that is how it was and is in many ways today my favorite parts and lavender and woods alone i hope it stays that way I would like to thank Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for a review copy of Murder in Park Lane the fifth novel to feature regency detective Principal Officer Stephen Lavender and his assistant Constable Ned Woods of the Bow Street Police OfficeLavender is summoned to Park Lane by police surgeon Sir Richard Allison who has a conundrum on his hands Commercial traveler David MacAdam has been found stabbed to death in his his room in his lodgings with the door locked from the inside and no sign of a weapon MacAdam was not what he seemed and this is just the first conundrum in his decidedly shady pastI thoroughly enjoyed Murder in Park Lane which has a Blindsided great plot full of unexpected twists and turns some likeable characters and aood dose of humour The narrative is an extremely straightforward third person told from Lavender s point of view and with a linear timeline What a joy as many of my recent reads have changed everything about from chapter to chapter This I could sit down and read and At Land get involved in without distraction to the extent that I stayed up far too late to read it in one sitting The plot is captivating and absorbing Just as the readerets used to one set of circumstances the author throws in another twist so you have to read on to find out what s coming next It is extremely well conceived and executed Plotting however is not the only joy of the novel After five novels in the series Lavender and Woods are old friends and their partnership is a well oiled machine Woods provides the humour and people skills and Lavender the brains but with Lavender s mind on the imminent birth of his first child Woods On the Run gets of a look in on the thinking until his dietets in the wayThis is a lighthearted entertaining read so it doesn t concentrate on social conditions as many historical novels do but still has enough period detail to set the tone of the eraMurder in Park Lane is a The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, great read which I have no hesitation in recommending Murder in park Lane by Karen Charlton This was a brilliant read withreat characters I love this series and hope there is to come Love how Karen writes. Red to the shady nature of his life and it seems the house on Park Lane is at the heart of a dark conspiracyBut when a second body turns up everything they think they’ve learned is thrown into doubt Can Lavender and Woods find out who’s behind these shocking murders before lives are ruine.

Letal dead body would bother you Overall I d recommend this interesting novelI received an e book review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley Murder in park Lane by Karen Charlton This was a brilliant read with Russian Winter great characters I love this series and hope there is to come Love how Karen writes 5 I effing love this series Magistrate Read and Sir Richard have reallyrown on me Series Detective Lavender 5Publication Date 21219Number of Pages 313This series just keeps Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, getting better and better The characters are wonderful the writing is outstanding and the plots keep youuessing to the very end You can read this as a stand alone but to appreciate the full richness of the characters and their relationships you really need to begin at the beginningStephen Lavender is a Principal Officer at Bow Street and he works with Constable Ned Woods in his investigations Sir Richard Allison is a renowned physician who works with Bow Street on occasion He is arrogant and expects to be treated like royalty whenever he deigns to work with Bow Street So imagine Lavender s shock when Sir Richard reuests his assistance on a case It is right down Lavender s alley The victim David MacAdam was found in a room that was locked from the inside the window was warped and couldn t be opened and there were no other possible points of entry It couldn t be suicide because there was no murder weapon to be foundSuspects abound and the victim isn t what he appears to be None of the witnesses are telling the truth some are outright lying and others are omitting vital pieces of information Lavender definitely has his work cut out for him with this one When a second victim turns up it complicates the case even further Of course there are personal worries and complications as well Lavender is awaiting the birth of his first child and Ned is concerned about his weight and takes extreme measures to fix itThe suspects will blow your mind you have everything from aristocrats to con artists to loan sharks What they Pregnant Man get up to will keep you flipping the pages as fast as you can to see what happens nextDefinitely aood readPlease check out my reviews atBlog Page that was complicatedbut a much better mystery than the last book it is annoying how the Expensive tastes As Lavender and Constable Ned Woods travel between London and Chelmsford seeking to understand MacAdam’s final hours and unearth the risly truth they uncover a tangled web of deceit behind his stylish facade The unusual circumstances of MacAdam’s death are nothing compa.

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Karen Charlton writes historical mystery and is also the author of a nonfiction genealogy book 'Seeking Our Eagle' and the joint author of the cosy chicklit series 'The Silver Sex Kittens' She has published short stories and numerous articles and reviews in newspapers and magazines An English graduate and ex teacherKaren has led writing workshops and has spoken at a series of literary events