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Ous schools of thought and how we can live a decent life Not surprisingly the title is A Decent Life It is a good read and is helpful if anyone is trying to figure out how these seemingly strict theories can be applied to real lifeI would definitely recommend this book to viewers of The Good Place specially if you re interested in delving a little deeper into the thinking Not sure this has a lot to offer anyone who has studied thicsmoral philosophy beyond an intro class unless it has been many years and you just want a light refresher In other words this is very good within its narrow gimmick niche of the TV show tie in but lacking in a well rounded presentation of the ideas so only at best a very basic introductionReviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via Edelweiss Short overview of moral philosophy as xplored through the television program The Good Place This is niche title for viewers of the program that would like to increase their understanding or desire review of moral philosophy The book focuses on normative Bark ethics virtuethics deontology conseuentialism inclusive of some variants These On Such a Full Sea ethical theories arexplored through the comedic uandaries Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! experienced by the characters of the television show The book not only sparked further an interest in moral philosophy but provided a renewed take on this show one which bears rewatching The Forking Trolley is anxtension of the TV show The Good Place so watch the series before reading This is an overview of moral philosophies with Cannibal examples from the TV show It is a great way to remind yourself of some of thepisodes from the show and to flesh out some of the ideas that were presented The book suffers from being written halfway through the show Concepts that played a much larger part in the show as a whole do not get the attention they deserved Otherwise as a standalone introduction to Mastered (The Enforcers, ethics this book is great I m reviewing this bo. Rief tour of the main issues that face humans when we try to do the right thing Using traditional and modern thoughtxperiments as well as 21st cent.

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The Forking Trolley An Ethical Journey to the Good Place from James M Russell is a fun light read with a mostly fair introduction to Man, Son of Man ethics Let me say that prior to reading this I had not watched The Good Place so most of the comments that would have gotten a chuckle from viewers were lost on me I have since seen severalpisodes and have Alter Ego enjoyed them I am going to assume that the areasthinkers that were glossed over or not summed up very accurately were done so to better fit with the TV show tie in gimmick I did get a little tired of the repeated comments aboutthicsmoral philosophy professors being disliked Granted my xperience with them only cover three universities but at all three those professors were well liked and one was downright popular The classes were fun and ngaging Maybe his Uncommon Wisdom experiences were different But to repeat such a comment so often just made me uestion his ability to be perceptiveither of those around him or of his own biasesNow that the complaints are out of the way I found the book largely a fun read and to the Unseen City extent the topics were investigated functionally adeuate For those who might watch the show but miss some of the ideas behind the banter I think this is a wonderful book Hopefully the big takeaway for readers is that these various schools of thought are meant to serve as guidelines Even Singer in his lectures acknowledges that no one stance can be followed 100% of the timeven his seemingly strict stance We find ways of utilizing whatever approach works best for a given situation I am not referring to situational or axiological Art ethics here just that the approaches are almost best considered as a cafeteria style offering The good part is that we can do good by doing so The danger is that if we aren t careful we can find ways to justify doing some awful thingsOne of the actualthics professors who helps with the show Todd May recently wrote a book that highlights vari. Inspired by the hugely popular sitcom  The Good Place which uses a comic format to God Is in the Crowd examine moral dilemmas and schools ofthical thought this is a

Ok as a possibility for my philosophy class and I think it would work well for community college students I already show a few clips from the show when we do some class discussion on Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard ethics and thoughtxperiments It s clear well written and a concise guide to both the history of The Matriarchs (The Family ethics and some of the modern concerns of social media and late stage capitalism I m ordering it for our college library and for next year s courses as a recommended book I may build an assignment or two around the book and some of thepisodes of the seriesI received an Notes for the Everlost eARC from Edelweiss inxchange for an honest review This book is awesomeThe alignment to the aspects covered in The Good Place TV show make it a great read But importantly it is the intellectual challenge it provides through a well thought through summary of key philosophy and When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) ethics matters I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the show or who wants to grow as a human in their thinking An intro to moral philosophy using The Good PlaceUnfortunately I didn t think it did a goodnough job weaving in the Good Place references leaving itkind of boringWhich I guess is why No Biggy! everyone hates moral philosophy professors As someone who has never read any moral philosophy books before I feel like this book is a very good introduction into the many different facets of the study I would hi This was both anntertaining and Crush It! educational book It is a homage to the show The good place and a lot of backgroundxplanations of the obvious and hinted philosophy of the series and at the same time a decent and funny introduction to Philosophy Sure it could habe been gone deeper but it was a nice uick and Attracting Birds to Your Backyard entertaining read with plenty of uestions like this oneIf four professors of moral philosophy were in a balloon and it was going to crash into the ocean would you bother saving them I love The Good Place but don t like reading about philosophy soh Just not really my thing. Ury dilemmas from the Deep Listening etiuette of texting to the narcissism of selfie culture here isverything you need to know about reaching a good place in life.

Free E–pub The Forking Trolley

James M Russell has a philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge a post graduate ualification in critical theory and has taught at the Open University in the UK He currently works as a freelance writer designer and editor He is the author of A Brief Guide to Philosophical Classics A Brief Guide to Spiritual Classics and A Traveller's Guide to Infinity He lives in north London with

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