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Nd gallops off Salsbury was much interested in cultivating her friendship with O Keeffe who dazzled her Aloof by nature and wary of Stieglitz s followers O Keeffe warmed to Salsbury over the years During the summers at Lake George they painted and did chores together O Keeffe included some of Salsbury s pastels in the April 1928 show she curated at the Opportunity Gallery Like O Keeffe Salsbury chose to xhibit under her maiden name She told Beck her artistic world had beauty and power in it though she could probably see the work was stylistically indebted to her The pinnacle of their affection was a 1929 trip alone together to the home of Mabel Dodge Luhan patron of the avant garde near the art colony in Taos New Mexico an idyll of painting drinking and mild mischief that O Keeffe took pains to conceal from her The Cypress Tree elderly husband Salsbury taught O Keeffe how to drive Tangled LivesThe voluminous correspondence of four charismatic companions inspires Carolyn Burke s latest forensic biography Burke s impressive new book Foursome provides among other things a compelling portrait of American modernism in the making The players here are no less than iconoclastic painter Georgia O Keeffe and her mentor and lover the domineering photographer Alfred Stieglitz whose artistic circle Edward Steichen Arthur Dove John Marin Marsden Hartley Paul Strand and Edward Weston shaped the paradigm for American visual art Burke sxploration The Kings Spy (Thomas Hill, expands beyond the two better known artists to include Strand an acolyte of Stieglitz who went on to document proletariat struggles in Mexico and variousmerging nations as well as his wife Rebecca Salsbury who for a decade was O Keeffe s close companion How close Well you ll need to read the book to decide Yet it is O Keeffe and Stieglitz who Doctor Illuminatus emerge most indelibly Their mercurial often maniacal devotion to their art and toach other practically leaps off Burke s absorbing pagesEager to The Real Witches Kitchen establish himself as an arbiter of the American avant garde Stieglitz initiated the influential 291 gallery on Fifth Avenue after the Great War Stieglitz uest for new talent led him to a young school teacher named Georgia O Keeffe Upon first seeing O Keeffe s charcoal drawings in 1915 hexclaimed Finally a woman on paper A woman gives herselfThe moment when O Keeffe and Stieglitz caught fire both personally and professionally came at the 1918 The Preachers Kid exhibition of his nude photographs The sensual photographs of O Keeffe s torso and breasts created a media sensation From then on their careers became the stuff of gossip praise and legendThe central core of Burke s generous research including key illustrations chronicles the years from 1920 to 1934 in which the four companions wove a web of mutual flirtation seduction artisticxperimentation jealousy betrayal and greater or lesser fameBurke uotes lavishly from what must have been a blizzard of letters among the four as well as their other paramours Weary of being psychoanalyzed by male critics O Keeffe hoped for a female interpreter and in the late 20s approached Mabel Dodge whose artist colony at Taos had hosted DH Lawrence Carl Jung and Henry Miller I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can O Testamento explore O Keeffe wrote to Dodge Taosnchanted both O Keeffe and Salsbury who drove out to New Mexico together in spring of 1929 We have had a beautiful relationship together and feel the need of nobody Gangbang Slut else Beck wrote to her husband I amntirely myself in her company Over the course of One Con Glory endless transformative discoveries O Keeffe s work became internationally famous The shadow of Stieglitz was long indeed but not longnough to contain the willful and promiscuous O Keeffe whose genius was matched by her stunning independence She was the first woman to have a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 1946 As Stieglitz 23 years her senior grew crusty and narcissistic O Keeffe reinvented herself and her interests in New Mexico Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows eventually moving there permanently while Stieglitz found new female acolytes to tend his hearth and other needs But as the letters show their love was strong and passionate to the verynd of Stieglitz life in 1946 at the age of 81 O Keeffe flourished for another 40 years as a painter proto feminist and connoisseur of the southwest Her own fame The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) ebbed and flowed but whatmerges most vibrantly in Burke s text is O Keeffe s courage in rejecting the status uo The book shows us a woman unafraid to love deeply without Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ever objectifying herself for a man s approval A stunning achievement in anyra While we never catch as full a glimpse of Salsbury Burke s pages show her as a woman in uest of A Fairly Honourable Defeat elusive accomplishment Similarly the methodical Strand seems to have stultified true fulfillment Stieglitzmerges as a man of great power and influence yet Foursome s letters and Burke s analysis show him to be an unlikeable neurotic and controlling keeper of his own legacy The courageous biographer must take her subjects flaws strengths and all and shape them into flesh and blood moments of history Burke succeeds brilliantly Christina Waters I thought this book gave ual time to all these artists in particular Rebecca Salisbury who often seems to disappear historically after her divorce from Paul Strand Insightful and a pleasant read I really njoyed it Maybe it picked up after the first 40 pages but I couldn t do it Fan of Georgia O Keefe and really wanted to like it I wanted to like the book but the portrayal of the four people s self absorption and pride was hard to take Maybe genius needs these ualities to succeed but for me it made the reading a task rather than a joy. G their relationship led Salsbury to Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue encourage new artistic possibilities for Strand and to rethink her own potential as an artist In fact it was Salsbury the least known of the four who was the main thread that wove the two couples’ lives together Carolyn Burke mines the correspondence of the foursome to reveal howach inspired provoked and unsettled the others while pursuing seminal modes of artistic innovation The result is a surprising illuminating portrait of four xtraordinary figure.

Narrative traces the relations of these four strong people over several decades in the hope of depicting the sometimes joyful sometimes xasperated intermingling of their lives as artists lovers and friendsI came to this review copy because of my interest in all four of the principals Previous individual studies afforded me an insight relative to this book But my supreme interest was in Georgia O Keeffe Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) enough so that my partner and Ingaged in a subseuent summer adventure to her New Mexico stomping grounds particularly Santa Fe Taos Abiuiu and the Ghost Ranch Though a bit long in the tooth this Gone (Gone, extensive biography of this foursome serves the reader with abundant curiosity and titillation Even with Stieglitz often leading the way and his reluctance toxit the stage the other three characters contribute Threads Of The Shroud enough to make their lives remarkable Always the tension of sexuality in the foreground masked or shaded andven full frontal when least xpected Steiglitz was on a crusade to convert those colleagues whose work he deemed technically perfect pictorially rotten He told a friend I would rather be a first class photographer in a community of first class photographers than the greatest photographer in a community of nonentities Steiglitz believed that his mission was to teach Americans to seek vitality in art as in lifeThis book is obviously about xpression Each character dealing with their own inadeuacies and attempting to find their way into the art they individually craved and needed in order to live What begins as basically two couples sharing their world together devolves into a singular artistic mission of Untitled. each individual Judging by the shots of Beck cradling her ample breasts she understood his desire for women to seem complicitous in the taking of their likeness Steiglitz would always appreciate howasily she gave herself to his camera and to his fantasiesInteresting to note how Rebecca Strand missed being photographed when her husband was away on a shoot and Alfred and Georgia were nowhere in the vicinity The competition previously created by Alfred between he and Paul Strand to shoot nude photographs of Rebecca was not surprising at all The tension and playfulness behind the seduction of a camera from both Wiring ends isxhilarating and can be likened to withdrawal from a drug when not used regularly and in full measure Alfred suffered from his apartness from Rebecca and her ample breasts as much as Beck yearned to be naked and naughty in front of his camera Ultimately the resulting jealousy ruined the relationship between Stieglitz and Strand In Georgia s view one had to face the shadows in order to carry on The vision ahead may seem a bit bleak but my feeling about life is a curious kind of triumphant feeling about seeing it black knowing it is so and walking into it fearlessly because one has no choice O Keeffe went through dark periods in her life Against All Odds especially when Alfred was having his long term affair with his married assistant Dorothy Norman Georgia attempted to win Alfred back and lost which sent her into a dismal place she struggled forighteen months or so to get out of While recovering back Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage east she was not happy with the lushness Everything is so soft here I do not workI walk much andndure the green Rebecca also suffered in her later years Aging and the ailments that can come with it was proving to be a challenge pain is my constant companiona rather bitter swap for what we thought would be some wonderful last years together they have been blasted and we must face whatever lies ahead But if I am to The DOS eventually become bed ridden I don t want to live With Alfred Stieglitz dead and O Keeffe free to live as she wanted she purchased a small home to renovate andxpand in Abiuiu and four years later moved there full time still spending summers at her adobe home in Ghost Ranch about twelve miles to the north She was free to also travel a bit but always glad to come home Most of what I see traveling are people unsatisfied hunting the unknown that they will never find Maybe I am ueer that I am so singularly pleased with the life I have in NM I have been working she told Anita trying to work my garden into a kind of permanent shape so that if I live for twenty five years it will be pleasant to walk about in by the time I am too old to do anything Against All Odds else O Keeffe s friend Anita Politzer worked on a biography with her approval When Politzer sent O Keeffe the finished manuscript she received a letter of rejection Georgia offered to pay for her time but Anita never recovered from the shock She disdained Politzer s view of her as happy I do not like the idea of happyness sic it is too momentary I would say that I was always busy and interested in something interest has meaning to me than the idea of happyness As a precursor to John Lennon and Yoko Ono and their own sociological struggles resulting in song and protest O Keeffe broached the subject of the ineuality of women On the subject of herxperience as a female artist O Keeffe said that the men she knew all made it very plain that as a woman I couldn t make it Then with a liberated smile she added women have always been treated like Negroes in this country and they don t know it It is not surprising that Georgia was the last one to go Her independent spirit and love for creative Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism endeavors kept herngaged in life As much as the other three characters all brought to the table O Keeffe was the magnificent centerpiece In her Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils eighties Georgia reflected that her relationship with Alfred had been really very good because it was based on something than justmotional needs She added Both of A captivating spirited account of the intense relationship among four artists whose strong personalities passionate feelings and aesthetic ideals drew them together pulled them apart and profoundly influenced the very shape of twentieth century artNew York 1921 Alfred Stieglitz the most influential figure in Payment Due early twentieth century photography celebrates the success of his latestxhibition the centerpiece a series of nude portraits of the young Georgia O’Keeffe soon to be his wife It is

S were very interested in what the other was doingOf course you do your best to destroy Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, each other without knowing it 375 starsAn oddly dissatisfying biopic looking at the brief tangential moment when Paul Strand Rebecca Salsbury Alfried Stieglitz and Georgia O Keefe formed an intimate art circle at the height of the New York Gallery 291ra Everyone knows that Georgia O Keefe is the one we remember and it is the women and their bond of friendship that I wanted to know the most about O Keefe and Salsbury also a painter were the most interesting aspect of the book for me Interesting account of 4 very intense personalities I came out of it with admiration for Georgia O Keeffe and an interest in Rebecca Salsbury James However I feel and of course that means it is an opinion that the two men in their lives Steiglitz and Strand were Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, extremelygotistical but necessary given the socio political atmosphere toward women at the time I thought there was much poetry in the rhythm and intertwining of their lives albeit discordant at times and was relieved when they all broke up and went their own directions This is the story of two artist couples Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O Keeffe and their far less famous friends Paul Strand and Rebecca Salsbury I ve long admired O Keeffe s work and have read a lot about her so there wasn t much I didn t remember reading before other than the odd fact that O Keeffe and Salbury both liked plastic flowers I did The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, enjoy seeing Salsbury s art and learning about her father s connection to the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show but I couldn t bring myself to really care about the tortured relationship that she had with Strandventually they divorcedThere is of course plenty about Stieglitz and O Keeffe For the deep Turbulence emotional details of their relationship I recommend a better source Sara Greenough s compilation of their letters My Faraway One Carolyn Burke does offer of what his mistress Dorothy Norman thought about their relationship Burke also addresses the theory that O Keeffe had a sexual relationship with Salsbury andor Jean Toomer and concludes the answer is noThere is such a thing as too much detail and at times it really weighs down this book Yet other times it seems like the detail is strangely missing In the chapter on Stiglitz sarly life there is a single sentence dealing with Steiglitz admission that while in Germany he fathered a child to whom he sent an annual allowance What s really odd is that this is in parentheses suggesting to me that the Tropical Bioproductivity editor added it later perhapsven over the objections of the authorStieglitz was a pioneer the leader of the movement to make photography an art form and uite a good judge of modern art However he had such an Elizabeth Ann Seton ego and the facts about what he did and said make it seem like he must have been an insufferable narcissist Yet he must have had uite the personality as young women and aspiring artists seemed to flock to him and O Keeffe accommodated his infidelityven when it was at the xpense of her own mental health I was provided a review copy of this from the publisher through First to Read I admit unfamiliarity with three of the foursome though I recognize Strand and of course O Keeffe I got to see an xhibition of some if her works in Oklahoma some 30 years ago too young to truly appreciate them and I didn t make many notes in this reading just ab Started out slow and verged on TMI sometimes but ultimately a first rate account of three major artists and a minor one Rebecca Strand from around 1914 to around 1934 with a lengthy followup for Folk Tales From the Soviet Union each of the four for the rest of their lives I don t really have much to add to the NYRB review but I may come back and add some details Strong 4 stars andssential reading for art history O Keeffe and Stieglitz fansHere s the NY Times review the only decent one I saw online since NYRB paywalled theirs That s the one to read if you re intrigued by the book an O Keeffe fan and former resident of northern NM this book has immediate appeal Here are some Ulysses and the Trojan War excerpts from the NYRB s lengthy review online at sadly now paywalledStieglitzxhibits some of O Keeffe s Tall, Dark Rich early drawingsIt was January 1 1916 his fifty second birthday Without asking O Keeffe Stieglitzxhibited ten of the drawings in May and began a cautious but steady courtship much of it The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles epistolary since she had several other suitors and soon left Charleston to chair the art department at West Texas State Normal CollegeO Keeffe was twenty three years younger than Stieglitz She was completely Other to him Rose remarks Her style was midwestern her clothes austere and androgynous Self reliant strong minded tart and snappy she was the free American Girl who had never been to Europe and had no interest in going thereThey married in 1924 after his divorceWhen they were together they couldn t keep their hands offach other Even during much of Stieglitz s long affair from the late 1920s on with Dorothy Norman a New York activist and art patron he and O Keeffe made love often and their letters are full of references to their intense sexual connection It Taught to Obey even seems to be my only memory of you she wrote to him in 1922 two bodies that have fused have touched with completeness at bothnds making a complete circuit The circle with two centers Learning to Dance in the Rain each touching the other Thearliest nudes in Stieglitz s composite portrait of O Keeffe created before the two became lovers were part of their courtship I ll make you fall in love with yourself Stieglitz told herFor readers of Foursome new to the StieglitzO Keeffe legend the big surprise may be Rebecca Salsbury Beck who practically climbs out of the book Turning point for O’Keeffe poised to make her Rebel (The Change, entrance into the art scene and for Rebecca Salsbury the fiancée of Stieglitz’s protégé at the time Paul Strand When Strand introduces Salsbury to Stieglitz and O’Keeffe it is the first moment of a bond between the two couples that will last than a decade and reverberate throughout their lives In the years that followed O’Keeffe and Stieglitz became the preeminent couple in American modern art spurringach other’s creativity Observin.

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