DKfindout Space Travel [E–book/E–pub]

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DKfindout Space Travel E–book/E–pub

Another fascinated and informative book by D K Publishing Prior to this I ead the Egyptians to my 7 ye. This children's book on space travel is packed with inspiring stories and facts about space exploration astronauts and the first moon landing DK findout Space Travel is ideal for school projects and for children who love to learn about adventures in space From the first astronaut in space to the Apollo Moon landings this book.

Ar old son and now we will be moving onto obots The photos and illustrations in these books are excelle. Is packed with exciting facts about the astronauts who explored space including Yuri Gagarin's first journey into space and Neil Armstrong's moon landingLearn about the sun our solar system the International Space Station how to be an astronaut the Space Race and whole new worlds discovered by space exploring probesThis beau.

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Nt and we are yet to find a DK book that my son doesn t enjoying listening to and eading along with me. Tifully illustrated children's book is packed with amazing facts that will delight young eaders It is written by experts and checked by an educational consultant Part of the award winning DKfindout series this exciting book includes amazing photography and illustrations that help children understand the wonders of space trav.