(PDF READ) [T S Eliots Dialectical Imagination] ã Jewel Spears Brooker

S workDIALECTICAL IMAGINATION revisits Eliot s engagement with a wealth of intimidating philosophers religious thinkers and poets and weaves those threads together in a precise and concise narrative The book illuminates Eliot s ever evolving creative process and should open the minds of many re. D Four uartets She correlates these works with stages in the poet's intellectual and spiritual life disjunction ambivalence and transcendence Using a methodology that is both inductive moving from texts to theories and comparative juxtaposing the evolution of Eliot's mind as reflected in his philosophical prose and the evolution of style as seen in his poetry Brooker integrates cultural and biographical contexts The first book to read Eliot's poems alongside all of his prose and letters T S Eliot's Dialectical Imagination will revise received readings of his mind and art as well as of literary modernism.

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Ycho spiritual uality to Brooker s ongoing study but her strong philosophical cast of mind keeps her insights and Eliot s from ever drifting off into spiritual vagueries She continues to break new ground in Eliot Studies without losing sight of the past present future and timeless context for hi. Ntradictions are best understood dialectically by moving to perspectives that both include and transcend them The second is that all truths exist in relation to other truths Together or in tandem these two principles dialectic and relativism constitute the basis of a continual reshaping of Eliot's imagination The dialectic serves as a kinetic principle undergirding his impulse to move forward by looping back and the relativism supports his ingrained ambivalenceBrooker considers Eliot's poetry in three blocks each represented by a signature masterpiece The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock The Waste Land an.

Jewel Spears Brooker has spent a lifetime studying TS Eliot and her work reveals the rewards of doing so Her 1994 book MASTERY AND ESCAPE transformed the way I understand Eliot by articulating how and why a serious study of the poet s work becomes much than an intellectual pursuit There is a ps. The thought tormented characters in T S Eliot's early poetry are paralyzed by the gap between mind and body thought and action The need to address this impasse is part of what drew Eliot to philosophy and the failure of philosophy to appease his disuiet is the reason he gave for abandoning it In T S Eliot's Dialectical Imagination Jewel Spears Brooker argues that two of the principles that Eliot absorbed as a PhD student at Harvard and Oxford were to become permanent features of his mind grounding his lifelong uest for wholeness and underpinning most of his subseuent poetryThe first principle is that co.

(PDF READ) T S Eliots Dialectical Imagination ã Jewel Spears Brooker