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The raphically depicted scenes of sexual depravity sort of ruined this book for me Like most of us I have a particularly raphic imagination and had these images burned into my mind for months This is the only book I have thrown away because of it s contents Sorry I can t tell you I ve tried to forget this book This book is NOT for those with raphic imaginations or sensitive sensibilities This story takes place in London in 1795 just after the French RevolutionTo avoid persecution many French Royalists fled to England for safetyDuring this time many Red haired prostitutes are murdered and one The Blackmailed Secretary gentleman of The English Home Office becomes especially involvedThe back streets of London the teeming life there the poverty with the desire to survive are all richly describedThe intrigue mystery and plot is unimaginable as corruption seems to stem not only from the French escapees but also from the Britsh who harbour them All under the disguise of the starsA prelude to Jack the Ripper and the Scarlet Pimpernel all wrapped up in oneHard to put down I think my prevarication towards actually reading this is seen in how I enjoyed and struggled with this novel There are pockets throughout the book that are truly engaging and fascinating but there are also parts where the story stalls out This book was a fun read but wasn t the brilliant work I was hoping for There are a ton of flaws throughout I felt that the author tried to tie together far too many things into less than 500 pages which is ridiculously difficult There are too many characters many of them just mere side characters that lack both full development or are discarded and forgotten before the end of the novel Additionally the ending is very abrupt I usually believe that if the ending is too fast it s because I want to the book too on but in this case it s just over but happily so I really wanted to like this one but there are just too many problems that limit it s score Spoilers We never find out what happens to Jonathan and Alexander after the house burns down and the enemies are all dead Does Jonathan If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, get reinstated in hisovernment work because now he knows what happened and needs to be kept uiet Does the Improve Your Communication Skills government find out about Crawford Who exactly sent the hit team to him What about Lucket There are so many loose ends in this novel so many uestions left unanswered that it simply underscores the weaknesses that are present throughout the novel at the expense of it s positives I was in the mood for a historical novel and this was a pretty decent mystery to boot I enjoyed it My only complaint was that the astronomical bits couldet a little tedious at times Also it made me feel like I should brush up on my French revolutionary history I kept Decadent (Wicked Lovers getting Republicans and Royalists confused Aood uick read I d recommend it This is an interesting book I almost When Digital Becomes Human gave it up around a uarter through the plot was advancing in such inch by inch increments that I thought it would never actuallyet anywhere But the story opens in 1795 when such was the norm everything was slow travel communication the flow of information I persisted because I found the two main characters so realistic unheroic damaged by loss and hopelessness struggling with hard precarious lives on the edge of real poverty in a time when poverty was a death sentence and deeply flawed Even the most appealing Intermix Nation gentle and empathetic character the protagonist say brother is willfully blind to his own ex. In eighteenth century London a killer walks the teeming streets His victims are always young prostitutes with red hair Before they die they hear whispers that speak of stars Of a woman named Selene Then they feel the cord around their necks While the Re.

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E–pub/E–book The Music of the Spheres Ù Elizabeth Redfern

Mysterious Selene was and then it all De-cluttering Your Closet got a bit melodramatic towards the end It was predictable though I did enjoy parts of the novel very much The exiled French aristocrat characters engaged in astronomy and espionage did not rise much above stereotype and their part of the story failed to convince me Poor Jonathan Absey suffers a deal of misfortune as the story unfolds his brother tooand assorted red headed young women who exist only to be victims as reuired Though the ending is predictable or perhaps inevitable is a accurate description it also leaves unanswered uestions and I wondered if Redfern had hoped to write a seuelSo not a bad historical crime novel if you have a stomach forraphic detail and sexual violence there are abusive relationships that could upset some readers There is much to like in the shape of well realised time place flawed characters and a dark De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, gritty story of love obsession intrigue spies secret messages and political skulduggery I loved this book and found it a powerful evocation of late 18th century Britain with a compelling mystery involving a French spies and a series of murders of young red haired womenThis was uite a complex and literary book and demanded a lot of attention yet it was written in a style that I enjoyed and found myself caught up in the storyIt may have helped that I ve been uite interested in the history of science and astronomy and have studied the cultural history of the period and so could relate well to the sense of excitement experienced by the starazers as well as appreciate the wealth of detail in its historical settingFrom the reviews and ratings here it seems to be one that divides readers but I find myself firmly in the loved it camp A book I picked up despite knowing nothing about the writer this was an enjoyable and fairly complex historical novel This novel was one of the best murder mysteries that I ve read in a very long time For once I didn t have the killer figured out until three uarters of the way through I had believed that it was the wrong person for so long that I began doubting many of the clues in the same fashion that the Master Absey was Placed in the 1790s The Music of the Spheres is a suspenseful murder mystery novel that follows Master Jonathon Absey on this uest to find his daughter s killer who he thinks is still on the lose There have been numerous other Humanizing Big Data girls throughout the city that have been killed with the same physical description as her young pale and with red hair His obsession with finding her causes him to be a disgrace at his job eventuallyetting himself fired creates disorder amongst what few friends that remain loyal to him and puts his estranged wife and mentally ill child in danger Perhaps worse of all it leads to him brother Alexander Wilmot to be tangled up with the wrong people Alexander in owing Jonathon repayment for helping him to cover up a sordid affair befriends a Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, group of astronomers trying to find the mythical and mystical Selene a planet that is being hunted down by astronomers in the Company of Titus Little does he know the danger that thisroup will put him in as key members of them are part of the French underground that has developed and is in hiding in England The little cliue themselves don t even realized that their efforts to help support the their motherland of France via the Company is being undermined by a double agent War sex politics drugs murder and astronomy combined What an awesome rid. He shadowy alleys of London The redemption he craves won't be found in the politics of war The answers he seeks won't be on the city streets Danger and intrigue will compel him to look elsewhere for it is where he least expects it that a secret is hidin.

Ploitation and abuse of a vulnerable other The plot elements having to do with the French revolution and Britain s role in supporting the Royalists attempting to return to power is labyrinthine I Scoring Points got lost a few times forgetting who was who and on which side they seemed to be operating but that wasn t actually critical to the story which is really about obsession loss and moral dilemmas Some of the other characters are rather over the top melodramatic with madness and rapacious sexuality playing a large part And there is a jarring section that is totally out of place the entire story to that point having been told from the POV of the two main London characters we are suddenly in a conversation between twoenerals on a battlefield in France and following their maneuvers The ending too is melodramatic Still I think this is worth reading with all its flawsOn edit After I review a book sometimes I like to read around and see what published reviews say about it On this one the Publishers Weekly reviewer wrote part of the problem with the book is that it is so unremittingly downbeat with no Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, glimmer of hope that anything will improve I think there s a lot to criticize in this novel but this irritated me Since when is downbeat uneuivocally a problem in literature Methinks this reviewer has been spending too much time at Ophra s Book Club Elizabeth Redfern has crafted a thinking person s historical thriller in this vivid account of a man s search for his daughter s killer and the uest for a lost planet among refugees from the French Revolution The sights sounds and smells of 18th century London permeate the tale of Jonathan Absey a calcifying civil servant whose family and personal life have crumbled following the death of his daughter who was strangled by a serial killer preying on red haired prostitutes While the premise sounds reminiscent of countless other thrillers echoing the later horrors and panic o Much as I wanted to love this novel it just lacked something to rate than three stars despite the allure of its well depicted period setting a range of characters that felt authentic than is often the case in historical fiction reasonablyripping serial killer plotline mixed with spies astronomy and political intrigue in late 18th C London portrayed with messy smelly realism a dark and dangerous place A ood edit would have improved the novel by tightening up the narrative less digression not uite so much detail though I appreciate a lot of research clearly went into the writing but in places there was simply too much information to the detriment of narrative pace and holding the reader s attention I enjoyed the main character Jonathan Absey a spy master who comes unstuck following the brutal murder of his young daughter by a Jack the Ripper style killer and his older half brother Alexander a ay man in a harsh world where homosexuals risk public execution by hanging The voices of these men are very well done indeed though sometimes uncomfortable reading the novel certainly The Billionaires New Assistant (The New Dominators, goes for a warts all approach that I found very refreshing though other reviewers here have been put off by its spare no details take on sexuality and violence I applaud any writer whooes against current orthodoxy that historical characters must think and act as though they have somehow anticipated 21st C attitudes so as not to offend modern readers with outdated prejudices However I uessed the identity of the killer early on worked out who the. Volution rages across the Channel Jonathan Absey working for England's Home Office tracks down foreign spies in the war against France But he is obsessed with the recent killings of prostitutes all of whom resemble his lost daughter who met her end in

Elizabeth Redfern was born on October 29 1950 in Cheshire England and attended the University of Nottingham where she earned a BA in English She then earned a post graduate degree as a Chartered Librarian at Ealing College and a post graduate certificate in teaching at the University of DerbyRedfern trained and worked as a chartered librarian first in London and then in Nottingham She moved