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Cy proceeds to erode the political institutions that sustain democracy usually to achieve personalization of power This is highly worrying given that the personalist dictatorial regimes are the worstYou must read the chapter on the behavior of the authoritarian leader as well as the pages on the signals of authoritarianization and on populism 107ff and the main strategies for survival of authoritarian regimes repression and cooptation strategies that have become sophisticated in recent times read for school Erica Frantz has written a useful book on authoritarian regimes She Always uses real world examples to explain the mechanisms through which these regimes operate This is the strength of the book If ou have studied political science then this book may not be as informative as the book does not delve deeply into the subjec. Ng the factors that either give rise to them or trigger their downfall is ever important given current global trends and this book paves the ways for such an understandingAn essential primer on the topic Authoritarianism provides a clear and penetrating overview of one of the most important and worrying developments in contemporary world politics.

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Atorships from a comparative politics perspective Barbara Geddes Joseph Wright Natasha M Ezrow Andrea Kendall Taylors Jennifer Gandhi and Abel Escriba Folch Frantz sytematizes the most recent research on authoritarianism Starting from a negative definition of authoritarianism ie those regimes which are not democracies free and eual competitive elections the author explains the differences between the different types of authoritarian regimes dominant or single party personalist and military regarding how they arise and fall and the possibilities of transition to democracy in different contextsThe author identifies a worldwide trend in the increasing of authoritarian politics which is helped by the most current mode of falling into authoritarianism authoritarianization a process by which the elected incumbent leader in a democra. Now Erica Frantz guides us through today's authoritarian wave explaining how it came to be and what its features are She also looks at authoritarians themselves focusing in particular on the techniues they use to take power the strategies they use to survive and how they fall Understanding how politics works in authoritarian regimes and recognizi.

After stating that authoritarianism is not a homogeneous monolith the author describes the spectrum of authoritarian regimes their modus operandi natural trajectories predisposing conditions prognostic factors and vulnerabilities Recent trends in particular are highlighted The author explains the playbooks of these regimes clearly so the reader can understand their underlying strategies and logic Everything is demystified nicely Facts are fascinating than wishful thinking and these are presented objectively Overall the style is rather academic and at times dry but it is indeed a valuable introductory text Four stars Informative concise very straightforward albeit at times redundant This is what ears of research summarized in 160 pages look like The author is part of a club that has devoted to the study of contemporary dict. Despite the spread of democratization following the Cold War's end all signs indicate that we are living through an era of resurgent authoritarianism Around 40 percent of the world's people live under some form of authoritarian rule and authoritarian regimes govern about a third of the world's countriesIn Authoritarianism What Everyone Needs to

Authoritarianism Pdf Read