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He garden grow Corduroy falls asleep and wakens to a puppy digging up the beans to bury his bone Corduroy looks for bean seeds to plant His finds some seeds under Lisa s bed and plants them This time Corduroy watches the garden without falling to sleep When the seedlings begin to grow they are not beans plants But Lisa is still happy. Heir own The brief sentences repetitive phrases and important visual clues within the illustrations help readers along while keeping them ntertain.

Corduroy is given an important task to watch the seeds but he fell asleep Oh no the puppy has buried his bone in the garden He searches for replacement seeds A good story to help te Cute book but had to xplain to my daughters that when you plant seeds they don t grow in one day like they did in the book they grew to a vine and had. In Corduroy's Garden Lisa leaves Corduroy to keep watch over her newly planted seeds But when a puppy digs up the garden it's up to Corduroy to sav.

Peppers all in one day when Lisa went to school Nice little Courduroy bear book The little girl is planting a garden and teaching Courduroy about it and tells him to sit and watch it grow But a puppy comes along and digs a hole and some of th Lisa plants some beans in the garden and leaves Corduroy sitting by the window to watch E the day Based on the popular characters created by Don Freeman the Corduroy asy to read series is ideal for children just beginning to read on

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Corduroy's Garden Easy to ReadViking Download Ü Alison Inches

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