PDF or EBOOK One for the Road Ý Jackson Tyler

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PDF or EBOOK One for the Road Ý Jackson Tyler

Read & Download ´ Book, PDF or Kindle PUB Þ Jackson Tyler

Though not verything is uite perfect the story struggles to dispell all claims to being insta lust the neat contrast between Preston s constipated billionaire parents and Jake s lower middle class warm ones smacks of an all too Art, Culture, and Cuisine easy polarity Jake s need to protect Preston against his parents so that the rich scion does not get jinxed in the same way as Jake s first love Justin was is rather heavy handed and trope y I was nonetheless very pleasantly surprised by this novel The pacing never feels rushedmotions freely flow greatly Berlioz and His Century enhanced by a matter of fact tone that suits beautifully the subject matter whether in the narrative a primexample would be the short yet utterly poignant Aristotles Rhetoric encounter between Preston and the homeless man in his introductory chapter focalization the story is told in dual POVach new chapter picking up in a protagonist s head where the previous one had stopped special honors go to Jake s parts or dialogue the story never feels rushed a few clever touches root the story deep into contemporary America the Blood Runs Green encounter with the homophobic pair of men in a car with a MAGA sticker Preston s mother keeping her 5 yo granddaughter far from Jake and Prescon at the Aspen resort once the bomb has been dropped for fear the gay is something contagious what descriptions there are cannot be faulted for the writer sueezes many feelings or canvasses a good deel of informations in a few brisk andffortless words and bouts of a dry sarcastic wit at the same time owes the reader a few delighful passages and brings depth to Jake and Preston as characters Charting an Empire especially the former forxample I couldn t have been shocked Ethan had struck me as spineless but perhaps his cowardice was like scoliosis Debilitating but not Colored Property enough to reduce him to jelly I was thus very willing to forgive the author for his feeblentirely contrived solution to the final obstacle view spoiler he conjures a huge stroke of good luck by making Preston happen upon Jake at the Desire and Truth exact same time and place the drifter had decided to hitch a car and get back home so that he could reunite with Preston hide spoiler Opposites attract and fake relationship tropesA nice bit of fun with two 100% imperfect characters Jake is a woe is me I don t do suits reverse snob and Preston is a full on old fashioned woe is me rich snobBoth are pretty much arseholes for different reasonsI liked them bothonly part that had meye rolling were Jake s too perfect family and friend Jake puts them through hell worrying about him and they are so without judgement its a bit of a teeth aching sugar rush at times No one got angry with him 6 years is a long time to roam around being angst ridden putting yourself in deadly situations without anyone saying for sake GET OVER IT That I wanted to yell that means the characters got to me I got this one for free on an giveaway but I d be happy to read from Jackson Tyler 35 A short sweet romance with two guys from very different backgrounds and very different families one nasty one loving One is trapped in self perpetuating. When worlds collide somebody always gets hurt Jake Lachlan has been a vagabond for years Ever since he tragically lost his high school sweetheart six years ago he's been unable to stay in one place He’d rather drift aimlessly across the country than settle down and make memories He knows that in an instant the happiest memories can become the most painful Preston Hawthorne is old money But with xcessive wealth comes xcessive xpectations and Preston has never lived up to what his parents think he should be They always overlook him in favor of his successful siblings On his way to a family vacation in As.

SI love me a fake relationship trope and this one kind of delivered that First let me get this out of the wayin order to njoy this book you re gonna have to ignore reality and common sense The way these two guys meet and have an insta attraction is why shows like 48 Hours and Dateline Childerley exist Okay not that I ve gotten that out of the way let s talk about this book You get opposites attract Preston is a sheltered and naive rich kid with a heart of gold and Jake is a wanderer running away from his past You get insta attraction which kind of works cuz the guys fit well together but also doesn t because of how they met The it works factor goes up if you ignore reality and common sense You get a uick and cute story with some believable angst However you also get some plot holes and underdeveloped story details Especially Jake s backstory You get homophobic asshole parents They suck Enough said Moderate steam It felt appropriate for the length of the book All in all this was a uick read that Injoyed for what it waswhich is a cute uick read One for the Road is a sweet and sober portrait of two very different men Jake Lachlan is a drifter from a happy middle class family trying to overcome the greatest of losses Preston Hawthorne is born from privilege and opportunity but considered the black sheep of his uptight family A chance meeting on a cold and stormy night changes both their lives foreverBoth characters are immediately likeable Realistically flawed and vulnerable you cannot help but cheer for Cultural Excursions each character as he faces his own personal struggleI found it a fun and fast read From the beginning I cared about the journey ofach man and felt part of his story With just Cruelty and Laughter enough background to give the characters depth and fun and witty dialogue I found myself unable to put it downIf you would like a great MM romantic diversion you willnjoy Jackson Tyler s book I look forward to reading of his work It s a rather short cute Cop Knowledge easy read but I found the book pretty shallow The characters feel flat and sometimes caricaturedspecially the Cultural Aesthetics evil parents Everything happens way too fast After not getting close to someone in 6 years it takes Jake just 2 days to fall for Preston and go to bed with him In thend all former misgiving are just simply forgotten and Class and Conformity everything s just happyver after The book never went deep Descartes and His Contemporaries enough to make any of the bad situation actually feel angsty or unhappyThat said the book has some funny moments and the banter between Preston and Jake was very much to my taste Injoyed the undemanding mindlessness of the book for a change Rich guy gives drifter a ride on a cold night and they fall madly in love almost immediately Not very realistic but I knew that going in PI High Tide at Midnight enjoyed the story and may re read it in the future Given that it s a short story I think the character development and backstories were appropriately developed It s got the fake relationship trope which I generally like insta lustlove tropewhich is never realistic but can be done better or worse and the opposites attract trop. Titude Jake instantly dislikes Preston He’s rich he’sntitled and as far as Jake can tell he's never faced a day's hardship in his life But his deal is too sweet to pass up Unfortunately no good deal comes without a catch and Jake’s dislike soon pales in the face of Preston’s charm When they reach their destination their fake relationship and their real feelings will be put to the test This 40000 word MM romantic comedy features road trip and fake relationship tropes Things might get angsty and intense at times but this story comes with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers Content warning homophobi.

Homelessness due to grief guilt and fear The other is trapped in a gilded cage They find strength and comfort with Education and Equality each other Set between California and Aspen Colorado and back again Pretty much insta love but that works in this kind of compact story 25 stars The fake relationship trope is one of my favorites so I rather liked the premise of One for the Road and I mostlynjoyed the first half tooPreston was a bit shallow but also very caring and considerate not only with Jake ither and I had plenty of reason to hope he was selling himself short with the constant repetition of I m an asshole Boy was I wrong The second half was a painful slide downhillview spoilerIt probably was too much to hope for Preston to come clean to Jake before they met his parents although I did hope anyway The worst thing though was that he knew he was going to hurt Jake ven so after Jake told him what happened with Justin and he just decided to go ahead anyway like he didn t have a choice about acting like a jerk or notHe had the same sort of fatalistic approach Dangerous Work even after the fact and it irked me pretty badly because he never really apologizedHe was sorry and regretful but only inside his head He kept thinking that if Jake couldn t forgive him he would be sad but he could do nothing about it and all the while I was screaming inside You didn t apologize you idiot That s kind of the first step if you want someone to forgive you You don t get to act like a kicked dog when it was all your fault and you didn tven apologize On the bright side Jake also acted like an idiot when it came his turn making decisions for Preston he had no right to make and then running away like he always did so I guess they at least were well matched hide spoiler Opposites attractThis was a lovely story about two men who seem like complete opposites at first but who soon discover that they have in common they thought and that their differences only serve to complement one anotherWhen Jake a wanderer who finds himself without shelter in the middle of a blizzard he accepts a ride from Preston a man he detests on sight After all Preston drives a Porsche is wearing an obviously Flavor and Soul expensive suit and has a tan in the middle of Winter Clearly he s way richer than anybody needs to be and it s only the prospect of freezing to death that makes Jake get in the carWhile they are driving Preston makes Jake an offer come to Aspen with him where his family is on vacation and pretend to be his boyfriend Of course on the way they soon begin to uestion just how fake their relationship really isThis was a story wit This is the first book by author Jackson Tyler and I don t imagine it will be my last I loved One for the Road it hit all my buttons humorous sweet lovable characters as Preston and Jake withach their own type of baggage It was an ntertaining read I would recommend this to anyone wanting a feel good romance that nded with a smile on my face I do have to mention I like the Jackson s writes his sentence structure his word usage and his imagination 3 Star. Pen Preston finds Jake stranded on the side of the road and takes pity on the down on his luck hitchhiker He offers a deal if Jake pretends to be Preston’s boyfriend for a week in Aspen Preston will help him out of near homelessness For Preston Jake is supposed to be a means to an Forgery, Replica, Fiction end His parents have been nagging him to settle down this is his chance to get them off his back If it upsets them that his first “serious relationship” is with another man at least they'll be paying attention for once But after spending time with Jake he’snchanted by the man’s good looks free spirit and tenacious at.

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