Storm Gathering The Scorpius Syndrome #4 (Read)

W world is one of the crazies and his vice president is a plain old sociopathA crazy president Wow how screwed up would that be Good thing this is fiction huhhuhWell there s always tomorrowLike most times of extreme stress danger not enough food to eat and serial killers literally everywhere everyone is falling in love Our star crossed couple in this book is the sexy alpha leader of a dangerous gang that has taken over the mansions on the beach in Santa Barbara Hey I said they are dangerous not stupid and a lady who is a plant scientist She s also the sister of one of the rival gang s dangerously handsome soldiers Actually they are all dangerous and gorgeous sexy beasts I guess the bacteria really had a problem with ugly people because none of them survivedGod hears ou and took care of the problem You re welcomeOur couple meets when he kidnaps her in order to force her brother to go on a dangerous mission for him How sexy is that Of course she falls for him Her brother may get killed on his ransom mission but a girl s got needs They do the drunken nasty and he knocks her up Now that s not awkward at all when she s rescued and carrying her kidnapper s love child Oh man Pregnancy with hot showers running water clean clothes and plenty of food is hard enough Pregnancy after the apocalypse I think I d rather end up one of the psychotic serial killer survivorsActually I m guessing that would be the outcome either waySo we now get to see if these two crazy kids can come together and make a nice post apocalyptic home for their new baby They should have plenty of sexy soldier godparents And really isn t that what is the most important thing for a baby To see attractive people surrounding him or herNo No there isn t This is the best dystopia I ve ever read with one of the most fascinating world building and plot If society ends up starving in the aftermath of Scorpius make sure ou blame Greyson Storm The asshole Maureen Shadow Notes A deadly bacteria was released when a meteor had fallen to earth and some stupid kids decided to cut pieces off it The bacteria named Scorpius was transferred by saliva semen and blood Millions didn t survive and those that Scorpius attached their brains leaving the survivors altered Most turned stronger and smarter and managed to keep the worst changes at bay with vitamin B injections but others turned into Rippers There are two kinds of Rippers the first group are just mindless killers totally out of control and the second group the most dangerous group are super intelligent highly organised and basically sociopaths For three books now three factions has been trying to find the missing bunkers bunkers where it s believed the remaining scientists are hiding trying to find a cure and where medicine weapons and food are stored The three factions are made up of Vanguard the Mercs and the President both intent on finding the missing bunkers for their own reasons A part of him one darker than before Scorpius wanted to bind her to him no matter what I have been intrigued by Greyson Storm the leader of the Mercs since the second book when he kidnapped Maureen in order to force her brother to infiltrate Vanguard and find Vivienne Wellington so that he could get to the President The Mercs have uite a dangerous reputation and it was wonderful finding out they weren t evil as everyone thought And I really loved Greyson He s a warrior and protector who ll do all things necessary to protect his people especially Maureen This author likes her heroes to be all alpha and Greyson was definitely all that bossy and domineering and seeing as Maureen had no problem standing up to him I loved seeing them battle wills He was also kind and sweet when he wanted to be He also didn t have a problem with apologising which just made me love him even view spoilerI also loved how mature he was about the pregnancy once she told him hide spoiler I ve been looking forward to Greyson s book since he was introduced and he did not disappoint I knew Greyson and Maureen were going to be an interesting couple they had a lot going against them but their connection couldn t be denied and ou can feel that right from the start They are electric together And despite the bad odds they stick together which I loved Before this book we knew next to nothing about Greyson so I really loved getting to know his background and his motives and even though he REALLY has a hard time asking for help and makes decisions for other people when he really shouldn t I still really enjoyed his character And Maureen was a strong heroine which helped balance Greyson s take charge personality She never let Greyson get the best of her and stood up to him at every opportunity She was full of fire and actually stood up to anyone she thought was doing something stupid She s also really sweet which was something Greyson really neededI don t want to say to much and give away anything else that happened in book but it was just as action packed and fast paced as the previous books It always surprises me when I remember that its actually only been about 2 months from the first book to this one so much has happened but the books never feel rushedReally recommend this one for anyone looking for a really good post apocalyptic sci fi romance These are a series that should not be read out of order though each book is about a different couple but Pisco significa pajaro. you d miss a lot of stuff ifou don t start with the first book Looking forward to Damon s and April s book next ARC Provided By NetGalley For An Honest Review Wow what an amazing edition to this series Having previously known that Greyson Storm the leader of the Mercs had kidnapped Maureen Shadow sister of Raze it was R frighteningly valuable to both allies and enemies Even after sexual tension explodes between her and Greyson she’s not sure which camp he belongs to friend or foe Worse et survival may mean thwarting his prime mission putting her in even peril When danger and seduction collide there is no safety in this new worl.

review Storm Gathering The Scorpius Syndrome #4

To choices do ou side with evil if it s The Defense (Eddie Flynn your best chance for survival Doou let emotions dictate Hai nhà your actions and what amount of humanity areou willing to lose to surviveI flat out loved Storm Gathering Zanetti wr I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Zanetti has kept me excited and steadily intrigued in what s happening in this post apocalyptic world she created Storm Gathering as well as the previous books in the series has plenty of action and suspense that will keep Harry Potter a Me Ka Pōhaku Akeakamai: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Hawaiian you at the edge ofour seat The story and characters will suck Falling Through Clouds you in like nothing else matters inour day to day life Forget about The Art of Acquiring your laundry becauseou ll want to read what these survivors will do nextThe leader of the Mercenaries Greyson Storm will do whatever it takes to g While each of the books follows one couple s romance the Scorpius Syndrome series has an overall storyline best followed in order The books are action packed filled with danger political maneuvering and pure survival as each group works to protect their people and live another day Think Walking Dead TV show without the zombiesGreyson Storm a Marine sniper is the leader of the Mercs who previously kidnapped Moe Maureen Shadow the sister of Vanguards leader Raze Shadow and brought her to his beach hold in Santa Barbara as a bargaining chip STORM GATHERING picks up shortly after her return to Vanguard While Moe was with the Mercs she and Greyson had a moment This is their story and so much Fans of the overall arc will be pleased as we learn about the other bunkers what the president is up to and the direction the story is headed Zanetti delivers plenty of nail biting moments death danger and twists Sides are drawn and alliances are made leaving me drooling for the next installment We get hints about the next romance and story which are confirmed in a sneak peek at the back of this book I love the hero already and think the heroine is going to be funIf hot controlling alpha males who protect what is theirs at all cost doesn t appeal to ou then this series is not for ou These men fall fast and love hard Their world is gritty ruthless and dangerous The romance in STORM GATHERING was a hot one Greyson is all alpha and made to command but Maureen is stubborn intelligent and not one to back down making her his perfect match I loved the chemistry wicked banter and overly adorkable moments in between the hot and sexy Kindle melting scenes Zanetti gave us Greyson s backstory and we saw him grow stronger as a leader and person as the story progressedI love the Mercs and Vanguards from their comradery as units to the way they each others six It was hilarious seeing two alphas have to deal where Moe was involved Grey and Raze are enemies so Raze didn t handle the knowledge that his baby sister is doing the dirty with Greyson I enjoyed some laugh aloud moments and seeing Moe give them a dress down The relationships banter and snark are one of the reasons I love this series hard You become a part of these units and I confess I am addicted and need answersCopy provided by the publisher This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer Review Vanilla Spice Books 45 STARS Those who have been following this series have met Greyson Storm the fearless and enigmatic leader of the Mercenaries and Maureen Moe Shadow sister of Raze who we met in Shadow FallingWhat we know so far is that Moe was kidnapped by Grey and held captive and Raze can free her when he does Grey a favor Neither of them expected the strong attraction they would feel for each other but there are surprises for the beautiful scientist and the rough around the edges Mercenaries leader et to comeTying into the last installment of the series in which Moe was saved from the insane self proclaimed president Bret Atherton they are trying to deal with all the conseuences The Mercs and the vanguards reach an uneasy and tenuous truce and Moe a biotech engineer rejoins the Mercs in the bunker to help find a way to survive in this now hostile environment For herself and everyone she loves In my review for the last book I have complained a little bit about the overarching story line not moving forward I was hoping that Rebecca Zanetti would finally take the threads of it in her hands and continue spinning the president s demise I m happy to say that my prayers were heard and we get a good dose of that in this book At the end I cheered a little A war is always an imbalance of losses vs wins and in this installment there are battles lost but also a great win for humanityWe see Grey s struggle to choose sides The options being joining the Vanguards and fighting the president or aligning with the president fighting the Vanguards and most likely losing Moe in the process It should be a no brainer but there are so many things factoring into this decision and while it would have been a no brainer for me I get why Grey is so conflicted about itMeanwhile Moe is keeping a secret from Grey Before she confides in Grey she needs to know if she can trust him there is so much to learn about this complex man and she doesn t know a lot about him Add to that that her brother is fighting for the Mercs adversaries she needs to treat carefully I wish I knew ou better she said uietly her In this series we follow the stories of the survivors of Scorpius Syndrome a bacteria that killed most of the world s population and left the rest of them pretty messed up The people who had the disease and survived can end up a bit crazy Like psychotic not like crazy fun happy times More like stabby killy torture times The president of this ne. Nd a promise to avenge a fallen friend As part of that vow he kidnapped Maureen Shadow but now that he has let her go her blue eyes and intriguing mind keep haunting himAs possibly the only Biotechnology Engineer still living Maureen Shadow might be humanity’s one hope to survive the aftermath of Scorpius making he.

45 In the apocalypse Mr. Fix-It you gave me hope StarsThe fourth book in Rebecca Zanetti s Scorpious Syndrome series takes us away from Vanguard Territory and plants Maureen Shadow firmly in Mercenary Territory and Greyson Storm s cross hairsHaving felt the previous two books offered little in the way of plot development for the bigger story arc I am pleased to say that Zanetti finally takes steps to remedy that and start things moving along in Storm Gathering this book felt like it was a long time coming even though only two months have passed since the Scorpious Outbreak in the first novellaThe rules have changedGreyson Storm and the Mercs have been enemiescompetitors against Jax Mercury and the Vanguard people in the previous books but a somewhat fragile truce came about in the last book after events that happened with the President and the discovery of the first bunker I will sayou need to read this series in succession as The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers you are really going to struggle to understand the bigger picture of what is going on ifou don t but Storm Gathering because of things that happen in it is a book that I cannot tell ou a much about the plot in too much depth to remove the risk of inadvertent spoilersDon t cross me blue eyesAs I said a lot happens in this one and the author delivered it all around a sexy hot coming together between Grey and Moe the attraction between them although vehemently denied has been simmering since he first kidnapped her and has kept growing the time they have spent together No surprise there as this is what I have come to expect and what she excels at alpha growly male and sassy confident female I loved getting in Grey s head as well and the Journal entries from various characters at the start of each chapter were great additions too She became likeable every damn day and he wanted her in his life Every moment Making it better But this time the book wasn t just about the relationship between the lead Hh which the last two for me mainly were I loved the gradual building of the tentative friendship between Grey and Jax and the rest of the Vanguard guys due to the circumstantial changes as the story progressed and the emotive bro moments even bought a little tear to my eye The snarky banter was spot on as well and the pacing of everything worked really well this time around For a relatively long book it took me no time to read at allI might have to kill ouWe get to learn a lot about Damon Winter in this book too as Grey s second in command for the Mercs he was pretty much in the thick of it with him for most of it Rebecca has set him up well for his story to be told in Winter Igniting due for release in March 18 I hope that again like this book the bigger story line with the Scorpious Bacterium the gradual degradation of living conditions in the cities and the general need to move to fertile and unpopulated areas for both groups keeps developing around it it made a massive difference in Storm Gathering in that it felt like the main plot hiatus of the previous couple of books had come to an end and the action was firmly back in the foreground around the telling of the main couple s storyI m tired of dancing around thisARC generously provided via Netgalley and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review in exchange One of my favourite series of all time The Scorpios Syndrome is action packed with an exceptional plot It sucked me and I haven t found a book so engaging for a long time Ms Zanetti can do no wrong in my opinionGreyson Storm all I can say he is on a whole new level when it comes to being a leader an alpha Leader of the mercs They are brutal ruthless but protective They also have to adapt and the time has come to either align with the president or Vanguard I know who I ll choose Greyson however is being a douche I loved Greyson and I hated him He was a bit of a bully He knows it won t get him far for much longer especially with Moe As Damon said Grey made a colossal mistake but I get him but he should have trusted Vanguard Trying to put too many fires out at once doesn t help I loved his softer side Maureen Shadow is a scientist through and through Focused on trying to feed the population until she is kidnapped from her desert lab to exploit her brother Greyson has resorted to extortion but gets a lot than he bargained for The ladies are the ones that will keep morals in the new world The men just don t realise what is going on I liked Moe she is different to the other female heroines She is slightly vulnerable and sneaky Well I love sneaky I always get somewhat antsy when I start a book in a series that love Luckily enough it didn t crush and burnThis book takes place on the timeline of the other books Book 4 and life after the deadly virus continues leaving everyone different Some are stronger some are smarter and some are just incredible insane Just like President Atherton and his VP Lake This plot added to the world that has been built and it gets better every single time My favourite side character Atticus the old cootI was going to give it 4 but I m going with the full 5 stars I need of every one of what is to come and how things will progress of Damon and April What will happen with Moe and the Mercs and Vanguard So many uestions that need to be answered so many books that are to come Storm Gathering was the perfect reality break hot and heated chemistry balanced with an intellectually stimulating plot and top off with enough action to keep Tarikh Se Kuch Nahin Sikha you white knuckle readingIfou ve been waiting for Greyson s storyThe wait is over We finally get the background of the big bad military leader of the all male camp fighting against the Scorpius Syndrome and what a storyIt all comes down. Even before surviving the Scorpius bacterium Greyson Storm was a lone wolf navigating minefields As a kid he learned to take a hit and find safety As an adult he joined the military and uickly learned how to protect and defend When the world ended he created a mercenary camp with military precision no entanglements

Storm Gathering The Scorpius Syndrome #4 (Read)

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator Senate aide lawyer college professor and a hearing examiner only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them She writes dark paranormals romantic suspense and sexy contemporary romances