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PDF/EPUB Opposite of Always

I heard this was good but I know the author we hang out in the same coffee shops so I don t think you should take my eview seriously I guess just ead it UPDATE I stopped hanging out at the same coffee shops he always beats me to the power outlet and then stays FOREVERRRRRARGHHHH RUDE UPDATE 2 okay seriously this guy sucks he spilled coffee all over my notebook and barely apologized just soaked it up with his shirt and an out of the coffee shop hella uick like ummmm this book can t be good UPDATE 3 guys guyssss okay so i told myself i wasn t going to post here any but this authori mean he s THE WORST i mean i actually took the time to capitalize those two words so you KNOW i mean it first of all i m sorry man but just because you e wearing earbuds doesn t mean no one else can hear your music ummm hello we e only a table apart that s like four feet at most author guy not the entire continent you seem to believe it is TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN also hasn t anyone ever told you that s TERRIBLE for your eardrums i mean i know this goes without saying but i d hate to be his audiologist but wait there s when i tried to give him the universal signal for hey buddy turn that noise down you know where you twist your face into the most annoyed expression ever while simultaneously olling your eyes and forming your hand into a down arrow and then on a non stop loop pointing that hand down arrow at the floor you know the one but he had the nerve to smile at me and wave ummm no author guy this isn t me attempting to initiate a friendly game of table charades TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN finally after about two minutes of my gesturing i got his attention again and this time he emoved his earbuds hey he said all coolly as if he had no idea what this was all about can you believe that hey like he doesn t know that he s THE WORST and you know me i was eady to give him a piece of my mind except here he kept looking at me with that goofy lopsided grin and those pathetic i m a sensitive artist who just wants to be loved please love me eyes and well i m not a monster people hey cool playlist we should trade sometime okay okay i have no clue how those words came out of my mouth but don t worry i uickly get back on trackauthor guy laughs like he s embarrassed actually i have pretty terrible tastes in music but it s nice of you to say by the way i m not playing it too loudly am i i d hate to be THAT GUY i shrug hahaha no way noooo waayyyy hahaha hey believe me if you were i d tell you hahahaugh did i mention he s THE WORST i didn t have the heart to tell him this but i am telling you there s NO WAY this book is any good UPDATE 4 So this book is out and against my better judgment I ve started eading it and I gotta say I can absolutely admit when I m wrong about somethingexcept I was NOT WRONG I KNEW WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING THIS BOOK WOULD BE SUPER SUCKY AND I M HERE TO TELL YOU ONCE AGAIN MY INSTINCTS HOLD TRUE Not that I m taking any pleasure in eporting my accuracy mind you I actually WISH it had been different but I sorta feel as if I ve gotten to know this author guy so yeah I m not at all surprised Just emember I warned you UPDATE 5 Get this so I heard that author guy was starting to tour so I thought you know what maybe I should give him another chance because if there s anything I ve taken away from his painfully crappy book is that sometimes people deserve the benefit of the doubt you knowand I ve decided that for 2019 I eally wanna be a better person and do things like not steep my tea for too long and so adding not holding onto grudges seemed like a perfect addition to that list ightOkay so you know how sometimes you think you ve gotten a sense for how someone is like how this author guy is a terrible writer and super awkward human being buuuuut then you meet them in person and you Debut author Justin A Reynolds delivers a hilarious and heartfelt novel about the choices we make the people we choose and the moments that make a life worth elivingWhen Jack and Kate meet at a party bonding until sunrise over their mutual love of Froot Loops and their favorite flicks Jack knows he’s falling hard Soon

E like OMGGGGG I WAS SOOO WRONG ABOUT YOU YOU ARE ACTUALLY SO AMAZINGLY COOL AND SUPERRR AUTHENTICYeah that didn t happen here He is 100% just as I thought except maybe worse I mean at one point after he d ead an except from his book he said it was an excerpt but it felt like he ead THE ENTIRE THING SAVE US ALL he looked me ight in the eyes and he said hey don t I know you from the coffee shop It s good to see you How are you Umm how am I Eeewww GROSS author guy Talk about being PUSHY ight Like I just came here to try and support your not good at all book and because I have a thing for indie bookstores I DIDN T come for a personality uiz GEEZI think you guys can tell by now that I am NOT a judge y person you know so it eally makes me feel bad to say this but also I feel like I m just the kind of person who HAS to speak my truth no matter what So listen if you wanna get this book just emember I ve tried and tried to warn you off And honestly I wish someone had done the same for me THIS AUTHOR IS THE WORRRRRSSSTTTT and I mean that in the nicest possible way because like at the end of the day I care so much about everyone including you and me and even him I feel so sorry for him because he actually has to ead this awful book out loud to people in PUBLIC SPACES he must feel absolutely horrible when he walks away from these events and not only has NO ONE HAS BOUGHT HIS BOOK but also EVERYONE IS AVOIDING MAKING EYE CONTACT WITH HIM BECAUSE WE REALLY FEEL HIS PAIN Its so palpable I mean guys I have a heart too you know Anyway have a great weekend eading OTHER BOOKS UPDATE 6 Okay I know what you e thinking umm dang man didn t you JUST give us an update yesterday and you d be absolutely correct I did BUUUUT trust me this couldn t wait So I m not sure if you guys know this but pretty much everyone on the planet advises authors to AVOID GOODREADS LIKE THE PLAGUE i ve always thought that expression was odd avoid something like the plague It gives me the mental image of a person going out of their way to not make eye contact with a potential threat like maybe a bully Which makes sense because bullies suck and they just want attention But also averting your eyes away from The Plague makes me chuckle like aww man The Plague is coming uick everyone act like you don t see him and maybe he ll just leave us alone okay this was a very long digression and not at all the point of this post so my sincerest apologies ANYWAY So I m at the notorious coffee shop i know i know i said i wasn t going back but their house oast is soooooo amazing and it s eally close to my house and i m super into proximity based decisions so and author guy is there too he s in the back corner and he looks incredibly sad and by sad i mean he s full on sobbing ight into his ciabatta bread and everyone is gawking at him possibly because they e wondering why anyone would waste a perfectly good piece of ciabatta or maybe just because he s CRYING SOOO LOUD YOU LITERALLY CAN T HEAR T ive always found time travel loops to be difficult to enjoy as a eader they can be uite tedious as you are experiencing the same situation over and over again and if the writing isnt amazing the epetitiveness gets eally old eally uickly and unfortunately i think this story suffered a little from thatas a debut novel i think this kind of story is uite ambitious for the aforementioned easons but i do think its strength is in its characters specifically jack it was very ewarding to see what he learned from each loop he has great character growth and i found his feelings to be elatable and ealso even though the book length and writing style dont do the s This was SO much fun I loved the writing style the characters and I just always love stories where the main character is stuck in a time loop I highly ecommend listening to He’s meeting his best friends Jillian and Franny and Kate wins them over as easily as she did JackBut then Kate dies And their story should end thereYet Kate’s death sends Jack back to the beginning the moment they first meet and Kate’s there again Healthy happy and charming as ever Jack isn’t sure if he’s losing.

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He audiobook for this one the narrator was great Four futuristic Back to the future meets Groundhog Day 4 months epeating version meets About Time creative gripping heart felting fast pacing in the love of YA books starsThree S words perfectly define this book Sarcastic sweet and swoony I think the cover gives us some clues what s going on inside by showing different version of the couple sitting on the ladders But you may always open yourselves to the surprisesLet s aise our hands to clap the author and give him his statue from one of the best debut writers of 2019 from YA omancescience fiction categoryAnd my other awards are coming up The best outstanding and likable couple Jack Ellison King your last name is wrong because you e Knight in shining armor and has everything for perfect boyfriend material And smart funny creative fighter Kate captured our hearts I love them as individuals but I loved them as a uniue genuine adorable couple I chanted for them to win the war of life against dead I wanted to see their HEA passionately Best of the best supporting characters Jillian and Franny were not only best sidekicks but they should be also considered as leading characters At some parts they had so many important oles for improvement of the story and their characters couldn t be written impeccably and meticulously And let s not forget Jack s parents who are the coolest enjoyable entertaining and supportive vivid adult couple of the storyBest couple dialogues I enjoyed smartass and sarcastic tones of the dialogues developed between Jack and Kate They made me laughed sighed cried They are so natural heart warming ealisticBest loop you may be stuck in It was like a butterfly s wings changed the air and you saw the upcoming earthuakes broke out two continents away As long as Jack tried to change his last four months of his life every time something got wrong or some piece of the puzzle was always missingBest ending for this got in the loop and paradoxes of time travelling story Of course it didn t make me fully satisfied but at least it was easonable logical and fairWant to ead something different original and be a honest witness of a new writer s brilliant mind go and pick up this book It is eally worth your time energy soul Thank you Edelweiss and Katherine Tegen Books for sending a eview copy in exchange for an honest eview Remember me emember us as a time of day Okay I haven t ead many contemporaries but oh my goodness you have no idea how much I loved thisJack Ellison King is absolutely my favorite character in this entire book More than anyone else The sweetest most brilliant person to ever exist He was funny lovable caring and just downright amazingNow I probably should move on before I write three whole paragraphs on why Jack King is an amazing main character The story was absolutely intriguing I loved every bit of it Towards the end it felt a bit epetitive but even then this book was already on my favorites list I haven t laughed this hard in a long while The book was witty fun and heartfeltJack makes multiple attempts at changing events Each attempt leaves something amiss in Jack s life The most important part of all this was him trying to find the balance between all the things that he holds dear In a way this is about Jack s love life but it also is a lot than that It also includes his friendship with his two best friends Jillian and Franny and his parents I loved the mix of contemporaryromancesci fi vibes that I gotI loved Jillian and Franny just as much as Jack and Kate Jack s parents were also so very supportive and understanding and the book just left me so warm and fuzzy I loved the epresentation and I loved the whole dynamic of the story I would ecommend this to everyone Every single eader out there to pre order a copy of this wonderful boo. His mindStill if he has a chance to prevent Kate’s death he’ll take it Even if that means believing in time travel However Jack will learn that his actions are not without conseuences And when one choice turns deadly for someone else close to him he has to figure out what he’s willing to do to save the people he lov.

justin a reynolds has always wanted to be a writer The earliest documentation of this desire was recorded on a sheet of green learn how to write with a jumbo pencil ruled kindergarten paper which can be found prominently displayed in his mom’s office OPPOSITE OF ALWAYS his debut novel was an Indies Introduce Top Ten Debut a School Library Journal Best Book of 2019 translated in 17 languag

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