Stumbling Giants) [Pdf Download] ¼ Patricia Meredith

Stumbling Giants) Pdf Download ¼ Patricia Meredith

Ractices which made them a safe harbour amidst the turmoil With banks earning 40 per cent return on euity from practices such as in person retail banking pressure from investors with short term interests continues to discourage technological innovation and adaptationHowever today's global information economy has transformed the financial lives of individuals and companies alike Meredith and Darroch argu.

Winner of the 2018 Donner Prize for the Best Public Policy Book by Canadian authors Stumbling Giants by Patricia Meredith and James L Darroch presents a compelling new vision of the Canadian banking industry in which stakeholders work together to propel the country's banking system into the twenty first centuryCanada's big six banks survived the 2008 financial crisis by adhering to traditional banking

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E that Canadian banks refuse to address the disruptive info tech changes that ltimately threaten their very existence The authors also set forth a cohesive set of recommendations to prepare the nation's banks for the challenges and opportunities offered by the digital ageThis call to action for the Canadian banking will resonate with financial sector managers policy makers and above all general readers.