(PDF) A Cultural History of Animals and Their Meat BY Karen Lykke Syse

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Ther with interviews and observation at farms slaughterhouses and production units and analyses of contemporary texts such as cookbooks blogs and news media A Cultural History of Animals and their Meat xplores the transformation of animal husbandry meat production and consumption together with its cultural conseuences As such it will appeal to scholars of anthropology sociology geography and history with interests in food the nvironment and cultur.

(PDF) A Cultural History of Animals and Their Meat BY Karen Lykke Syse

Live Die Buy Eat These four words both summarize the production of meat in the modern world and categorize the way in which we relate to animals and meat In the past few years controversies around meat have arisen around industrialization and globalization of meat production often pivoting around health nvironmental problems and animal welfare issues Although meat increasingly figures as a problem most consumers' knowledge of animal husbandry and

Eat is absent than ver How is meat produced today and where How do we consume meat and how have our consumption habits changed Why have these changes occurred and what are the social and cultural conseuences of these changes Using Norway as a case study this book adopts an thnographic and historical approach to these uestions xamining the dramatic changes in meat production and consumption With a wide range of historical and archival sources toge.

Summary ç E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Karen Lykke Syse