Pdf Download (Autumn Crow City #275)

Pdf Download (Autumn Crow City #275)

Umbass because I don t do cultured words like daft As authors set out to write series about interconnected people I don t know that they anticipate secondary characters that take on a life of their ownbegging for their story to be told It does happen but I can think of only a handful in all the books I have read that have a character I hold dear to my heart Walford Gallifrey is ndoubtedly in the top 5 of secondary characters of all time Throughout this series we see his whimsy his humor his loving heart and his ability to keep secrets Finally he gets to shine in his own storyThis book will mean so much to you if you have read the rest of the Crow City series But if by chance you don t no worries This story is absolute beauty It s about second chances It s forgiveness It is full of the angst and flutters of new love but shows the confidence that comes with age The words on the page paint the beautiful picture of two men who have been at odds suddenly becoming aware Together they becom This book This BOOK I have trouble stringing sentences together in a coherent and comprehensive way The short of it I loved it LOVED it It s part of the Crow City series but I m living and FLAILING proof that you can enjoy and love the heck out of this book without having read the previous titles Although I firmly believe you d get even out of it if you actually do read them all Now AUTUMN that is a special book I m going to hold close to my heart for a long time It s no secret I love Cole McCade aka Xen Sander s voice and his words The way he writes how the words just flow over the page and everything comes together naturally but never simple or flat It s a gift and such a pleasure to read for me I feel his words no matter what he says and this time was no different This book was angsty but also so light and hopeful Just like fresh air I don t have a better analogy I went in got absorbed and then just took a deep breath and SMILEDWally made it happen And Joseph But where Joseph made me ache and cry and then laugh Wally just made me laugh and smile first the sobbing came later In the best way possible I just could relate to both of them so much but on completely different levels Joseph s pain his loss and inability to forget or move on dug deep and clawed at me but where he got grumpy and couldn t stand Wally being close I got so grateful for Wally s presence He made me feel better and I wasn t even the one feeling awful His gentleness and A Natural Father unconditional support were EVERYTHING He was often the one being open and vulnerable but so strong and beautiful it made me weak in the knees He carried so much weight on his shoulders so much loss and guilt and hurt And yet He appeared on the page and my happy skyrocketed Even when his wasn t And Joseph Well Joseph is an asshole He is But the most loveable one I have met in a long long time I was scared at first what would happen once the grumpy hurting bitter man suddenly had to deal with the realization that he might be bisexual I was waiting for the denial maybe even for him to not be in touch with his feelings at all I don t even know why But I was beyond grateful something like that didn t happen I should have known really There were struggles stepping stones and hurdles for sure How can there not be when two people who are so different have so much history and secrets between them are just now starting to actually see each other for who they really are But I loved all of these hurdles and steps back and forth None of them hurt me in bad places only in all the right and good onesI m going to stop now There s no way I can actually explain all of my feelings and do the book justice But I highly recommend it To absolutely everyone Just go read Joseph and Wally s story and be happy Smile ARC provided by the author no positive review was promised in return 45 starsThis was so good beautiful and heart warming Not as dark as the previous in the series almost fluffy Full review now posted on Ellie Reads All the BooksThis is the fifth book in the series after two novels and two novellas and the firsteer one And A Doctors Vow unlike all the previous it s so much lighter happier and heart warming and how it can any other way when one the heroes is Walford Gallifrey He brought warmth and tenderness even in the darkest moments in the previous books so I couldn t his own story any other way We get the story of two older characters Wally a circus ringmaster whimsical and caring and lonely having had a crush on Joseph since they met over 20 years ago The other Joseph suffering from MS angry abandoned and alone They have a history with itsps and downs and some serious hurt of Jonathan Swift unpack and overcome There are expectations of each other to change And revelations so many revelations to absorbJoseph has a lot to deal with including realising he is bi but that is not what this story is about I liked how the author didn t make this focus of the romance It s just one aspect of his personality yes a bitnexpected both for him and for Wally yet he accepts it in stride It s just what it is and no one in the story their friends and family made a big deal about it I really liked how the focus in their relationship was on intimacy companionship being together sexually and in all other ways in their everyday lives It s not all smooth sailing They keep hurting each other inadvertently but never give p on trying We see them learning their way around each other how to express their love for each other how to be there for the other in sickness and in health in good time and bad times I m avoiding any spoilers so let. Ding walls of enmity and resentment between them Joseph has been firmly cemented in Wally’s mind as nattainableBut the pain of Willow’s loss forces them to face the demons sleeping between them find common ground and Together they explore mutual grief Shared memories The Long Road Home uiet respect Warmth Camaraderie The joy of learning to live againAnd annspoken attraction buried beneath the scars of hurtful words and terrible missteps Yet even as they work through the thorns and tangles of old wounds Joseph has his own struggles to face The struggle to leave his ex wif.

This book took me a little while to get into largely because it was so different than what I think I was expecting In my head this was going to be a gay romance and it certainly was but Cole McCade manages to put grittiness into his romance like nobody else I ve ever read And you know what After I got The Sweetest Burn (Broken Destiny, used to that fact I loved this book absolutely Joseph is a man whose daughter Willow has been kidnapped He finds himself listening to the last voicemail message she left him over and over again even though it doesn t tell him new tells him nothing else in fact other than that she is safe and not to look for her It site a strange voicemail to be left He s not sure of anything On top of that he suffers from MS and has a lot of trouble given that his daughter was in large part his only link to the rest of the world Wally is Willow s The Greek Tycoons Revenge uncle To distract himself from Willow s disappearance he takes to spending a lot of time looking after Joseph a man who has hated him for a lot of the time they have known each other Unbeknownst to Joseph though Wally is completely in love with him This story is pretty much the pinnacle of what can be written within the enemies to lovers sub genre of romance writing I m not going to give this book a star rating for a few reasons1 The writing is not a style I enjoy it s filled with metaphors and purple prose and at times I just wanted to hear the dialogue instead of inner monologue or something concrete to move the story forward But that s just me and doesn t reflect the on theality of writing or actual story which I ll get to in a second If you love Charlotte Stein then McCade s writing is similar2 I haven t read the other books in the series and at times felt a little lost Not with the romance plot but with some of the other supporting characters But again that s not the authors faultButWhat I loved though and could not tear my eyes away from was the authors gut wrenching no holds barred style romance McCade digs DEEP into the emotions of his characters and they have to work for their HEABoth men are so afraid of being left and the reasons are so easily overcome yet not because of how their pasts are intertwinedI also loved his portrayal of dealing with a disabilities in romance It wasn t glossed over There were times when it was not in the cards because of the pain Joseph was in from his MS Wally juggling both the care taking and lover roles was handled beautifully Like I said it wasn t easy These two FOUGHT but I liked how they worked towards something togetherAnd I loved that this was two older men in their mid 40 s So even though this wasn t 100% my cup of tea because of the writing style if it s yours I highly recommend this one Wow I did not see this coming Autumn is part of the Crow City series I have had the pleasure of reading the whole series and have loved it It s niue dark and has its twists and turns I don t think you have to read the previous books BUT I highly recommend it so you have an nderstanding of what is going on I actually didn t even read the synopsis before signing The Queens Choice up to read this book I already knew that I wanted it Like I said I didn t see this comingWaldorf aka Wally and Joseph have a past A few good memories but those are far and few between They have known each other for over twenty years Joseph was married to Wally s sister and they had Willow Joseph loved Miriam with everything but she left before Willow even entered preschool With Joseph as the only parent and living with MS Wally was there for them Joseph didn t see it that way He saw it as Wally trying to take his Willow away from him It got heated and for years they didn t speak to each other That all changed when Willow flew the nest It s been a few weeks since Willow left and Joseph didn t exactly enjoy Wally hanging around He didn t get why he was there He didn t want to be seen as a fragile man that couldn t take care of himself And to have this man in his house wasnnerving especially when he noticed things Like his touch Like the way he spoke Like his lips He didn t The Cowboy Wants a Wife! understand why he had these thoughts but he did He hated it He hated that he couldn t fully hate this man The one that came into the room and left him food that wasn t just bread with some meat in between What made it even confusing is that he has never been attracted to a man Wally has had his own struggles to face A past most don t know about A flighty sister A niece that he might not see again And loving someone that he doesn t have a chance with But he is still a delight He is colorful He is hopeful but in the last few weeks he has been in a gray area He has always known that Joseph has had bad days and good days but seeing itp close is different He wants to help but to Joseph it s like he is a charity case Can he find a common ground with this man The man that he has never really seen To Defy a Sheikh until now And will Joseph finally see him I loved this story Cole did a brilliant job of givings their story It was beautiful Heartbreaking Magical And most of allunexpected The characters are different in many ways but they have common issues when they get down to it Overallit s a whimsical addition to the series I can just picture them sitting and having tea while Wally talks in his refined way otes Joseph I Wally spread his hands What do you want me to do I can t leave you here like this I can t But I don t know if you want me to go or want me to stay Am I really such a child You re such a Wally You might not be a child but you re filled with childlike wonder You are so daft So are you Only I m going to call you a There are worse things in life than loving a man who hates youUnfortunately Walford Gallifrey can’t think of manyEver since a ghost from his past kidnapped his niece Willow THE FOUND Crow City #2 Wally’s life has been nothing but grief turmoil and loss With no idea if Willow is dead or alive Wally’s only comfort is in caring for his grieving brother in law and Willow’s father Joseph Armitage For the past twenty years Wally has never hoped to be anything but the backdrop to Joseph’s life; between marrying Wally’s sister and decades of mistakes buil.

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Me just say we see of Willson and Vin and Gabriel and Leigh and it s perfectThe writing is what I have come to expect from Cole McCade lyrical emotional evocative He builds these rich powerful images that stay with the reader long after they have finished the bookAutumn could be read as a standalone though I definitely recommend reading the previous books in the series before it or at least the novella The Saved They will give you a deeper insight into the world of Crow City and its inhabitants including Wally and Joseph GoshThis book is so tterly beautifulWally is just so sweet and innocent and a perfect match for the prideful joseph Joseph is diagnosied with multiple sclerosis so his insecurities are at a peak He was being a dick to wally in the beginning and it was hard to like him as a person but gradually you start to love and Whiteout (Threes Allowed, understand himstill wally is my favThe sex is sweet and simply beautifulIt was a Crow City full of darkness and sunshine Full of weirdos with china cups for drinking tea My heart is so invested in this place that I know how it smells I know how it sounds I could touch and feel the bright puffball dresses in Wally s shop I can taste blueberry muffins not the turkey sandwiches though vegetarian Only a great writer can deliver those senses and Cole is a great great writerThe character of Wally had me in the palm of his hand from the moment I found him in The Lost His kindness softnessirkiness nurturing soul spoke to me Bright beautiful magical Wally So colourful and yet he had this mournful sadness of a life snuffed out Like a candle where the melting wax drowns the wick and the flame dies The caterpillar that never becomes the butterfly Gentle Joseph never Joe my eldest boy is Joseph never Joe to me but Joe to everyone else my heart hurt for him Disabled and reliant and so in love with his Willow Take my child away from me and I would be broken And so Wally and Joseph Autumn is their story A man who thinks everyone will leave him A man who can t forgive forget or move on The Crow City books make me feel every emotion from the kiss atop my head to the bottom of my toes Perfectly written I ll dream of circuses and autumn leaves and curled moustaches 45 StarsReviewed for Just Love I received an advance review copy in exchange for a fair and honest reviewAs a fan of the Crow City series curling The Princes Ultimate Deception (Monte Carlo Affairs, up with Autumn was like basking in a precious spot of sun on a cold blustery day It featured the gorgeous prose andnadulterated emotion that has so far been a hallmark of the series and its author Cole McCade aka Xen Sanders yet Autumn was drastically distinct from its predecessors in mood and tone If the other books were sketched in bold strokes of gritty charcoal then Autumn was a lush watercolor done in warm golden hues It was light and airy and whimsical and altogether magicalThat s not to say there wasn t any angst This is after all a Crow City novelThe book was originally meant to be a novella and I had my res It s no secret I have a huge love for Cole McCade s writing and everything he encompasses in his stories And having read all his books I have to say Autumn is my favourite the perfect combination of enemies and friends to lovers it s the most beautifully wrapped happy ever after gift for two amazing men A tryst A liaison An entanglement Ora second chance at what could have been Joseph and Walford s story swallowed me Breaking the Governesss Rules up right from the very start Wally is a character I ve loved from the moment we met him in The Lost and whilst you wouldn t imagine back then he d become the character he does I ve honestly never become so damn attached to a secondary character So for him to get his moment centre stage is an absolute treat and you soon realise there s far to Wally beneath his outward confidence and splendour this caring witty man is someone who has kept his insecurities and the pain ofnreuited love hidden for years Grouchy brooding and stubbornly independent because of his disability and the limitations it can bring at first glance Joseph is Wally s opposite and letting the man he s pushed away for so long into his heart and his home is no mean feat Underneath though it s a different story These men have an The Christmas Children (The Mellow Years uneasy past that has been intertwined for years but the key is honesty and the fact that they re now a tad older wiser have both been hurt by others and each other yet arender no illusion that the attraction is there and is worth taking a chance on And the leaps they take together fills this story with feeling in one breath they re so goddamn adorable together and the next they re Too Strong to Deny/Savage Awakening/Jack Riordans Baby/His Forbidden Passion unleashing each other s passionate side in every sense of the word Seeing these men grow individually and together the thoughtful gestures the amusing bickering their firsts laying themselves bare openingp their hearts and disturbing old hurts was an absolute joy to be a part of and the amount of smiling and sobbing I did along the way is testament to just how much I loved Autumn Wally and Joseph will hold your heart in their hands I fell hard for both of them and when it comes to heartwarming sensual and sexy MM contemporary romances with just the right sprinkling of angst I seriously cannot recommend this highly enough Your brain is a weird place Wally Yes but it s filled with wondrous and fiendish delights And it s worth mentioning that whilst a companion novel to The Found with moments you will appreciate if you have read this if you haven t don t let that deter you because Autumn can very easily be read as a standaloneARC generously provided for an honest and nbiased opinion. E in the past To let his daughter go And to trust Wally to love him to see him as than just his multiple sclerosis when so many have treated him as less than a man The only way forward for them both is forgiveness TrustAnd a second chance to discover what it means to truly be in loveNote This novel while a standalone follows in the aftermath of the events of THE FOUND Crow City #2 and ties in to the events of THE SAVED Crow City #25 which detail respectively the events of Willow's kidnapping and Walford’s prior relationship with her kidnapper Vincent Manion.

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