The Seduction Expert (KINDLE)

G bastards Men are awful etc etc There was a shining light when she started to have a war with the future mother n law But again cliffhanger The endWould I recommend The Seduction Expert NoWhat also grabbed my attention were the reviews 436 on goodreads Wow However why out of my over a thousand well read friends reviews the HIGHEST was ONE 3 star review the rest were 1 or 2 On closer Dark Ruby Dark Sapphire inspection of the community reviews there are a LOT of reviews by private profiles with friends and books all hidden I have been on goodreads for a long time and I have never seen so many private profiles reviewing one book before Funny that all these people with their books and friends hidden are all liking each other s reviews of The Seduction expert Its strange and In Search of Bisco it doesn t sit right with me Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of The Seduction Expert to review I think I will miss the next one THERE IS SOMETHING EXTREMELY FISHY about this book and VSP PublishingI ll just leave a couple of links belowf you are curious But I ll warn you I wouldn t waste my time on this book You can read my whole review down belowLinks blogpost online shedding some light on some The Arabic Alphabet issues with the publisher link here Krystal s review where the publisherntervened leaving some alarming comments link here Mel s Bookshelf posted a screenshot of a comment from the publisher on a review that was eventually edited link here Megan s review that Here We Are includes screenshots of the emails sent by the publisher reuesting reviewers not to post reviews lower than 3 stars link here Hristina s reviewncludes links to a few reviews pointing out negative things link hereThis Unexpected Findings is all very weird guysok that was an editReviewThiss without a doubt the worst book I ve read Anna of Kleve (Six Tudor Queens, in a long timeLeaving aside that I wouldn t categorize The Seduction Expert as a romance book romance not found I find myself extremely confused for a couple different reasons One being that this book has been marketed as most anticipated romance release to the point that I started believingt myself when I repeat t s not even a romance and the book tself s extremely problematic And two the high average rating and praising reviews this book has on this siteTo put Folk Hats it simply The Seduction Expert was a really seriously terribly bad book That s exactly why I find myself shaking my headn pure disbelief after reading many of the positive reviews here because guys GUYS The book I read has absolutely nothing to do with the praise the pitch or the synopsis The Seduction Expert was terribly BADThat or I read something completely different to what I was promised and to what most reviews describe as funny empowering entertaining delightful refreshing well written and a large etcetera I am saying this because my First Steps Painting Watercolors impression was the exact opposite to all of the above Reading about this so called Seduction Expert was certainly not fun or entertaining and rather alarming Sadly myssues aren t reduced to an unlikeable main character even Popular Woodworking Pocket Shop Reference if the she truly was and to a whole new leveln this case I feel like the author failed at her main job Writing Making sense Creating a story Connecting with the reader Making an Dyeing to Spin Knit: Techniques Tips to Make Custom Hand-Dyed Yarns impressionOh wait she did that tho But a really bad oneDon t believe me See for yourself When a self proclaimed feministsuccessfulbrillianthilarious main character says stuff like What to say about those that cannot find Mr Right andnevitably end up falling My Old Lady into lesbianismor things like The uestions how many frightened virgins will I have to put up with before then Or Bitterness and disappointment always Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes inevitably conclude the romantic dreams of these slightly too hurried virginsand also To all those other clients getting high on Xanax that pay my shopping spreesand The Ingalls are a whole bunch of redheads with bifocals glasses who dressn the seventies fashion I therefore meet them every Monday Follow Your Dreams in the boardroom sitting next to each other gazing at me with lovesick cow eyes and fiercely clinging to their MacbookLesson number two you must give them men a good reason to court you That reasons your appearance It s your packaging and your brand Fractured Truth (Bone Gap Travellers image hence the makeover phase you will undergo this afternoonForgive me Baronesss the makeover really necessaryGiven the laughable and pathetic Maigret and the Wine Merchant image that they convey to ment Knit Together is most of all matter of survivalYup This book degrades women If the authorntended to be sarcastic or to paint a charicature of the dating dating scene and the stereotypes of women that find themselves n t she failed Miserably All that mixed with bad writing lack of plot the absence of anything remotely fun or entertaining etc leaves me with no alternative but to warn you and ask you do you really want to spend waste your time on thisI hope the answer He, An Irreverent Look At The American Male is noI received an eARC from Netgalleyn exchange for an honest review screenshot 1screenshot 2I just want to start by saying that no I have not read The Seduction Expert nor will I ever after this email I was contacted over a week ago and asked SELL IT LIKE SERHANT if I would benterested The Breakout Novelist in receiving a ebook arcn exchange for an honest review and that upon receiving t there would be a deadline to submit t by That was fine I was Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Czechoslovakia (Favorite Fairy Tales, Book 10) interested enough Well my ebook copy was sent to me today via email and as you can see I was asked to pretty much lie about my ratingf The Missing Link it didn t meet 3 stars or above I was told thatf I didn t like Working Girls it to message them directlynstead of posting my thoughts online but that s literally what I was asked to do I ve never ever had to deal with this kind of problem before personally I know that Hands of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe it happens butt s making me sick to my stomach because on top of this mess my email Speechless is somehown a thread with other reviewers who are also upset and the Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, individual who contacted us through some kind of publishings supposed to remain professional and Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, isn t I haven t responded to their original email and I probably won t because my anxietys now at an all time high I don t appreciate my email being exposed to countless others and I m upset that other reviewer emails are too I ve taken out any names shown but keep this Stranded With The Tempting Stranger in mindf you re also approached about the boo. Hat can reach one hundred kilometers The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, in less than six seconds often make her feel like a superheroinen service to womenAnyway take her cardYou'll see Suffer the Children (A Gardiner and Renner Novel Book 4) it's much better than spending holidaysn St Bar.

The Seduction Expert (KINDLE)

Um noThis book was dry and boring The men are made out to be nothing than sluts or meat on a stick and the MC Mindhunter is a bitter snot whos used to always getting what she wants She Flawd is mean to everyone ands completely unrelatable There s really no storyline Sweet Stallion in play here other than that No ups and downs no twists and turns Just thatI would definitely not recommend this bookSide Note after reading what this publisher has done to a few of my friends and othersn the community I can without doubt say that I would never review a book from them again This book s high ratings are coming from fake profiles that have no doubt been set up by someone to promote the book further and those fake profiles are going around bashing us reviewers that are giving the book lower than a 4 star rating This The County And The Kingdom is not right Thiss not appropriate And this Summer Heat! is not how the publishing world works If you ask for an honest review then by God we re going to give you them If you want BS reviews then you re going to have to sit and type them up yourselves from all the fake accounts that you ve made Don t bother coming to reviewersf you re simply going to bash their reviews That Crushed Ice is allLadies and gentlement s worse than I could have ever magined Please read this article before even thinking about reviewing this book Two and half stars rounded up frustrated for reading a book about ambition and do whatever Risking It All it takes to win when I was expecting a creative romance genre Oh boy let s meet with our ruthless and literally man eater baroness who helps the rich and famous women solve their troubled relationshipssues Baroness standing between Devil Wear Prada s Miranda Priestly and tv series Scandal s Olivia Pope but with uite differenceShe Dog Food 2 is not a fixer shes mostly absolutely truly executer destroyer predator Beware of the mad dragon ueen She can rip the betrayers heads off and spit them outShe s ncarnated version of Niccolo Machiavelli Pros about bookIt s sarcastic The Moonshiners Daughter intelligently written and some parts are really entertaining You love to hate heroine and as long as you read you get used to her selfish narcissistic attitudes She thinks shes the center of the universe and her nner monologues about her future dreams and her devotion to herself are so hilariousCons about bookLack of romance The heroine s obsession about her fianc s wealth than his heart There s no real love story A real connection A heartbreak Nada This book kills your belief Saints on Stage in true loveReading a heroine like Miranda and Olivia may be entertaining but even those two characters have soft spots Miranda s soft spot was her twins Olivia had already Fitz and Gladiators come on But our heroines soooo merciless Even she uses tons of lotions she doesn t any soft spot on her existence There Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, is nothing to empathize her Hernsulting attitudes against her customers were exaggerating Sometimes you think she doesn t want to defend them She only wants to slap them over and over again As a result this was smartly written romance less novel with the worst heroine I still like ending with cliffhanger But childhood happy hours it s still not enough for me to read the second bookMaybe the genre choice just fooled me If thiss advertised as fiction nstead of romance or f Publish and Perish it doesn t have a name reminds us of some popular erotic romance novelst may be helpful for me not to expect something emotional and sexyI want to thank VSP publishing for sending me this advance copy I m so honored I wish I enjoy this book but this Given Time is my honest review But I keep searching good romance and dig new releases 15Ok lesson learned I knew goingn I wasn t the right reader for this book I should have listened to my little The Book of Lamentations inner voiceThis books listed as a romance and that Guide Through the Old Testament is the furthest thing from the reality I was hard pressed to find anything of a romantic naturen this book So now I m left with the difficult task of describing this book Where do I start Women s fiction I think not Thriller Nope that doesn t work either I m at a loss Now I m all The Best-Case Scenario Handbook in for unlikable characters But they have to add something to the story The Baroness just didn t Unfortunatelyt s fundamentally just a book on arrogant narcissistic behavior And I must add was way over the top Simply not the right book for meI received a digital copy of this book from the publisher The Last Days of the Romanovs in exchange for an honest review Edit 1919 Looks like GR has managed to weed out most of the fake accounts that gave this book 5 stars so we now have a much accurate gauge of this book Thanks GR I received a reuest from the publisher to review this book but declinedI m always suspicious when I m being asked to review a book that has a whole lot of 5 star ratings from people with little or no GR activity So many of the top reviews for this book are from people with private profiles andf you The Fate of the Romanovs investigate the 80 odd people who have liked all these similar 5 star reviews you notice that almost all are without GR friendsThat s highly suspicious to me friends Nothing gets my goat like books that have to rely on fake or false reviewsI don t know what the deals but I sure as heck ain t reading this any time soonEdit 10719 Couldn t help but Google and here s a link people might find Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, interesting Edit 14719 Thank you to all of the honest people who have left negative reviews despite being told by this publisher not to Your voices deserve to be heard I had nodea what kind of wormhole I was opening with my original review but the support from everyone has been amazing Even from people who genuinely loved this book Thank you to all who have commented and messaged What an LOSER incredible community we have here on GR Edit 20719 Can confirm fishiness Thanks to all of the GR detectives and the work you putnto uncovering this mystery It has come to light that the author the publisher and most of the private profile positive reviewers are the same person VSP publishing s n no way related to Vision Sports Publishing and some of the profile pics of private reviewers will show up with an unrelated google search for beautiful peopleIf you are planning to read this book based on reviews be wary of all the nice things being said If you have been asked by the publisher to rea. She's the seduction expertWomen contact her to take over their love lives She steps n when they're lost she's supposed to succeed where they failed She handles their single status their relationships.

D and review be wary of the abuse that may follow a negative review If you have read and genuinely enjoyed this book I m sorry f you ve been caught Culture and Customs of Norway in the crossfireIf you plan on harassing the authorpublisher for her dishonest behaviour you re only stooping to her level It s disappointing that someone went to such lengths to get people reading a book butt probably suggests the book doesn t really sell The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, itself Let s try to take the high road hereThe takeaway message READ AT YOUR OWN RISK The Seduction Expert would be correctly labeled The Extortion Expert or The Blackmail Expert Her function has nothing to do with getting someone to love you andn fact has nothing to do with love The Baroness as she likes to be called has never been Shake, Rattle and Roll in love and doesn t love the man she plans to marry Insteadt s all about money power and destroying men who don t bow to the women A Private Midnight in their lives The Baronesss a narcissist who plans to become powerful famous wealthy using the men she destroys for their cuckold wives She especially likes the cases that nvolve wealthy men although she will take on cases of love struck teenagers on occasion make sure that the object of her affection will never come near the young lady again and urge the girl to find someone who won t break her heart That part of her job might be a worthy cause f she presented things differently and really cared about the lowly young woman who she takes on as pro bono cases once a month The Baroness has met her match though The Mission of Mooney Rooney in the mother of the rich man she plans to marry and totally control The mothers going to destroy the Baroness and the Baroness The Road to There is setnto action trying to cover up her past actions and get revenge on the mother while still snaring her son I got to the end of the book only to discover that the book ends on a cliffhanger so I have no Templars in America idea what happens next The premises Used (Getting Inside of V, interesting but terribly cold and at this pointn the story I can t say that I m cheering the Baroness on Inside a Barn in the Country in her selfish and ruthless endeavors The story takes placen France and was possibly translated from French because much of the wording s a bit odd although I could figure out what was meant I will look for the second book to see f the Baroness has a change of heart Athena in her manner of treating people or gets what she has coming to her from all sides because of all the things she has done to other people Thank you to VSP Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC I received a e copy of this book from the authorpublishern exchange for an honest review And here Tales from the Toolbox is my review First lets briefly touch on the elephantn the room There appears to be a little concern for some reason about the way that the publishers are searching for ARC volunteers and strangely also about the ratings this book has so farWell I can honestly say I am a real person although of course I would say that wouldn t I and that I am not a thirty something women with a generic photo and a private profile I am a fifty something male with a profile of my cats and am open to allRight elephant dealt with This book s fun t deals with a strong woman who has a job helping women to secure and keep husbands but also to dump them n an as financially beneficial way as possible to the women Yes she breaks the law yes she s a bitch but she s Det ordnar sig ironically uite funnyamusing I love therony that she claims to be a feminist but her dismissal of some of her clients The Admiral is so non feministts laughable But that IS the The Homunculus irony as her war against abusive philandering unfaithful husbands and focus on empowering women certainlys feministIt s a riveting novel with I d say half a dozen major characters that are well written and make the story nteresting regardless of whether you love em or hate em they make the book fly byAlthough not really my genre well I say that as the title s not one I would have Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory immediately thought I have to readt has actually proved to be The Succubus in my eyes a thriller novel than really any other genre and so I really enjoyedt Thanks for the opportunity to read this book I ll be honest I DNF this book at 8% That would be because the publisher sent me an ARC email pasted below asking me to review the book but only post my review on GR f t s above 3 stars I thought the email was sketchy but decided to be nice and give the book a go Yet the I read the I kept thinkingnope Fuck censorship BYE GURL Hello ReviewersIn attachment the ebupmobi file of The Seduction Expert Please do not forget to post your review before July 20 and Dictionary of Misinformation if you doesn t like the book thank you to let us know by emailnstead of posting a bad review less than 3 stars Indeed as you know each advance reading copy provided cost a fee to publishers so we prefer to Rosettas Dress Mess (Tales of Pixie Hollow, investn a good marketing campaignThank you and do not hesitate to contact me for further Shadowtech (Shadowrun, 7110) by Karl Wu (1993-01-09) informationYours sincerelyJennifer CarlottiBook Promotion ManagerVSP Publishing UPDATEYeah I m NEVER going to review for this publisher again AVOID AVOID AVOID Check out the comments on my friends review here this one to mention a screenshot I captured of the publisher being a BCH before she obviously uickly changed her mind and deletedt You can see that gem HERE I have been on a reviewing break for a few months due to a crazy uni workload As much as I would like to keep going through the uni semester I paid a lot for my course and don t want to do badly because of my book addictionSo I started back with this one How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes, Vol. 2 in the holiday break And unfortunately I was extremely underwhelmed The Baronesss a seduction expert and uses her connections and dominating personality to get what she wants for her clients And herselfOh where do I start I would have DNF f t weren t for the fact that netgalley reuires reviews now for DNFs or you don t get t marked off n your overall percentageThe story was uite short so didn t take me long to get through at all I get that the Baroness was supposed to be all prim and condescending but The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, Book 2) it was the entire tone of the book really She didn t grow as a character AT ALL The whole book seemed like a giant teaser for It had no conclusion or point really Nothing resolved Cliffhanger The end The rest was just all Men are lying cheatin. Their breakups and very often their partners' affairs Her jobs a life priority she spends most of her time at the office or between two flights n business class and the fact of having a sports car

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