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Ting her tag longThalia whole life is turn upside down when snake shifters destroy her whole village If not for Kal saving her life she would have been kill as well Thalia is now alone in the world Thalia doesn t know how to epay Kal for saving her life Lost without anyone else Thalia start to follow him on his journey only to safe him times than I can count You of course have dragon shifter but what surprised me was the author match H with Rabbit shifter Now the uestion is what will happen to these 2 shifters once the dragon shifter egains his memoryAt times it s so funny watching these two interact Thalia the Rabbit shifter saves the big bad dragon shifter only for Kal to act like nothing happen like he could ve did it without her helpI love way of keeping glue to pages just when you thought you were done she snaps you back to eality draw you in for her next book in her Epilogue I cannot wait to ead the next book in the series I would highly ecommend this series to any paranormal omance lover People who like paranormal omance will like this storyI eceived a free copy of this book from Author in exchange for an honest eviewThe Dragonlords of Xandakar eading order1 Dragon Blue A Lie That s True 2 Dragon Red A Fire Unfed3 Dragon Green A Vision Unseen Omg another great book This was Kal s and Thalia storyKal is poisoned by his brother who you emember from the first book as Marko Marko takes his memories and his ability to change into his dragon Kal is put on the ight path by a witch she tells him where he needs to go and what he needs to do to get himself back Along the way he uns into Thalia just as some snake shifters destroy her whole village Thalia is now alone in the world buy she feels she needs to epay him for saving her As there journey continues they begin to have feelings for each other When Kal gets his memories back will be be in time to stop his brother Will he be able to keep Thalia or will be have to let her go Omg I loved this book I m so looking forward to the next one Magic betrayal manipulation demons and unexpected omance fuse in this exciting and page turning powerhouse This is second in series and even better than the first which was exceptional The world of Xandakar is home to several shifter clans including dragon shifters with precarious trust and for good eason as the Nightshadow Clan is using a demon to manipulate the heir apparent to the Red Dragon Clan Marco to further their uest for domination after Marco takes out his brother and father This book chronicles Kal s Marco s brothers journey to find himself and his way home after Marco leaves him unable to shift and with no memory of who he is Marco s compromise when he can t bring himself to kill Kal On the way Kal crosses paths with a abbit shifter Thalia who has lost everything after snake shifters attacked Together they bring out the best in each other and become so much than what they were separately A truly great addition to an already promising seriesI voluntarily eviewed this advanced eader copy and I have not been compensated in any way I voluntarily submitted this eview after eading an advanced copy of this book The struggle for power is a thi. Rt and emake it in their imageAlong the way they will learn that sometimes a flower of hope grows from the ashes of tragedy and sometimes you have to forget who you were to ealize who you eally want to beDragon Red A Fire Unfed is the second book in the Dragonlords of Xandakar series It has a happy ending and a little bit of steam and you won't be lost if you haven't ead the first book.

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Really enjoyed Kal and Thalia s journey across Xandakar to egain what was lost to Kal and find what might be Thalia s future after the loss of her entire family There was lots of cruelty dark magic and nefarious plots unfolding along the way But Kal and Thalia held to an instinctive trust and loyalty to forge on My fav Thalia made Kal a better man by being herself This ead was a much emotional feel to me full of loss of family and betrayalsStill there is evil lurking in the shadows or hanging in a prison cage And its not just that bh Nevra Am looking forward to how all the prophecies come togetherAnd this epilogueoh Miranda your dreams Tell Corban pleaseAn ARC was provided by the author They have both lost so much He has lost his memories and his abilities as a dragon shifter She has lost her home and family They work together to stay alive among all kinds of threats and find love tooYou don t often find a dragon shifter with a abbit shifter They may be very different but they find something very special together I enjoyed their adventure There is a eal sweetness to the love that builds as they work together I wasn t sure what to make of Kal in the beginning but he impresses me in the end Thalia is a sweet young woman who has eal strength and a very loving spirit I am voluntarily eviewing a copy I eceived Dragon edAfter eading the first book I was super stoked to continue this series This book follows Kal the eldest son of the Wildfires His brother Marko is set upon taking he throne and gives Kal a potion to erase his memories and has a potion made that will kill his father Kal finds a way to estore his memories and that journey leads him to Thalia She is a abbit shifter whose clan is all killed She follows him throughout his journey until he agrees to let her come with him He gets his memories back but not in time to save his father He makes his way back home and to find Marko and make him pay for his crimes Nevra is the be wed to he Green king but her demons get Marko so she is forced to start her plotting all over Kal and Thalia get their happiness We evisit Miranda and Corban to find Miranda having vivid dreams of things to come I had not ead the first book so I used this as an opportunity to learn about the world and the characters in that world It was written beautifully and I enjoyed the characters and how they interacted with each other and how the author made me a part of their minds workings I felt it allowed me to understand the characters on a much personal level Mini Spoilers Nothing CrazyChapter 4 on I was hooked Once Kal decided he liked Thalia for her tenacious spirit and decided she could tag along I was in it Especially when she let him know he passed his desired location a day ago Great way to wrap up the chapter mini cliff hangerI already feel for the bad guy Marko Macy made him likeable by illustrating his conscious He s not some uthless bad guy with a grudge but a emorseful brother who wanted to unite his kingdom This doesn t make him forgiveable but it s efreshing to not have some socio Pathic megalomaniac with no logical motives whatsoever aka Donald trump I digress lolThe characters are well developed and. Love is a fire that needs to be fedKal Wildfire oams the Burning Sands with no memory of who he is or how he got there A desert witch will set him on the path to egain his identity and to find what he truly needsThalia Thistledown is a shy beautiful young woman living in a warren of other abbit shifters in the Hartglade Forest But in the blink of an eye she will lose everything as a mar.

(E–book/E–pub) Dragon Red The Dragonlords of Xandakar #2

To the point You get a sense of who they are and their POVs ight away Halfway through it s getting juicyIn the end you don t know what s going to happen to who and where element of surpriseI would ve wanted omance throughout the story The elationship between Kal Thalia developed smoothly over time slow burn however took a back seat to pressing matters that were life and deathI love the crow character and who she epresents to Kal This book was very cute and I m curious enough to follow up with the third book What happens to Kal Thalia and their kingdomWhat s in store for Nevra and who will she torment next What s the demons end game EeeekI was gifted an ARC in exchange for an honest eview And the lives go on in the land of Xandarkar Prince and Red Dragon Kal is found wandering in the desert However we may know who he is but he does not He has no memories except the offer of a drink by a man calling him brother As we join Kal in his search for himself we meet little abbit shifter Thalia Their meeting is not what you d call a match made in heaven he may not be able to shift into the Dragon he is told he is but he does know she is not his normal companionThalia wouldn t normally hang around a man like Kal but he escues her from the total destruction of her warren all those she holds dear Reluctantly he allows her to follow him and eventually join him on his search Can a little abbit shifter shy woman help a mighty dragon You will enjoy watching them all make discoveries about each other while the duplicity of the kingdom takes some wicked turnsIf Kal egains his memories will he also gain his powers Will he be able to turn the changes in his father s ealm around And what of his family Are they safe If not who is in charge And the most important uestion becomes what will happen to Thalia when the Prince heir to the throne eturns with a mere abbit shifter by his sideAnother fascinating adventure into the land of Xandarkar and the mind of the author If you like adventures mysteries PNR and omance this is the one for you I voluntarily eviewed this advanced eader copy and I have not been compensated in any way Dragon Red A Fire Unfed The Dragonlords of Xandakar 2By Macy Babineaux Wow I had no idea what I sign up for when I eceived offer from the Author I started to like The Dragonlords of Xandakar series in the last book But holy smokes I fell in love with this world in this book You will find Magic betrayal manipulation demons unexpected omance so much all in one small bookThis was Kal s Thalia story the story pick up where Dragon Blue ended We of course have their POV but yet we also have Nevra Marko POV Which help us see all perspectives The plot has all kinds of twists turns So I do not want to give too much awayKaladon Wildfire is next in line to being king since he is the eldest son of Karth Prince of the Red DragonsKal is betrayed by his own brother also is poisoned by this same brother Marko Kal has lost his memory his ability to shift He wake lost in the desert A witch sets Kal on the ight path to get where he needs to go what he needs to do to get himself back to his home kingdomOn his journey he meets Thalia Kal hesitant about let. Auding army of snake soldiers mercilessly destroys everything she holds dearAs their paths cross Kal will need Thalia's help to complete his journey to ecover his memory and powers Thalia will need Kal's help to find new purpose in a world where she has lost everything And they will need to work together to stop the plans of a demon and two dragon shifters determined to tear the world apa.

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