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45Am I glad to ave read this This is the story of Lilith a crippled witch living in Ignis one of the Five Covens Five Covens inhabiting witches with 5 different kinds of powers ruled by The Council consisting of 5 members one from each Coven and The Sage As Li develops powers strange things start to Afgantsy happen toer which make Distant Early Warning (Star Trek (Star Trek: S.C.E., her uestioner past and might not only Somnium haveer ripped away from the ones she love but also The Cronos Complex I haveer killedI really enjoyed the writing and all the characters We ave good character development and lots of mystery and confusion I don t think I was able to guess most things right which made it even enjoyable for me For me almost everyone was not trust worthy until we saw of them view spoilerCan I ask ow Clio disappears There s a strong chance that Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, he is an Elemental but who knows I like Crowe too I m sorry thater parents died The WHO that Regina didn t get the chance to answer would be definitely someone important I Dem Nordpol am nächsten hate the Elementals for the mass slaughter though This wasn t the way I guess she ll come back at the end of the second book Helena s death was bad too which makes me wonder that Clio mightn tave been an Elemental after all Heart Beat hide spoiler I love a good witch story and was eager to listen to this when I read the blurb and while I thoroughly enjoyed it there was a few things that bothered me which is why it s not a five star read The plot was slow to build It s centered on Lilith Lace who lives in Ignis they are the coven of Fire When she was young she wasorribly burned in an accident with fire and it s affected The Site Book her leg ander life ever since She believed The Devils Possession her parents and didn t uestions things Lilith wasn t showing any signs ofaving magic and thought she would be one of the powerless that is until she suddenly develops Telekinesis But that ability is usually only seen in people who are part of the Mentis Coven the coven of the mind How can a girl from Ignis Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, have power that only people in Mentis canave But it doesn t stop there Lilith Vrolok has uestions when she seems to be targeted by a rogue group of witches and is recruited to be one of the Council The main thing that bothered me with this book was the fact that we don t get a lot of information on the Land of Five and the breakdown of the covens I wanted to know about each coven and their abilities It also lacks tenseness when they are trying to find the answers I felt like there shouldave been about it They seemed to spend no time in each coven before they went on their way There was no real sense of danger when there should 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] have been Other than that I loved the plot It was entertaining and kept my attention till the endI pretty much loved all the characters The author spent a lot of time on character development which showed because they were all well written We find out bit by bit about Lilith and who she is She is so uncertain oferself what with The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name her disability and the fact thater powers seem unreliable yet she is also feisty and brave which we see when she is taken and made art of the Council against Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped her will She was such an easy to like character and was probably why I liked the book as much as I did The council of course are a shady bunch of witches All Lilith knows is what sheas grown up listening to but now that she is to become one of them she starts to see that they aren t what she thought I loved the idea of the Sage and what she is I m actually really looking forward to the next one to get information on the council and the rogue group I feel that now the world building is done in this book we can concentrate on the nitty gritty details In all this was a great read I was delighted that the author chose to focus on the world and character building and not on romance It was a pleasant change from some of the other YA books I ve read I feel like I like Lilith for the fact she is so intent on getting answers and doesn t swoon at the first sight of a boy Filled with some awesome characters great word building lies deceit and betrayal it s one I can recommend to all This is my first time listening to this narrator and it definitely won t be my last Lynn Norris was brilliant She The Hunger Within had plenty of tones and voices for the characters and really puter all into bringing them alive Her inflections were spot on and the world came alive under Between Two Skies her narration I willave to check out from Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England her I was given this audiobook at my reuest andave voluntarily left this review This in no way affected no. The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five a region entirely inhabited and split apart by witches with varying powers Lilith Lace a witch thought to be born powerless appily resides in Ignis the Coven of Fire until she suddenly develops telekinesis an ab.

E–pub READ The Council (Witchs Ambitions Trilogy #1)

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R influenced my thoughts The Council is filled with magic and adventure A story that is riveting from the very first few pages and when we are introduced to the very strong willed and persevering character of Lilith Lace I love the fact that Miss Krantz as written a not so normal The Dolce Diet heroine and it certainly dider justice You were routing for Brave Enough her throughout the twists and turns and downfalls that she faced With romance that really leapt from the page and the magic that sizzled in a world that was mightily descriptive and truly engrossing I cannot wait for the second instalment And behind it all I love the message that is sent to push on through adversary even though it may push you back down Kayla Krantz is definitely an author to keep an eye out for in the future sheas a real flair with words and a magic of story telling Keep up the great work I cannot wait for the seuel I Spunk highly recommend this as a great fantasy book with some real crackers of characters that you can telp but love or The Kafka of 238th Street hate Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for anonest reviewI love witches so I was excited to start reading this book I got sucked right into the story and found Lilith to be a very passionate character Definitely a good book some little things that made me give the book 4 starsProsWorldbuilding The first pro is definitely the worldbuilding It s uniue in it s genre and I really feel like everything is thought through I would ve loved a detailed description of the Five different Covens I also feel that s it s so cool that the Covens are not your standard Fire Wind Earth Water stuff Like I said some uniue worldbuildingNo insta love YES FINALLY A fantasy book without the INSTA LOVE Sometimes it just drives me crazy to read a great book and then taste the sourness of insta love Don t get me wrong insta love is not something I despise but it s just used too much and too often in my opinion Ofcourse there is romance in this book and enough feelings but I m so glad that there is no insta love THANK YOU KAYLAA lot of uestions I love the feeling that you go on a trip with Lilith to find the answers to The Letters to the Thessalonians her uestions And I also felt the rage and despair of no one givinger the answers she and you with er wants Made the book a great set up for a seuel thoughCliffhanger Are you kidding me This final chapter Makes me NEED the next book I can t wait to read about Lilith and the Land of Five again About the Covens and the Council The cliffhanger at the end of this book is promising strong and a great set upConsNot much tension While you search for the answers in this book and learn about the Land of Five and the dangers I never felt real tension Lilith was never in grave or real danger to my opinion and it lacked tension at some points I really ope that if there comes a seuel there will be tension WTH partsMore Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, humor I loved the rare parts where there isumor and jokes between the characters That s something promising and I would love to see of it It could be used to give some characters personality The book Ivory (The Ivory Saga had me laughing out loud at some points would ve liked of itOkay I gotta beonest with you you want that right I thought this book wasn t gonna be this good This book surprised me and I Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, have to give Kayla Krantz a little applause The worldbuilding and depth in Lilith s character are the strong parts in this book Looking forward to the next partThis review was first posted on BiteIntoBooks Blog What an amazing young adult fantasy novel I pretty much LOVE witches and magic and toss that story line together with a Divergent series vibe and a Council with shady intentions and it s one wild ride One of the best parts of the book is the slow build and constant uncertainty of the main character Lilith She feisty smart and even when she s afraid she tries to do the right thing For a young adult novel there s a lot of deep characterization and a focus on plot rather than romance I applaud the author s ability to develop an intricate web of lies deceit and betrayal while also adding so many other interesting details into the story The Councilas secrets and the Sage was as interesting as Lilith Side characters like Clio and Helena are fully developed and add to the journey Lilith must undertake to learn the truth about The Temple of Death her origin and powers I like the fact that sheas a physical Venus Blueprint handicap A great addition to the story that proves we don tave to be perfect to accomplish gre. Ility only seen in some witches born in Mentis the Coven of the Mind She's terrified of it unsure who she can trust Her best friends Helena and Clio are Shame On Her Volume 3 hot and cold about what she can do leaving Lilith even unsure abouter futureAt er Arcane Ceremony the truth comes.

At things In fact that theme is prevalent in the book and a uge reason why I liked it so muchLots of magic and conflicting personalities a secretive Council a shady Matriarch and witch covens who are not what they seem make this novel so much than just another ya story If you enjoy magical adventures strong A Crazy Kind of Love heroines and intriguing plots this book is for you 5 stars UghI m kind of mad about this book I actually started it long before November and gave up on finishing it because Iad to return it I was ok with that Then I got it back so I figured I d give it another shot All throughout I thought it was promising but I wasn t that into it I finished it to finish BUT then it ended And it sucked me in just enough to consider reading the next one We ll see It was just enough to go from two stars to 3 But I did like the end We start at 5 starsPlus 1 star Witches Fairies Covens Magic unusual abilities 1 star Original world plucky The Medieval Forest heroine 1 star Worldbuilding actuallyappened and The Road Beyond Ruin had uite a result 1 star Nice cover Minus 1 star Divergent vibes 1 star Some stupid decisions being done all the time Appointing people to Council by force by tricking people into it What for Would people really do a good job of it this way 1 star Nonsensical dialogues Like all the parents interaction was a bit a lotamfisted 1 star Witches burning witches for the Backlash hell of witch burning it seems 1 star Simplistic much Character development didn t feel toave Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, happened enough A lot of mwaa Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, ha factor All the Elemental Coven and all the elements covens A lot of stuff not explained enough including the Alchemy secrecy or whatever that was thing that they are obliged to swear There are things in this life that you must face alone Birth is one of them death is another Sometimes things won t appear to you until it is the right time for you to know cFOR THE REST of the conversation with The Sage I nod along but don tear a single word she says From what I can tell she s offering me cryptic phrases with a depth to them that even the top ranked philosophers would In Defense of Food have a difficult time decoding Afterer confession I can t imagine a universe where I should even care what she as to sayc Courage is what really matters cThe treaty made the Covens weaker my travels with Crowe ave proved thatAens Ignis and Mentis face a drought that causes them to Black and White have a dependence on The Council for water Auais is unable to plant crops and must depend on The Council for food while Alchemy is forced to split from their family and friends to never return for the purpose of confidentiality though it s a well known fact that many of them do anyway c A novel full of mystery and suspenseI am not an avid reader of fantasy or YA but I would say I loved Lilith the main character The best part is that Kayla focused on character building rather than creation ofot steamy sex scenes FREE on today 5252019 The Council by Kayla Krantz is a coming of age YA novel with strong characters and a plot filled with intriguing mysteries that kept me turning the pages It includes a variety of types of characters witches faeries shapeshifters as well as UnEuipped persons which adds to the fascinating nature of this bookLilith Lace is a young woman who s grown up in Ignis the Coven of Fire in the Land of Five Her parents are UnEuipped meaning they The Color of Water have no magical powers The same is true ofer best friend Helena When Lilith begins developing telekinetic powers she keeps that to کسی به سرهنگ نامه نمی‌نویسد herself Telekinesis is the power innate to witches from Mentis the Coven of the Mind not those from IgnisAs Lilith struggles to understand and controler emerging powers she also seeks answers about Cake Pops hower leg was burned so badly as a young child she s now crippled and in constant pain She Brave New World has no memory of the incident ander parents refuse to tell The Name of the Rose herow the accident appenedAs the story progresses Lilith realizes that much of what she s been told er entire life is not true She can no longer trust most of the people around Memories of My Melancholy Whores her includinger parents As she leaves Pakistan home and sets out to begin training under the guidance of a mentor she findserself targeted by those who seem to Pitch Dark have a deeper understanding of who she really is than she doeserself This puts Dont Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear her at a great disadvantage She s brave and feisty and determined to rise aboveer circumstances and survive owever and this serves er wellThis is a fascinating coming of age novel set in the fantastical world of the Land of Five. OutWhen the Council learns what she can do she’s taken under their wing and is finally told the truth everything she’s learned about the Land of Five The Green Pharmacy herself includedave been nothing but liesWinner of the 2019 Fiction Fantasy Pencraft Award of Literary Excellenc.

Kayla Krantz is an International Bestselling Author responsible for a number of novels in the genres dark fantasy psychological horror and supernatural thriller She is fascinated by the dark and macabre Stephen King is her all time inspiration mixed in with some faint remnants of the works of Edgar Allen Poe When she began writing she started in horror but somehow drifted into thriller and