(Scarlet and the White Wolf Volume 2 Mariner's Luck) [E–pub] ´ Kirby Crow

(Scarlet and the White Wolf Volume 2 Mariner's Luck) E–pub ´ Kirby Crow

Review in the first book Scarlet and the White Wolf I think Mariner s Luck suffered somewhat from middle book syndrome Not much seemed to happen in the first seventy five ercent of the book or thereabouts and then a lot of things came out in the end Most of the book is taken up with a journey which consists mostly of Scarlet being endangered repeatedly and Liall and Scarlet repeatedly hurting and misunderstanding each other There is one big hint at Scarlet s Grammar by Diagram power but little comes of it Then in the last uarter of the book they reach Liall s home meet his family consummate their relationship secrets threaten to come outolitical set up beginsIt feels like a bridge between two books The last uarter of the book is definitely worth it Murder Maker particularly for the sex scene between Scarlet and Liall It s tastefully done and emotionally satisfying without being some great big cheesefest about how they re going to live happily ever after The tension was getting near unbearable in the sense that it was becoming ridiculous and I hope Kirby Crow successfully walks the line in the next book between taking away a largeart of Scarlet s نشانی‌ها personality and not acknowledging the emotional development going onI m looking forward to what the next book holds anyway I am liking this series and Here we have some strong female characters at least so my criticism regarding the first bookromoting a Ask Yourself This patriarchal societygender stereotypes is not really valid here And I love the dynamic between stubborn brave Scarlet and mysterious rake Liam Whereas thelot is still as gripping as it was in book 1 This series is not Good Witch, Bad Witch perfect but so terribly addictive I cannot stop reading to theoint where it is very The Tokyo Zodiac Murders preventing me from both studying and sleeping Well on to book 3 I guess PS The constant cliffhangers are starting to get on my nerves Mariner s Luck is the second book in Kirby Crow s series Scarlet and the White Wolf the main focus of this one seemed to be the development of Liall Scarlet s relationship as they travelled to Liall s homeland Scarlet hasroven himself to be brave and courageous beyond measure as he comes to Liall s rescue on than one occasion and Liall is no less fearless in his attempts to Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances protect Scarlet from harmUnfortunatelyart of Liall s efforts to Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten protect Scarlet involves keeping secrets and in a relationship that rarely if ever goes well The romance between Liall and Scarlet flows throughout the story as a subtle steady undercurrent never really taking centre stage nor does it step off to the wings It is a constant hum that drew me along and kept me wanting I like that this story is relying on an actuallot and interaction between the MC s to develop their relationshipFor me this was the connecting Boneshaker (BA 43-500, piece between where the story started in Scarlet s native land and where it will ultimately end in Liall s homeland orossibly beyond I haven t read book. In this second book of the Scarlet and the White Wolf trilogy Scarlet the edlar and Liall the bandit find themselves among hostile company aboard a Rshani brigantine headed north through icy waters Liall ha.

3 yet so who knows and while the author could have chosen to do this in a few ages at the end of the first book or the beginning of the third book I really enjoyed the that this 4 month voyage was given attention than that A lot of Liall and Scalet s relationship happened on this voyage and I liked that it wasn t rushed or condensed into a few CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition pages but given the time to unfold in a believable mannerI have little if any doubt that when I get done book 3 like so many of my friends who have read this series I will be clamoring for the next book but at least I ll have lots of good company I m off to read book 3 because really the only thing I can add here is if you love fantasy and mm works for you YOU need to check this series out This is such a great fantasy series it s truly epic and up there with the best of them if you ask me This book takeslace mostly on a ship travelling back to Liall s kingdom Scarlet is a foreigner and is viewed with contempt and loathing by the crew and is seen merely as a The Ornament (Ornament, possession of Liall s something which Scarlet detests There are stilllenty of secrets between Scarlet and Liall but at last they are closer and they have a relationship of sorts This is a very enjoyable read and I would highly recommend the series I really don t understand how this story ualifies as a full novel and is riced as much as the other installments in the Scarlet and the White Wolf series I don t want to be too strict and say that nothing happens because we do get to learn a little about the two main characters but that s 35 starsSee that ship Think you ll forget it soon Do NOT worry because it s the rincipal setting of this book 75% of the story takes Rant place on it to berecise Seems boring Wellit sure is sometimes especially at the beginning Unlikely its Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM precedent novel this book does not have a very rich world building It isrincipally concentrated on characterization and dialogues which I don t mind ever Dialogues great and developped characters rule a book as in my opinion BUT world building is the key to which I give this latter 4 or 5 stars I fought hard with my conscience on the most representative rating for Mariner s Luck I came to the conclusion that 4 stars would be lying to myself because I didn t enjoy it THAT much Perhaps 35 is better since I would be ashamed to give it three Enjoyed it BUT didn t work for me stars because there was only TWO things that did not uite impress meThe first thing is the world building as I said above The second thing is the woman introduced at about 810 of the book The thing is I love my MM romances to be womenfree EXCEPT if the woman in uestion is a friend best friend family member collegue andor childhood girlfriend very FEW exceptions can apply That said I am not that happy with the author right nowThe Challenged to Win plot is weak at the beginning of the story but intensifies itself as the story goes on. S been summoned home to Rshan na Ostre by way of a cryptic message Scarlet after a near fatal encounter with bounty hunters seeking Liall's head recklessly follows Liall into danger Now the unlikelyair a

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Man so many twist AND a wicked cliffhanger as in oh my god what what what INeedToReadTheNextBookButCan tBecauseBigTbrPileSoI llJustSufferInACornerALONEAh the lovely romanceThat gif is sooo representative of the sex scenes Because I have many ure hearts as friends it is classed as spoiler It was HOT HOT HOTview spoiler hide spoiler I loved this one almost as much as the first one Seeing Scarlet out of his element and on the sea while simultaneously seeing Liall in his element and among his eople was fascinating to me Scarlet and Liall get much closer in this one They start to accept the situation they are in and act on the feelings they have for each other At the same time we start to understand Liall and find out why he s so harsh on himself and reluctant to return home Where Scarlet and the White Wolf is about Scarlet s life Mariner s Luck is mostly about Liall s life So now we know Scarlet and Liall eually The world is just as fascinating as in the first book and I liked how we get to see a different society and culture than Byzantur Rshan Liall s home country is filled with cold cruel men and women The kind that would lot against you behind your back then raise you to your face It made for an interesting welcome home for Liall and a few enjoyable encounters for meThe only The Color of a Leader problem I had with this one is how much I didn t like Liall treating Scarlet at times Nor how he acted when he got to his homelands view spoilerthe fact that old lovers came out of the woodwork and tried to tempt Liall constantly grew a bit annoying especially when he d reminisce of it and take it just a bit too far for my comfort I could have easily overlooked that though because the book is just that good but the last scene which I really thought didn t add to the story was too much for me to ignore and dimmed my enjoyment just a tad hide spoiler First off I very highly recommend the series I think this is the weakest volume but I could notut it down and the moment I finished it I started the third volume Spoiler Into the Planet picking up from my review of the first volume my mainroblem is with the long delay of consummation between the couple It doesn t really happen until the third volume and given that this book consists mostly of a four month long sea voyage in which the two would be lovers are trapped in a cabin together bored out of their minds the delay becomes an exercise in extreme frustration for all involved It reminded me a lot of Dynasty of Ghosts which also took hundreds of Dusk (Rosales Saga, pages for the couple to finally get together Admittedly I think I have aersonal George Washingtons Secret Six problem with overly missish male heroes who run from sex and must be endlesslyursued by their excessively atient lovers I start wishing the story would veer into non con 45 stars I was thoroughly engrossed in this book Excellent world building and writing Love the two MCs especially Scarlet Moving on to Book Light honorable Hilurin and a giant northern rogue are relentlessly ursued over rough seas on a The Caretaker perilous journey for Liall to reclaim hisast but what new dangers will await them in the fabled Land of Nigh.

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