[Radical Pacifism in Modern America Egalitarianism and Protest Politics and Culture in Modern America] E–pub ↠ Marian Mollin

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Radical Pacifism in Modern America Egalitarianism and Protest Politics and Culture in Modern America E–pub ↠ Marian Mollin

Eadership challenge the essentialist association of emale pacifism with motherhood and expand the definition of political action to include women's political work in both the public and private spheres Focusing on the vexed alliance between white peace activists and black civil rights workers Mollin similarly details the difficulties that arose at the points where their movements overlapped and challenges the seemingly natural association between peace and civil rightsEmphasizing the actions undertaken by militant activists.

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Ties of its predominantly white members In spite of the invisibility that this ramework imposed on activist women the history of this movement belies accounts that relegate women to the margins of American radicalism and mixed sex political efforts Motivated by a strong egalitarianism radical pacifist women rejected separatist organizing strategies and instead worked alongside men at the Before You front lines of the struggle to construct a new paradigm of social and political change Their compelling examples ofemale militancy and

Radical Pacifism in Modern America traces cycles of success and decline in the radical wing of the American peace movement an egalitarian strain of pacifism that stood at the vanguard of antimilitarist organizing and American radical dissent rom 1940 to 1970Using traditional archival material and oral history sources Marian Mollin examines how gender and race shaped and limited the political efforts of radical pacifist women and men highlighting how activists linked pacifism to militant masculinity and privileged the priori.