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Upid to believe it I mean are you kidding me A hot faerie prince wants to wed you SAY YES GOSH DAMNIT olI don t think that this is considered to be a spoiler because I m pretty certain everyone who picks this up already knows that they Instruments of Darkness ll end up together right Tiernan scowled taking a pace away only to turn back You really don t know anything And explaining it now is just extremely bothersome Except you think me some sort of cad and minutes ago far worse and having to defend myself to your many odd misunderstandings is havoc on me Especially when youook My Uncle Oswald like that and and make me feel rather mad insideike I m The Umbrella Man (Inspector Samuel Tay losing my control Anyway I still enjoyed the story and even tough Eaves was super na ve and borderline ignorant he eventually got the message LMAO Guess they finally got their happily ever after in the end P Very nicely done A totally different take on Elves I always appreciate it when an author is creative with her world building Not the typical always calm and serene elves instead they had fire passion prejudice and acceptance Well worth the read What happened to that story which started uite fine promising some gothic themed high fantasy A being not completely human needs to cross the forest during Halloween wary of the elves to see through his glamour Then there is a dark carriage driven by an elf disguised as a specter Caused by a fox pup rescue mission the carriage isoosing some kind of box and I surely don t spoil anything by saying that it s The Witch’s Warning (Aberrations like a coffin with the kidnapped unconscious Autumn Prince inside Opening that coffin isike opening Pandora s box for Eaves as well as for the story There were scenes Beach Blanket Bad Boys like the one with the truthseer witch or with Raffael when I still held the hope to get the promise of the start fulfilled I even was somehow okay to deal with the flowery style of the dialogues but then I got exhausted by the contious repeating of the usual misunderstanding about the wedding and the inflationary usage of brunette as description and then there was the sex I get it that the elvish idea of sex might be different than the human one and that this is causing again misunderstandings but view spoilerbragging that myove interest will whoring himself out to get my cock after I m finished with him is not my idea of emotional seduction claiming that he s the only one I want and then tell my guards to take him Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, like the slut he is seems far away from wooing and calling my husband to be my bride is just the topping the story just can t decide if it wants to be some dark story breaking some guy into submission and mindless dependency or if it wants to go for fated instaover kind of Fantasy with some raunchy sex hide spoiler OK gonna keep this on the short side not because I didn t ove this but ike it was overwhelming This story started out Watching Ice And Weather Our Way like a fairly typical fairytale ya know handsome mysterious main character risksife to save a young innocent fox OK immediately thereafter he rescues the Autumn Prince heals and revives him cue various misunderstandings and next he s fighting a winter elf then having sex with the Autumn Prince s guards ok not the whole guard just 3 of them then having sex with the Autumn Prince then again having sex wit. Chances of escape are slim Tiernan is to be wed that very night and Eaves is eft at a crossroads Return to the ife he was certain he only ever wanted or give into the wildness he feels every time he hears the prince's heart beat wwwsadiesinsbooksc.

This book is all style and no substance Beyond the glittering surface full of dark marvels and the bright colors of autumn sleekly evoked by a stylist with a sharp eye for sonorous epithets the story Love Will Follow lags behind confusing and full of fits and starts as epitomized by the two main characters Both are so abruptly depicted their personality so evasively brushed inittle touches never amounting to a full portrait or even a taste of what makes them tick beyond sex that one is hard pressed to derive much interest from this Barnum A Fabulous Creation like show of monsters and creatures moving through the night with smoke than heat the descriptions are not Mrs Sins forte in this book due to their outlandishness andack of cohesiveness in a nutshell sand without Os Guardiões da História I - Começa a Tempestade (History Keepers lime to uote Caligula s oneiner on the style of Seneca as mediated by Suetonius only once or twice were I able to draw a mental picture of a beast with an important role in the plot and unfortunately the villain is not among those A piercing cry tore through the air the horses roaring towards him catching Eaves s scent and resisting the drumming whip urging them ever forward He turned his head to watch wondering if this black monstrosity of wood steel and horse flesh was going to be the fated thing that killed him Very The Sun on My Head likely he thought as he caught sight of the coachman It was a hooded wraith nearly intangible black gauze flowing around it as the wind rushed across the open seat There was only darkness where its face should be darkness and a feeling of terrible malevolence It was clearly something evil and Except the reins it held were firmly grasped in very solidooking hands tanned and Riverbend Road (Haven Point, long and very much elvenEaves had only moments to uestion just what he wasooking at then the Claimed by the Wealthy Magnate lead horse veered choosing to go around instead of through his muscular form He watched with breath caught as the horses reached him their dark eyes rolling wildly sweat glistening off their black coats and hot body heat wafting towards him as the giant creatures passed him by six in all The carriage was next and Eaves focused not on the driver but his very peculiar hands holding himself still from the wish to flinch as he felt the wooden coach very much the same way he had theiving horses the smell of paint cold wood grease metal and silk all swirling by him to mix with the taste of pine and dirt of the road flying up around them We do not even are allowed to know when the story takes place what Eaves internal monologue reveals about his reasons for crossing this specific forest on that very night does not exhibit a modern vibe though it could well be a contemporary occurrence The entire story is on the same Tell Me About Eternity line unexplained things keep happening with no obviousogic and as in Lewis Carroll s Alice the bewildered reader has to parse the narrative thread that never stops bouncing away though here it is not so much subtle or elusive than absent Finally there are too many elements or events that I could make neither head nor tail of beginning with the kidnapped prince s seclusion into a travel truck A very interesting premise and and uite an original ore should really have delivered something better than this After the first few suspenceful pages the author Forced to cross an elf infested forest on the worst night possible Eaves Sheridan's journey grows deadly when he comes across Tiernan the Autumn prince Injured drugged and furious the freshly rescued elf prince is determined to find out just who Eav.

Radually oses control over her work the plot starting to running in circles and characters Enamoured (The Enslaved Duet losing their edge The end result is very uneven but in the end disappointing Umm no The book centers around view spoilera high blood halfling human and elf born at the cusp of two seasons autumn and winter hide spoiler Original review on Molly LollyThree and a half starsThis story started off amazingly It was a fabulous fantasy story with a well developed world There was thought put into how things worked and the rules of the societies involved I was falling inove with the book pretty uickly You could tell Eaves and Tiernan were headed for romance but the buildup was amazing I was on the fence about everyone purposefully On the Edge leaving Eaves in the dark about how things worked and the re Ioved this book It s a shame the story wasn t any Therese Raquin longer I feel that there could be much explored throughout the book and character development I would haveoved to A Not-So-Innocent Seduction (Kavanaghs of Silver Glen, learn about Tiernan and Eaves his heritage I feelike Sadie could have made the story even better by adding in about the background of the characters I now felt Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science like I only scratched the surfaceIf you areooking for a uick and fun read and if you A Ved Mehta Reader love steamy MM scene I would definately recommend this book okay this is definitely my favourite sadie sins so far but apparently fantasy isn t really her thing so she s not going to write somethingike this again HSHDAJDAHDHA i The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover love DEATH We all have hungers my beautiful Hungers that only someone strong enough can sate Ohhh Ioved thisThis was so full of tension and confusing faerie magic that I just couldn t help but fall for itFrom the moment Eaves saved the mysterious prince and felt his heartbeat everything was going to hell and frankly speaking I Hometown Honey lived for it LOLGosh Ioved those two They had such an awesome chemistry and I felt The Prince in the Royal Suite (Chatsfield Novella, like I was in the middle of the story the faerie s actions confusing me ateast as much as Eaves I felt drunk with him and I wanted him to be with Tiernan so badly that it hurt XD Even asleep the gorgeous elf seemed intent on having all of his attention very Falling For Him little of it appropriate for the situation He was ready to climb into the box with the prince and sink into his body wake him with kisses and caresses so consuming the prince would have no choice but to relent to his need Theonging of Eaves was so palpable yet he still tried to get back on his way Not that he was all too successful Undercover at City Hospital lol But then again who could have resisted a temptationike Tiernan I certainly couldn t I mean a red haired faerie prince with golden eyes and an allure that is beyond your wildest imagination Yes please Where do I sign up This is my personal kryptonite Haha Like you Tiernan repeated No one is The Story of Our Lives like you in that regard No heart that I have sensed in my many years among my people has ever been sooud or full of fire If there was one thing I didn t Chosen by the Lieutenant (Regency Brides of Convenience like about this story then it was the fact that it was so short and that Eaves flat out refused to notice what Tiernan was trying to tell him I mean how often do you have to tell a person that you desire him and that you want to make sweet sweetove and marry him after that XD Tiernan said it a few times and Eaves was just too st. Es is and if the human is the true villain behind his abduction Eaves has been hiding from the fae that ive in the forest around his village knowing if his secret is discovered they'll kill him With a Truthseer on the way and guards all around his.

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E–pub (The Autumn Prince)

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