(Murder Simply Played (Amish Inn Mysteries #4)) PDF READ Ø Rachael O. Phillips

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This was a very good read keep ou guessing what had happened to the coach and who did it when he was found dead in his office Liz the inn owner was first to get on the case after the sheriff and help the ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 young amish boy get out of trouble A coach for the high school basketball team dies all of a sudden His girlfriend thinks he was murdered but everyone else thinks it is natural Will the girlfriend be able to convince anyone else to believe it was murder And what will Liz find out when she starts to investigateMeanwhile a basketball player who was suspended by the coach suddenly disappears Liz and the Material Girls start investigating his disappearance as well Will they be able to find him and figure out why he disappearedIfou like to read mysteries chick books serial or books written by Christians ou should enjoy this bookThis book can be read by anyone cozy murder she wrote This is another good installment in the Amish Inn. Liz Eckardt still has a lot to learn about life in Pleasant Creek Indiana Expecting the dreary months of February and March to be an off season for her newly opened bed and breakfast she is surprised to find that the Olde Mansion Inn will be filled with a lively group of alumni graduates of the local high school It is sectional time for the area's high school basketball teams and the town is swept up in Hoosier Hysteria Liz can't help but get into the spirit and she looks forward to the upcoming gameOld school rivalries resurface and Liz has her hands ful.

characters Murder Simply Played (Amish Inn Mysteries #4)

(Murder Simply Played (Amish Inn Mysteries #4)) PDF READ Ø Rachael O. Phillips

Mysteries I m enjoying the series and thought this latest book was as good as the previous ones I enjoyed reading about Liz and her friends and family again The coach of the high school basketball team is dead right before the playoffs Coincidence or murder The original author wrote this one It was still very sweet but edgier and I didn t figure out the murderer until the actual reveal One left This is a cozy mystery and this book is the 4th book in the Amish Inn Mysteries I have read the 1 3 book in this series I have to say this one is my favorite so far I feel this one let us see of about the characters the small town and the amish The mystery was so good but I love the fact we got character and town development in this book Love this one so much Not being a basketball fan Liz is trying hard to understand the Hoosier Hysteria that has gripped some of her friends In the midst of the closing of the season the long time high scho. L acting as referee to the inn's spirited guests until the coach of the hometown team is found dead in his office seemingly of natural causes But his bereaved fiancee Kate Linder thinks something is amiss Could it be that the coach was the victim of foul playLiz soon learns not everyone in Pleasant Creek was a fan of the amiable Coach John Albertson Suspicious acts of vandalism prior to his death suggest someone had it out for him but who could it be An abandoned daughter a disappointed dropout a colleague confined to the sidelines all had good reason to.

Ol basketball coach is found dead in his office At first it seems like a natural death but the coach s fianc e insists it s murder Liz wonders who would murder the popular coach but then she comes to find out that he wasn t all that popular with a lot of people This fourth book of the series has an intriguing mystery as well as the characters readers have come to enjoy Even though this series has different authors this is the first author to repeat in the series they have great continuity These ladies could have all written under the same name and the reader wouldn t have uestioned it The main characters all continue to develop and new interesting townspeople enter the picture Each new development leaves the reader or at least this one wondering where the author is taking the next plot twist Entertaining read I m not s huge sports fan so it took me a few pages to fall into the story but once again these little mysteries grabbed me. Take Coach Albertson out of the game But which of his rivals sported a grudge poisonous enough to facilitate murderWith so many suspects in play it's up to Liz to find out who would want to harm the coach Tensions run high with the basketball tourney underway and when Kate claims she's being followed Liz worries that someone in Pleasant Creek suffers from an unusually sinister version of March Madness But her investigation produces uestions than answers and with one blocked shot after another Liz feels like she's getting nowhere Until the killer targets

Rachael Phillips a church music director began her unplanned writing career when the church secretary demanded newsletter articles or else She has written than 400 articles newspaper columns devotions and stories along with several books Rachael enjoys speaking at women’s meetings and conducts writing workshops She and Steve her high school sweetheart and husband of thirty eight yea