(The Librarian and the Spy) [PDF KINDLE] ñ Susan Mann

Re some really good light hearted moments between these two that had me smiling very time these two conversed uinn is a fantastic heroine with the way she handles verything thrown at her and I loved how she continually surprised James She s a librarian so why does she have skills that she wouldn t need in such a field While James he s suave tenacious and I liked how protective he is of the heroine ven though it s palpable she doesn t need as much protecting as he believes He has some tough decisions to make Does he tell uinn who he really is Will he allow her to do something that she volunteers for knowing how dangerous things could get Overall Ms Mann delivered a superb read in this book which provided plenty of chemistry between the characters yet only went into a small amount of detail when it came to the intimate moments that were over rather uickly At least uinn Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas enjoyed herself The way this storynded had me on the The Magic Rolling Pin edge of my seat when it came to the danger the hero and heroine face Will they succeed in what they re doing However it was right at thend where things got really interesting Will uinn accept James s offer What family secrets will she learn I would recommend The Librarian and the Spy by Susan Mann if you Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, enjoy contemporary romance with a dash of suspense or stories thatnd with a cliffhanger This was a cute unexpectedly sweet romance that is 100% wish fulfillment for me it s my DREAM to have a handsome British spy waltz into my life flirt a bit and then become so impressed by my mad research skills he Not Without a Fight embroils me in an international mission I wrote this in my dream journal when I was TENThat said this being a light hearted romance the stakes never reach a point of shit got real for which I m glad uinn is justnough of my idealized version of the perfect adult that I didn t want her to be in serious harm s way James meanwhile is alternately charming as hell and a few shades too mysterious but honestly I ll forgive him anything the man knows how to set aside Garden Bouquets and Beyond ego and be impressed and supportiveAnother adventure awaits the duo and if the last line of Check out all of my reviews at have just read an absolutely charming andntertaining start to a new series called The Librarian and the Spy Librarian and the G mundane mysteries for library patrons ntangles her in a mission to decode the whereabouts of a weapons cache from a priceless work of art before arms dealers beat her to it Her adventure is filled with twists turns and a bu.

Py Escapade 1 by Susan Mann Not only did I love all of the characters I learned many things I never knew about reference librarians and their jobs This book had me laughing out loud and turning the pages as fast as possible as the mystery and suspense took offuinn Ellington is a reference librarian who loves her job solving uestions for her library patrons but she also longs to travel and xperience adventures like her favorite spy thriller heroes introduced to her by her grandfather She hates all the stereotypes of librarians because she grew up as a military brat with a Marine father who taught her to shot and three older brothers that she has always completed with On an ordinary day at work insurance agent James Lockwood comes up to the desk and asks uinn for her help researching some pieces from a private collection uinn can t believe her luck because not only is James gorgeous but he has a British accent to die for As uinn becomes involved in helping James she realizes that all this research is not simply for insurance purposes and James has not been completely truthful with her He is not British and he is not an insurance agentAs uinn and James work together to solve an important puzzle to stop an international arms dealer from acuiring nuclear material uinn s intelligence and abilities become a major asset She is very capable of thinking on her feet and James becomes The Management Bible even impressed Their cover and flirting as a married couple leads to real feelings that they try to control until thend of their mission This story has a lot of witty banter flirting and a steady buildup of their chemistry to a relationship No sex until the Zu schnell end and it is behind closed doors when it does happen Even when the plot has been resolved there is a great twist at thend of the bookI really Sleepless (Bird of Stone, enjoyed this book and I was very happy to see that it is a proposed series and not a standalone I was impressed by the fact that this is Ms Mann s first book A fast paced plot interesting facts andntertaining characters make this worth the read I am looking forward to James and uinn s next outingThanks very much to Kensington Books and Net Galley for allowing me to read this ARC in xchange for an honest review I am looking forward to many books in this series. Dding romance Transcontinental pursuit daring rescues and intense covert flirting follow 1 Spies attractive 2 London criminal networks 3 London Harry Potter references 4 Libraries secrets of 5 Best friends nosy I Ellington uin.

(The Librarian and the Spy) PDF KINDLE ñ Susan Mann

I recently picked up the third book in this series and njoyed it so much that I went and bought books one and two This is a super fun book with great characters and a smart fast moving plot I greatly njoyed the romance and how the librarian heroine applies her knowledge and intelligence to aiding the dashing CIA spy My one complaint is that after a long build up the ultimate bedding was glossed Not Invisible (The Curse of Avalon exactly closed door but it might as well have been This is totally a me thing and I know a lot of people won t mind but I really wanted there That said it barely impinged on my overallnjoyment and I immediately went on to book 2 Highly recommend for anyone looking for a fun and flirty read 45 StarsBeing a librarian doesn t offer uinn Ellington the kind of adventure she s hungry to Yummy Supper experience However the moment James Lockwood walks into the library where she works and asks for her assistance life for her gets veryxciting and adventurous Can she help James uncover the vital information he s looking for and hopefully achieve happy ver afterWhat a highly ntertaining fast paced read Ms Mann has penned in this book which kept me smiling throughout and left me wanting because of how it Deep Listening ends I loved the way this story started from the heroine s point of view and how she s remembering what her Grandfather said a librarian is a lot like Is it true How will shever know if her Grandfather is right However it was the moment that the hero and heroine came face to face for the first time that I absolutely loved because the heroine is in her lement with helping him She s nthusiastic wicked smart and I liked how determined she is to help James because what he s wanting information on sounds very intriguing and had me wanting to discover about why the hero wants the research done Both the main characters totally charmed me with their back stories their growing relationship and the challenges they face The action within this story doesn t happen until the last seven or so chapters but there are a couple of really good plot twists that made this story a real page turner Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature especially the one where James is going to need to use all his charm tontice the heroine to listen to why he did what he does to her Will he win uinn over Moreover there we. A librarian’s journey from the checkout desk to fast cars stolen treasures and international intrigue with an introduction by suave handsome “insurance” agent James Lockwood Adventure hungry uinn Ellington’s job solvin.

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Susan Mann was born in Modesto California and is living the dream in Boulder Colorado She received her BA in History from UCLA and her Masters in Library Science from San Jose State University Over the years she's worked in public academic and special libraries She loves books libraries dogs and sports And In N Out BurgerShe and her husband Ken have one college aged daughter Sarah

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