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I had never heard of the Magdalene Laundries until I ran across a review on Goodreads While reading this book I found myself asking Can these places be for real The cruelty of the punishments and the living and working conditions were at times difficult for me to read The girls and women were ssentially imprisoned under the guise of needing rehabilitation for being fallen women many unjustly accused To think that this form of rehab xisted for many years is mind bogglingNot an asy read but I do recommend An informative and OBaby enlightening novel about thexistence and misuse of the Magdalene laundries Magdalene laundries were used as a rehabilitation tactic for girls that have fallen or that have been lead down the wrong path in life The crimes that could land a woman in these laundries are numerous including prostitution and unwed mothers In this book Nora s crime if you can Nerds even call it that had been that she was making out with her boyfriend and that she was too forward Teagan s offense Leaving her jumper in the basement of her church and calling the priest to retrieve it She was worried her mother would be angry if she misplaced it considering thexpense When the priest confessed to his superior that he had been having unholy thoughts about Teagan Teagan was immediately sent away to the convent accused of seducing a holy man Once Teagan and Nora both realized their situations were hopeless they developed a friendship and vowed they would Zack (Areion Fury MC escape by any means possible Day in and day out they worked in the laundry ate tasteless meals and were chastised for the smallest of offenses When they needed to seek penance they were sent to the penitent s room where they would sit for hours upon hours sometimes days in a closet with no light These were the conditions at the conventBefore Iven read this book I was aware of the Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, existence of Magdalene Laundries I hadven seen the movie The Magdalene Girls However this book was so rich in historic detail that I ContamiNation ended up learning so much This was most certainly a heartbreaking and bleak story but it also preaches the importance of friendship hope and resilience I would definitely recommend this to anyone whonjoys historical fiction lush with detail and authenticity 25 stars Ireland 1962 Based on the true facts about the Magdalene Laundries that welcomed girls and women that must repent for their sins Story focuses on three teenage girls Teagan Nora and Lea Harsh punishments or tough love is Taxi ins Glück enacted by the Mother Superior Sister Anne Having viewed the film The Magadelene Sisters years ago I found this book was following a similiar rabbit hole Honestly it was a bit formulaic 4 starsThree young girls among many others alienated from their families and sent to the Sisters of the Holy Redemption convent where they were indentured into the Magdalen Laundries Lea is content to live her life out in the convent however Teagan and Nora both believe they have been wrongly labeled as fallen and plan theirscapes These asylums labeled as Laundries since that is the main occupation of these convents were basically prisons to the young women who were housed there They were beaten not well fed worked overtly and pressed into the Catholic religion and all its religious accoutrements Seldom were these girls ver released from their holding These work house convents lasted until 1996 when a large outcry was publicly heard in England and Ireland and the Magdalens were awarded compensation for their years of toil Research on this book was very good It is a book of fiction but solidly based on true fact Alexander did a great job in retelling the lives of the girls who lived this horror Genre Historical ReadingPublisher Kensington BooksPubl Date Dec 27 2017The first time I ver heard the idiom Magd. Love Finally Nora and Teagan find an ally in the reclusive Lea who helps them Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas endure and plot anscape But as they will discover the outside world has dangers too The Magic Rolling Pin especially for young women with soiled reputations Told with candor compassion and vivid historical detail The Magdalen Girls is a masterfully written novel of life within thera's notorious institutions and an inspiring story of friendship hope and unyielding courage.

I always hesitate when giving books one star The truth is that it s rare for me to give a book one star I use two and three stars all the time but I tend to reserve one stars for books I truly hate And I didn t hate The Magdalen Girls But upon reflecting on it I realize that there s nothing I remotely liked about it Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, either I mean the premise was interesting but that s about it And seeing as how this is based on a true story this book shouldn t get points on the premise because it s not really original So we go back to me not liking anything in this bookFirst things first The writing in The Magdalen Girls leaves a lot to be desired It isxtremely simplistic Now that s something I can overlook depending on what Not Without a Fight else the book has going for it but it was really noticeable in this book There s just a lot of telling and very little showing Further the writing was clunky and awkward Forxample the reference to Sister Anne and Mother Superior was not done well at all I didn t figure out that this was supposed to be one person until I was a ways into the book Why refer to this character as Mother Superior AND Sister Anne It does nothing but confuse the readersThe character development in The Magdalen Girls wasn t any better than the writing And by that I mean that there was very little development You don t really get to know Teagan nor Nora nor Lea that well at all And I saw very little growth in them Also my God were Teagan and Nora prone to doing stupid stupid things all the time Before that I merely didn t care about them After that I started getting supremely annoyed by them They kept getting caught doing this things because they were and it really does bear repeating really stupid If you re going to be sneaky again please be smart about itMother SuperiorSister Anne might be the only character that one might think had some growth but really she s just badly developed She comes across as one of the biggest cartoon villains known to man She doesn t come off as a flawed character battling between good and Garden Bouquets and Beyond evil but rather comes across as someone who s an actual sociopath It was a bit too much I keptxpecting her to start twirling a mustache And then after all this build up of her being the biggest villain since Dolores Umbridge I m supposed to believe that she s repentant Nope I call BS on that It started getting a little too twee for me at that pointIn the The Unseen Wonder end Ixtremely disliked The Magdalen Girls It had an interesting premise that was unfortunately suandered by bad writing poorly developed characters and just an all around bad book I was so disappointed in this The Management Bible especially when the concept is deeply fascinating about the corruption of the Magdalene Asylums or Laundries depending on the Catholic Church I had never heard of the Magdalen Laundries which were run by both Catholic and Protestant churches from the 18th to the late 20th Centuries Fallen women in Ireland were sent to the grim Magdalen Laundries to repent under the supervision of religious communities Prostitutes unwed mothers flirty teens and girls considered so pretty that they were a temptation to men were among the girls incarcerated without a trial They spent long hours as free labor in the laundry working in silence with nothing to look forward toxcept a meager meal and hours of prayerThe novel The Magdalen Girls follows three girls in 1962 who were placed with the Sisters of the Holy Redemption by their families If the girls did not obey the cruel Sister Anne they were locked in the dark Penitent Closet or receive another sadistic punishment Some girls plotted to Zu schnell escape only to find they were marked women in the outside world with no means of support Secrets from Sister Anne s past fueled her actions against the imprisoned girlsThe book had vibrant charac. Dublin 1962 Within the gated grounds of the convent of The Sisters of the Holy Redemption lies one of the city's Magdalen Laundries Once places of refuge the laundries havevolved into grim workhouses Some inmates are fallen women unwed mothers prostitutes or petty criminals Most are ordinary girls whose only sin lies in being too pretty too independent or tempting the wrong man Among them is sixteen year old Teagan Tiernan sent.

Ters and a plot that held my interest However Sister Anne s secrets did not add much to the story It never ceases to amaze me what cruel things people will do in the name of morality This interesting novel sent me online to learn about this part of Ireland s history 35 starsI received a free digital copy from the authorpublisher via Netgalley in Sleepless (Bird of Stone, exchange for an honest reviewSet in Dublin Ireland in 1962 The Magdalen Girls tells the story of two different girls sent to one of the Magdalen laundries The girls are thought of as wanton women and their lives are signed away by their families and become prisoners of the Catholic Church Teagan and Nora are both determined to survive the back breaking work and themotional torment reigned down upon them and look for a chance to scapeThis book is based around a point in Irish history that makes me burn with anger and I definitely felt a lot of motions while reading this book from anger to despair and now and again hope I think the laundry depicted in this book seemed tamer than a lot of the ones that did xist and the girls living there seemed to have a slightly asier time of it than the ones that were practically tortured daily by the nuns However it still managed to depict the horrors of becoming a prisoner for simply being a woman for Invisible (The Curse of Avalon example Teagan is sent because a priest had sexual feelings for herven though she did nothing wrong and how so many women refused to let the nuns break them downI wasn t completely mad about the plot around the Mother Superior Sister Anne She is given a back story and a link to one of the girls and at times it s used as an Yummy Supper excuse for her bad behaviour and the reader is almost suppose to feel sorry for her While this might work for Sister Anne it doesn t accurately representvery other Mother Superior and priest involved in the laundries who seemed happy to have a literal God complex and just be terrible terrible people I think I just hated Sister Anne s history because I feel so motional about the story I wasn t going to let her have any xcuses for her behaviour I also could have done without some of the ghost stories that were mentioned now and again with Lea s spirit stories and the visions of the Virgin MaryI was gripped into this book than I thought it would be too and it was a good if not challenging read If people don t know too much about the Magdalene laundries and want to learn this fictionalised version of one of them would be a good place to start Lightning review at Smart Bitches Trashy BooksFrom the late 18th century to 1996 the Magdalen Laundries were In theory a place for fallen women to be Deep Listening employed with godly honest work and get off the streets and all that The reality was that women and girls could be committed to these asylums for years with no appeal or release until such a time as the nuns running the place let them go Records of women who disappeared into the asylums are scant and incompleteIt s one of the black spots in the history of the Catholic Church and while they were notxclusive to Ireland it s a black spot in the history of Ireland and its treatment of women as wellIt s not a particularly feel good story There s a happy nding for one of them but it s at SUCH a cost There s hope held out only to be snatched away again and again and again and given the reasons most women and girls were sent to these places this isn t a surprise there s a child death as well so please be aware of thatI liked reading about this this facet of history ven as I had to struggle with the rage that this wasn t a bygone Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature era this was happening in my lifetime If we can understand the things people do toach other maybe we can keep history from repeating itself Redheadedgirl This was a very informative read for me I must admit that. By her family when her beauty provokes a lustful revelation from a young priestTeagan soon befriends Nora Craven a new arrival who thought nothing could be worse than living in a sualid tenement flat Stripped of their freedom and dignity the girls are given new names and denied contact with the outside world The Mother Superior Sister Anne who has secrets of her own inflicts cruel dehumanizing punishments but always in the name of.

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