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Sort of mystery surrounding them Then when we meet them again in Love Rekindled there s ven mystery and you re left wondering what the heck can be going on between them Well look no further In this wonderful book we get the insight into their relationship and boy is it a hot one Bea isn t one for relationships and Dylan is but he s sick of being Mr Nice Guy That can only lead to holy hotnessThis story runs along the timeline of Love Rekindled so make sure you ve read the previous ones first so you have a clue what s going on I loved this book and I always love a book where you can relate to the female lead Definite 5 star rating from me Go and one click cos you won t be disappointed Panty Scorching 2Angst 0tissues 0Storyline 3Value 3Overall 35Kindle ContamiNation eARCReviewed by LadyballsI had such high hopes for this book and it started out with all the momentum and mystery and sexiness a solid book has and little by little it fizzled for me It had all the right parts but it just didn t fit together well Bea and Dylanconnected by friends and siblingshave a one night affair Bea is care free witty and seems to have a bad reputation Dylan is a straight up pssythere I said it I wanted to yell at himhave some blls on then one occasion Ugh I was so confused at what type of male the author wanted him to be I got a headache One minute he is incapable of trusting a female and beingmotional and well kind of like a chick with all the feels he has then the next he displays a little alpha The alpha moments just don t fit and it was painful to watch Look Taxi ins Glück everyone wants that nice guy with a dash of bad boy but Dylan seems to not be that perfect blend and it was hard to watch him be so wishy washy Bea has all kind of daddy issuesoh and mommy issues and also is incapable of having a relationship Match made in heavenAfter there one night affair and swearingach other offthey come face to face and are thrust back into ach others lives Reading about them fumble their way through reconnecting was just painful and the I read the I lost interest The sex scenes were mediocre and I just xpected from this book 45 starsThis may be my favorite of this series Bea and Dylan were introduced in Love Surfaced in a brief meeting but that moment was intriguing and this story picks up just before the Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas epilogue of Love Surfaced and runs parallel to Love Rekindled Going back in time took a little getting used to Bra Bea Dylan seemed liked an odd match but I was pleasantly surprised with how this story played out Dylan is not who I thought he would be I thought he was a player who got what he wanted when he wanted it I was so wrongDylan is a lot deeper than your average puddle and he has never forgotten that one night he had with Bea Now they are working together and the attraction between them is sizzling Bea is a non relationship kind of girl and is happy to indulge in a friends with benefits type of arrangement with a guy but anything over and above that is not on the menu for her lifeHere s the thing though when you actually do meet the one there is not a lot you can to do stop what your heart wants You can stubbornly deny it but deep down inside the desire for willventually win out Bea has to decide whether or not she is willing to take that leap of faith with Dylan and open herself up to something wonderful with this sweet man Bea you have one foot in and one foot out of this relationship I just want to dig into your head and figure out how I The Magic Rolling Pin entice your other foot to step into this relationshi. Further dented those dreamy dimplesHis panicked greenyes held layers of kindnessMaking sure the rules were clear I walked away showing him how little relationships meant to me Now two months later we come face to face again as coworkers.

Not my favourite in the series but still a good readI have Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, enjoyed reading the books in this series and this story of Bea and Dylan doesn t disappoint Whilst it doesn t tie in as thoroughly as the 1st two books the authorxplains up front that it occurs concurrently with the 2nd book It also mainly focuses on Dylan McCain s relationship so we see very little of Brad and Taylor in here but there are a few references to Tanner and PiperI do like the way that Lynn addresses delicate topics with both Dylan and Bea s Not Without a Fight earlier years and the way their relationship dynamic is portrayed as respectfulven if it doesn t fit normal stereotypesI will be looking at other works by Michelle Lynn in future I received this for an honest review So you say Michelle Lynn I say SIGN ME UP I am a huge fan and I just keep falling in love with her books the she writesBea and Dylan were a great couple together and such a great read I found myself just absolutely falling in love with this story and these characters We met them in the first couple of books and I always wondered how their story would play out I was Garden Bouquets and Beyond excited to read this and not disappointed at all Michelle has this awesome ability to pull you right into the story and keep you hooked and this is what happened in this story I havenjoyed this series and getting the stories of The Unseen Wonder each couple Bea and Dylan have made me laugh from the start their drunken meeting their one night together their reunion and their current predicament right into their HEA This story runs alongside book 1 and in a way we get somevents in different POV s but mostly we finally get to know Bea and Tanner s lil bro Dylan Bea and Dylan love their work they are in advertising and as Bea is attempting to climb the ladder at her company Dylan is hired on and kind of takes the lead Can they work together without complications Do they want rerun of their night So many uestions so many possibilities Bea is standoffish she has had a rough life and is uite content with a friends with benefits deal Dylan is super hot and all man BUT he does have a tendency to be a heart on your sleeve kind of guy and Bea may not be ready for that honesty You can see they make a good time in and out of work I loved seeing his determination into get Bea to open up his drive to make her his and figure her out You can t fault the guy for his honest attempts I loved him Meeting Bea s dad and her Family was The Management Bible eye opening Sadly I did grow to love her father and the outcome of that broke my heart In thend I was happy for Bea she was able to prove to herself she was worth so much than any of her family thought and accept the fact that she deserves the man and job of her dreams Dylan and Bea knew Zu schnell each other through common friends one thing led to anxplosive one night stand While Bea seems like a woman of the world and is slapped with a bad reputation when it comes to sleeping around Dylan is uite the opposite He s uite a chic sometimes wanting the happy Sleepless (Bird of Stone, ever after which I m still confused whether it s to swoon for or not and other times he can be tough and can go into total alpha mode Total whip lash right thereWhile I settled with Bea being a misunderstood bad girl with a dash of mystery Dylan on the other hand no matter how he tries to be bad he would still go to that good boy category Him being bad Doesn t really work with me But it wasntertaining to see him tryBea has a whole lot of baggage having both mommy and daddy issues both people were totally incapable of having a relat. DylanBea Zanders’s interest penetrated meI tried to ignore her unwavering yes and lasting touchesBut my willpower failed me Our one night affair was mutualNo xpectations no xchanging of phone numbers nothingThe next morning she saunte.

Ionship making her doubt herself if she can sustain a First let me start by saying I ve been SO ready for this book for months A year basically since Love Surfaced came out and we met Dylan and Bea for the first time And it was definitely worth the wait Because Love Emerged like the two books before it wasn t predictable or boring or over the top It was fun sexy and heartfelt It made me smile swoon and ache My heart stopped dropped and soared And when I closed it that same heart did a little happy dance because Love Emerged was THAT good Second I should let you all know that Dylan is MINE I ll fight you for him because WHOA I m here basically a puddle of melty swoony goo because Dylan was divine Delicious Devastating Demanding I m just saying if he told me to come home I d step to you know And he s so freaking adorably sweet and kind and nice I justI don t know Want to steal him away Don t get me wrong I m all for an alpha man gruff and unapologetic but there s something about a guy who is soft but not soft if that makes ANY sense He wasn t a pushover but he was good guy a nice guy and gah I ADORED him A D O R E D Third let s talk about Bea Honest mostly heart breaking Bea who uses her past as an xcuse to avoid her future who was so closed off I wanted to shake her then hug her She wasn t perfect but she was an Invisible (The Curse of Avalon excellent counterpoint to gentle but so so hot Dylan I loved the way she pushed back at him challenged him wanted him And when she gave in to his persistence when she fought her demons it was all the rewarding because it was hardarned Finally I want to say a big huge thank you to Michelle Lynn This series is a favorite of mine and for good reason It s chock full of feels a roller coaster ride on the journey toward three loves that surface rekindle Yummy Supper emerge and completely steal my heart Every Single Time Is it any wonder my heart is dancing Beth 5 stars I m unfixable I m unable to truly love and trust someone I tried Dylan and it didn t work Anyonelse ver felt like this Well I have and it s an awful but real life feeling Michelle Lynn summed up my life perfectly in this This right here If you ve read any of the other Love Surfaced books that she s written you ll know that they include lements of real life I m a firm believer that life isn t Deep Listening easy but that if you believe in love you ll find it And Love Emerged helps us to believe it yet again Bea Zander is a hard core woman She s had a past that has shaped her but she s learned to depend on and take care of herself She doesn t do relationships mostly because she doesn t know how Dylan McCain is smart and funny and good looking But he s a relationship guy He s kind and thoughtful He s not all about one night stands or friends with benefits He s thexact opposite of Bea but he s so drawn to her he can t let go Together they overcome what they don t know they need to change Love Emerged is a complex story of love and light and what happens when you just let go Accepting that you can t change your past but that you can have a better future is so much a part of letting go Both Bea and Dylan have growing and changing to do and we see them volve in the best ways possible I m totally in love with Dylan He s the kind of real life guy that I would love to have No uestion 3 Heather 45 stars This is Michelle s best work yet I love Bea Dylan I am a HUGE Michelle Lynn fan and I was so xcited to hear that she was releasing Dylan and Bea s storyWe meet both Bea and Dylan in Love Surfaced Book 1 and there is Red out of my life as fast as she had ntered it BeaI claimed Dylan McCain as soon as I saw himHis disheveled dark hair and tattooed arms screamed bad boyFinally I won and he claimed me in return But in the light of day he changedHis smile.

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PDF DOWNLOAD Love Emerged Love Surfaced #3