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Tement but nope nothing The Checkov s gun was barely unholstered and then put back without nothing interesting ever happening All Tevi does is get offended when Jemeryl says something wrong which then is resolved 5 seconds later when Jem explains herself Their relationship just doesn t work there is no spark no chemistry there The murder mystery was boring It takes too long to resolve and the main villain is also boring The chase after the villain was disjointed repetitive and boring The mage ights were too esoteric and hard to understand and therefore boring The small time skips are also weird and make the book harder to read Same as the sudden POV changes without warning And that word The Greek Bosss Demand for word copypasted conversationrom the February or Forever (Tarrins Bay first book in the middle of this book also seemed way out of place And what s up with the anti climatic ending I wantedor her to return and show her amily who s the boss Instead she hides in a corner like she always did Hero s journey What hero s journeyThis book is just so boring Filled with lots of unfulfilled promise unfortunately Some reviewers mention that the irst book is the weakest of the series I disagree I actually liked the A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters first bookar better than this trainwreck The Traitor And the Chalice closes the What She Saw / Operation Reunion first adventure with Tevi and Jemeryl in a beautifully woven story I loved it not onlyor the romantic tale between the two main characters but the prominent themes of classism and societal struggles with it I look The Moretti Marriage forward to readingrom this series Fletcher has created a rich world where we can easily see our own The Dark Duke faults andears mirrored The A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy follow up to Fletcher s Exile and the Sorcerer continues the high uality of character that made theirst book stand out Again the plotting is a bit subdued the Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls first half easily bettering the second Theirst plays a bit like a Harry Potter novel with a mystery set in a sorcerer s school The second half is the two leads chasing down the Traitor of the title While I did like this one about as much as the The Soul Of A Thief first my only caveat would be Fletcher s somewhat anti climactic plot resolutions However the whole affair is often light in nature so it s not so bad Great 2nd chapter This is a brilliant continuation of Tevi and Jemeryl s journey There is lots of action and aew emotional sections which show case Jane Fletcher style perfectlyThe world building is extremely well done I Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights feel like I have been to the places that are in the book there are written so wellThis book would appeal to anyone who is aan of Secret Baby, Surprise Parents fantasyiction lesbian character. Elf seriously engaged in the search Mystify (Mystyx, for the chalice Theake uest has suddenly become very re.

This is a 25 stars rounded up to three This book is mostly confusing You switch The New Baby from one scene to another so uickly you get lostYou gorom one great part to a pretty boring one and it goes on in a cycle The last part was the worse with old sorcerer hermaphrodite s dwarves and mad hermit I was dubious about the Wild Streak fact that sorcerer and non magic user relationship arerown about by both sides Seing the ratio sorcerer main population how are they supposed to have a life Especially knowing that any children s of theirs would probably be non magical And a non magic parent reaction seemed weird Do they all reject their own children that easily Sorcerers should gave them a basic education and demystified the sorcerer myth They would be avoiding that baby sorcerers are traumatized by their P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, families during childhood For whatever reason I do not seem as interested in writing reviewsor Fletcher books Not sure whySo the story continues here in part two of the series and I come immediately to why I didn t write anything the only real thing I wanted to say was something too spoilery to say so view spoilerThis book here works uite well as an end note on the duology except you know this isn t actually the end book on a 2 book series so hide spoiler I am a Say Youll Stay And Marry Me fantasy buff and enjoy all kinds I was lookingorward to Book 2 in this series with Tevi And jemalya and while I liked it it seemed a bit disjointed It Rafaellos Mistress felt like the author wanted to get someplace and skipped over parts to get to it I enjoyed her takes on immortality and gifted vs ungifted life as philosophy I wanted interaction between the main characters and I wanted to see how they developed I guess I wanted emotion but never reallyelt that The return home The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, felt stilted and anticlimactic Even so lookingorward to Book 3 to see how their lives actually go Rascal forward While this book book 2 has excitement than the The Exile and the Sorcerer Iound myself liking book 1 That s not to say this book wasn t good in Another Day of Life fact it s great I really seem to love Jane Fletcher s writing Her Celaeno series wasantastic I believe I gave all except one book in that series 5 stars I ve been totally sucked into this series too and can t wait to read the restI m not going to go into a review about the characters and setting as others have already I just want people to know I recommend this book if your looking What Would You Like? for a goodf antasy You won t be disappointed To sum it up in 3 words I was bored The writing isn t bad but there are so many unnecessary events to read through and so many plotholes Tevi has made a new life in the Protectorate a life that includes Jemeryl something she could.

O ignore And most of all I didn t care or Tevi and Jem after they initially got together in the Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, first book They just don t seem well suitedor one another The combination of contrasts like brawn and brains can work but in this case it just doesn t For most of the book Tevi with her warrior strength is reduced to sitting around and waiting Friend Foe for Jem to mostly single handedly solve the mystery of the chalice theft mostly on her own What little interaction they do have Tevi is not allowed on the school grounds where Jem is investigating serves only as a showcaseor Jem to explain the mystery This imbalance gets a little better towards the end when both The Longevity Diet find themselves endlessly trekking through wilderness and Tevi does most of the heavy lifting literallyUnfortunately there isn t a lot of suspense here The whodunitalls Grassroots Innovation flat andeels cobbled together the inal ight between Jem and the bad sorcerer isn t really exciting Tevi is once again waiting outside and over very uickly every time someone gets injured they get better soon You never get to worry if they ll make it or not I just didn t get involved emotionally and ultimately that s what I want Architecture and Utopia from a book I want to care about the characters I want to know how the plot develops I want to be entertained Unfortunately nadaI think with editing a bit work on the mystery and if Tevi hadn t been demoted to passiveadmiringslightly worried onlooker this could ve been a decent book Book 1 was promising but I won t beollowing the Lyremouth Chronicles any Science Perfect Cities fictionfantasy adventure books by and about women with single unmarried childlessemale protagonists and plots that do not sound like dystopian newspaper articles are hard to Prometheus Wired fin 2 stars Probably the most boring read of 2018or me The irst book set up everything well enough that I thought this second book will be nothing but joy to read Instead I was mind numbingly bored all throughout the book I read in anticipation or it to get good but it never didMore than half of the book is spent in an extremely boring port city where never anything happens The main characters barely interact with each other because one of them is undercover and when they do meet it s either to share boring information or to drop the extremely inventive line of all time I love you Their dialogue is dry and unimaginativeThen there s Tevi a woman that s strong as 5 men put together There should be a lot of juicy Special Topics in Calamity Physics fights right WRONG She barely does anything in this second book I wantedights like the bandit raid in the Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks first book Some exci. Never have expected when she was exiledrom her home Even surprising is that she inds hers.

Jane Fletcher is a GCLS award winning writer and has also been short listed for the Gaylactic Spectrum and Lambda Literary awards She is author of two ongoing sets of fantasyromance novels the Celaeno series—The Walls of Westernfort Rangers at Roadsend The Temple at Landfall Dynasty of Rogues and Shadow of the Knife; and the Lyremouth Chronicles—The Exile and The Sorcerer The Traitor and T