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Pondering if Cam was a man of substance or a shallow little boy I really liked Layla She was ind and thoughtful but I wish she was confident Big girls are not always super self conscious I also wanted her to stand up for herself against Jessie She was rude and mean especially because they we just neighbors and not really friends I would have left her heaving on the bathroom floor if she had talked to me like that Oh no no no Being sick is no excuse to be a Bch I can totally sympathize with Layla because I ve been there The not the hot one The one that has self esteem issues that would take any attention from a guy The one that would follow her friends around taking care of them when they drank too much N Raines hit the feelings on the head After reading Layla and Cam s start I had to go get the box set to see how it turned out Not The Hot Chick is a uick read 4 Cranky Stars Layla Messner is not the hot chick She s the uiet and shy one She s the cute and curvy one the good friend and Wwngman Layla has self esteem issues which hold her back from getting what she wantsCameron is a bartender with a sexy ass and muscular body He s the true definition of hot He is part owner at The Shamrock bar and good at his jobOn a whim Layla goes with her neighbor Jessi to the Shamrock only to discover that she s the wing woman for her When the hookup Jessi wants This one just wasn t for meCheck out my reviews her. Cam looks to Layla He wants her Here's her chance to take what she wants and finally be the object of desire the Hot Chick If she says no she may regret it forever If she says yes one night may not be enou.

Wing Woman to Hot Chick Backup This story was ok for me This is a short book about two girls going for a night of fun Jessi a girl that looks like a playmate and Layla someone that has nice soft curves maybe a little bit then And of course the good looking sexy bartender It doesn t take Jessie to long to pick up Camand Layla becomes the third wheel Nona is able to describe these characters so well that you like you re right there Understanding their feelings because you have nown them before I was given this Advanced Reader Copy to voluntarily read and review honestly Pick it up you ll enjoy it this book was alright I think she was a little too hard on herself and the uick lay wasn t really my style of romance He made it very clear that she was his second choice and was just trying to get his dick wet I mean power to them for getting each other off and nowing that they going their seperate ways but she was clearly invested that he was And then at the end when he had a little moment when he was second guessing himself about trying to make it work but worried about how his friends would see her because of her weight uhm nah bro if that s a thought in your head then yes you really are that shallow and she don t deserve you I don t like giving out 1 star reviews but in this case it is warranted Unable to finishDNF 35 starsI enjoyed itit was a very uick read had a good storyline but I would have Can she be the hot chick for just one nightNo one would call curvy Layla Messner hot Sweet and smart yes but not hot She doesn't stand a chance with Cam the sexy bartender with the teasing grin especially

Iked to their story It was fun flirty dirty and uick I received a copy of this book for my honest review Sorry in advanceTo tell the truth this was almost a DNF for me The only thing that made me finish it was the length of the story It was a very uick read which was great because I didn t have much time to sueeze it intoI wasn t impressed with the writing at all It felt very amateur and first book to me The story plot was ok at best The characters were mediocre Overall I was clearly not impressed and will probably not read anything in the future from this authorMy fist impressions of the male lead Cam was not good at all and the fact that he was able to hook up with the female lead Layla was frankly disgusting It made her look pathetic My ending impressions were improved but still left lacking Layla wasn t all pathetic but still left a lot to be desiredThis was supposed to be a 4 book series or something and that was a bit confusing because what I read seemed to be a full book all be it short Am I missing something I read till the end and they become a couple after his ex friend drama which by the way made little sense to me and was totally lame So yeah I hope that wasn t considered a 4 book series A very uick read I enjoyed the story of Layla going out with her neighbor as a wing woman and ends up as the object of desire This was a cute start but I was disappointed at the end The author left us. Ince her neighbor Jessi has him dead in her sights Jessi who is every man's centerfold fantasy All Layla has to look forward to is another night with her trusty vibratorBut when his hook up with Jessi tanks.

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PDF KINDLE Not The Hot Chick ☆ N. Raines