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Ays There is within the breast of most of s the idyllic hope that spiritual growth is intense for an initial period Smh Hull is speaking of heterosexual men only and homosexual men can go jump off a cliff apparently I mean come on Sexual temptation followed by breast This came to me with a homophobic ndertone and Hull should repentChapter fiveI couldn t help but object when I read about dysfunctional families Sometimes humans can get this image of something perfect and put ridiculous expectations pon something and then create guidelines to how to make a fuctional family according to a churchbuildingminister and it kinda sets the path toward failure Perfect is subjective Also it talks about inaccurate identities and given the fact that one of the contributors had already included a between the text meaning against homosexuality I bet Meyer is referring to the LGBT and thought he was being clever Some parts of Christianity need to realize that all parts of the LGBT are in and of themselves legitimate and accurate and real and okay Except for polyamorousChapter sevenI found nothing I disagree with in this chapt This book had some important truths within it related to spiritual formation However it was so dry overly wordy and disorganized that it made it extremely difficult to read all of the way through One of my top 3 books of the year This book is an important one Each chapter is a needed read for leaders and churches wanting to truly embrace discipleship and the intentional spiritual formation of Christians It s a collective work the result of an think tank Unfortunately while a few chapters read very well the bulk of the book is dry and reuires lots of coffee and focus to read through One shouldn t make a book of such import so ploddingly boring with dry academic writing To that extent it disappointed My other issue is that the book really didn t offer conclusions on each segment of spiritual formation It was this is really important but it doesn t offer a many practical thoughts on implementing Nor does it describe churches or ministries that have organized around the principles The last three chapters I had to My Mother, a Serial Killer use toothpicks to hold open my eyelids snoozealert I read this book twice in one year because it was so encouraging and challenging The varying writing styles took some gettingse to but still very good resource to refocus faith not so much a passive Sunday activity but a vibrant engaging relationship with God and His church Some excellent chapters some good not great chapters Overall good read and helpful to think about I thoroughly enjoyed it This is a book that in my opinion had one over arching point The idea of spiritual formation It talks about spirital formation in different contexts Not only personally but in communities of faith such as churches The authors of this book really go to argue that churches today are not doing enough to get people to live as Christians It s the idea that churches have people baptized and to believe to save their souls but it s of a The Italians Stolen Bride uick fixntil they meet God This book argues that the church needs to do to basically practice what s being preached to them and getting them to apply the tea Not a lot of new concepts for me but a good overview all in one place A few of the chapters could be standalone resources to introduce people to certain topics eg Theology of suffering or political theology This book is informative and convicting It made me cry several times There are some parts that I disagree with but on the whole it was good This is a great book with really good insights into spiritual formation I highly recommend it. M by nderstanding how He sees grace and doctrine brokenness and obedience outreach and justiceIncludes seven highly practical process chapters as well as three theological chapters on the Trinity the Scriptures and the Holy Spiri.

Ly said that if you don t believe that sin is alive and well like some Christians do then you re na ve and arrogant Can t agree with this oneOn page 70 McNicol states that humility is simply trusting God and others Actually a look at a dictionary would tell you that humility is a modest or low view of one s own importance humbleness Everyone UICK Send McNicol a bunch of dictionaries at oncePage 71 may have a mistake of editing We are both type As who have given p on drivenness controlling life and being right I reread this a couple of times and have no idea where McNicol was going with thisPage 72 The thought that it is a good idea to provide an example about how someone did something you want them to do after they suffered a traumatic event is not one of mine It kind of screams See This person did it and now they re a Pastor You should too I mean with that kind of angle someone could try to get you to do marijuana and then say See I do it and get all kinds of happy You should too Both sound like peer pressure to me Sure one is about a spiritual life and one is a life of drug Tikki Tikki Tembo use but I discern not much difference here than thatPage 74 claims we are all saints Let s just say that I am not a Catholic or a Mormon and you ll get why I don t agree with this onePage 80 McNicol talks of teens leaving churches as soon as they re adults Well we really can t force people to stay at churches for one And some churches preach false doctrines and I don t just mean the liberal section For example I left the one I attended growingp when I was 16 because they told me that I was screwed and going to hell just because I m not heterosexual As an author said it s like picking a cardiac care Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, unit Which one is going to lead you to lifeChapter threePage 82 I found that Keith J Matthews had me in his corner rightp almost Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island until the end Matthews likened discipleship for Jesus as being an apprentice to a plumber Bangs head on nearest piece of furniture MATTHEWS NO YOU WERE DOING SO GOOD TALKING AGAINST BAD CHURCH IDEAS WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME sighsI wasn t surprised to find myself giving critical commentary after the plumber fiasco It s kinda like the saying How the mighty have fallen Page 99 says that there are no brownie points for disciplining yourself to read the scriptures every day but page 102 had me scratching my head as Matthews said that reading the scriptures was incredibly essentialChapter fourGoodness I was barely a sentence into chapter four before I found myself with comments Page 108 Bill Hull speaks of spiritual formation being a lifelong development and how it is a life of suffering Wait What Hardly a promising start Hull I don t see why this isn t broken down into certain success points I mean how is it measured If you die young did you fail Death is the finish line Not for the first time I found myself thinking that this was not the path to go spiritual formation because it just doesn t make much senseIn the very next paragraph on the same page it appears that Hull couldn t resist inserting a heterosexual meaning within the textote A young Christian man often looks at older Christian men and assumes that sexual temptation will be easy to handle given a few Bible studies and trainings in resistance First off I d like to know what planet Hull is living on What self respecting teenage boy isn t gonna flog the bishop to a person of whichever gender he s attracted to On what planet is it wrong to merely fantasize Where in the Bible does it say thay masturbation is a sin Even Joseph from Genesis masturbated to avoid sleeping with his masters temptinf wife Anyway two sentences later it Ritual formation The result is The Kingdom Life a book that offers a fresh approach to the spiritual disciplines through a three pronged focus on transformation community and outreach Connect in a niue way with God and His kingdo.

As stated in previous reviews my fianc is studying to be a minister so as the future spouse of a minister I figured I should be reading some if not all of his reuired books Unfortunately this one is a heck of a miss For example on page 8 in the foreword by Dr Rick Warren of Saddleback Church Warren talks about Christ like maturity He says going to a church should make you grow from come and see into come and die as Jesus did I do NOT want to ever go to this man s church I nderstand that he was trying to say that churches and ministers aren t doing enough but they should have considered rephrasing that sentence before this book ever came to printThe introduction was the driest thing I have ever read in my entire life It took according to my His Convenient Highland Wedding updates the end of Februaryntil the twenty fourth of April to finish reading the introduction because I felt no joy at the thought of continuing with this book Hence FINALLY finishing the introduction two months later Personally I d have just put the list of Bible Verse references into a bibliography Reason being it is both counterproductive and a chore to have to put a book down and open Secret Hideout (Cooper, up another one It takes away from what you re reading and removes the feeling you get from a continuous reading experience I felt like I did arm exercises than actual reading when I was really trying to finish the intro For the rest of the book I did NOT go back and forth between this book and my copy of the KJVChapter OneOn page 47 it says that the trinity of all evil is the world the devil and ze flesh It also says that if I want a donut that s my flesh talking to me I don t know about you but I have never had a conversation with my skinOn page 48 it says that an addict is a person who has basically resigned his will to a desire Actually Dallas Willard an addiction is actually something that affects your brain not your soulOn page 54 if you have a Christ without a kingdom you don t have a Christ If you have a kingdom without Christ you don t have a kingdom of God I have to call rubbish on this one To say that without Christ there is no Kingdom of God is just blasphemy To deny that a kingdom of God existed before Jesus is also ridiculous It s not BiblicalI found myself scratching my head on page 56 It says that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about the Trinity The Gospel of Jesus Christ is actually about the life and ministry of well Jesus Christ Also Dallas Willard the author of chapter one talks of Jesus saying thatnless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees you will not enter the kingdom of Heaven However Willard goes on to suggest that perhaps Jesus was talking about how the kingdom of Heaven is here Two completely different things in my opinion Jesus asked what the heart of the law was The answer is Hear O Israel Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all thy mind and with all thy strength I don t see how the author came to his perhaps Chapter twoAt the end of page 64 and the start of page 65 Bruce McNicol says that when you believe something but act as if you don t other people see the inconsistency Perhaps but there are people on this planet that claim to be psychic and I don t mean Miss Cleo that will turn around and claim you are lying because they get a feeling Maybe it s an ego trip shrugsNot everything in this book makes me feel opinionated Later on page 65 McNicol makes a convincing case for picking a church the same way you d pick a cardiac care nit nodsHowever McNicol completely lost me on page 68 and the start of page 69 when he added an eye roll inducing realization type paragraph and then actual. For six years spiritual formation leaders such as Dallas Willard Bruce Demarest and Bill Hull came together with other colleagues to create a collection of wisdom and honest personal revelation in the areas of discipleship and spi.