PDF Her Son's Wife Virago Modern Classics ✓ Dorothy Canfield Fisher

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Lf after her husband died early in the marriage Her plans for her son include aw school Galina like his father and grandfather before him Ralph is presently completing his preaw university degree and the only thi I reached for this volume because Dorothy Canfield Fisher s name is synonymous with Vermont Dead Boy literature ateast in a way There s a children s Mud and Stars literature award given in her name annuallyThat said it was interesting to read a novel written by the Great Lady though not for the kiddies It features a domineering schoolmarm her passively aggressive prodigal son and the trashy wife he marries Said ds must come to terms with her desire to manipulate everyone in her path the traditional means of power gathering in the olde days for theove of her grandchild who is the ight that shines through a path otherwise strewn with tacky temptationsInteresting I oved this book At 63 it touched me Eros Unbound (Great Loves, like a book seldom does Right time inife for me to discover this gem At Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda least two plot twists that were totally unexpected and one of them kind of macabre An interesting read Could have used some editin. Ns of regaining her supremacy First published in 1926 Her Son's Wife incisively explores the destructive potential of a mother'sove for her son A story of possession and the misuse of emotional power it is a memorable work with an acid edg.

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PDF Her Son's Wife Virago Modern Classics ✓ Dorothy Canfield Fisher

This isn t my favourite by Canfield there are no ikeable characters although I felt a bit sorry for the sonhusband who was stuck in between two manipulative women Mrs Bascomb the mother in aw knows that her actions will result in her daughter in La Stratgie du camlon law almost being buried alive Bascomb s conscience pricks her she runs about constantly washing her handsike Lady Macbeth but not for Personality Selling long The important thing to Bascomb is that she rules the roost a ghastly character It s been aong time since I couldn t put down a book This was riveting I ve read and enjoyed this author s The Bent Twig The Brimming Cup Seasoned Timber and the Homemaker as well as some of her short stories She often focusses on characters struggles ethical dilemmas and growth in day to day situations and relationships as she does in Her Son s Wife But two thirds through this story of a woman s unhappiness with her daughter in Lissa law the plot takes an odd twist and the characters and situations become unbelievable This author was popular when I was a kid but I m just now reading her books I ve read this and The Homemaker and. Lottie cheaply dressed and cheaply perfumes shatters Mary Bascomb'sife undermining not only the neat comfort of her home but also her carefully aid plans for her son's future Mary's years of control both as a mother and a teacher count fo.

They were even intriguing because of the fact that they were written in the 20s this one and into the 40s The Homemaker I think or 50s She went to Ohio State and ived her adult Napoleons Military Machine Operations Manual life in Vermont Very interesting writer This is a terrific send up of sentimental maternalism and shows one family as a place where venality can play out in microcosm That in the case of Mary Bascomb it all pivots around a supreme self righteousness makes it aesson for any time The moral is complicated by the main character s success everything seems to work out uite well I don t want to spoil it with too much analysis this is a creepy page turner that will surprise you in its subtlety Considering this book is nearly 100 years old the prose seemed modern and fresh Vividly drawn characters involving descriptions of emotions A storyline that pulls the reader along with urgency Loved it and want to read of this author s work Mary Bascomb is a proud independent woman and she has a right to be After all not only is she an accomplished teacher in the ocal school district she has raised a son Ralph solely by herse. R nothing against the impact this slovenly young woman has upon Ralph's affections Humiliated and rebuffed Mary constructs a barrier of indignation against this marriage And when the pleasure of self righteous disapproval fades devises a mea.

Also wrote under the name Dorothy Canfield Dorothy Canfield Fisher February 17 1879 – November 9 1958 was an educational reformer social activist and best selling American author in the early decades of the twentieth century She strongly supported women's rights racial euality and lifelong education Eleanor Roosevelt named her one of the ten most influential women in the United States