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R mate but she certainly is trouble with a capital T In short order Eloise will steal his heart his wallet and his clothes and bring him and his pride into some serious undertakings that will have long reaching ffectsOn some level Eloise knows she s been used and now set up to take the fall While she s having trouble believing that this is happening she still has to make it right and this sexy lawyer just might hold the key to getting out of this alive But she s spent too many years on her own to trust anyone Water Music else her friends can only help so much Can she really bring this world of danger that she s in to Benedict s door His family already wants him far away from her and rightly so But he s convinced that they belong together and for the first time in her life she wants to believe in that possibility so badlyChasing Trouble packs a serious punch with believable situations and realistic characters yes I know this is supernatural but within that world I canasily relate to what is happening Eloise would Revived easily be considered a mythven in this world and her powers and abilities have only begun to be tapped If she can get control she will be a formidable ally and feared Student Research Projects in Calculus enemy Benedict and Eloise gave me many chuckle worthy moments some serious sizzle and annjoyable opposites attract couple that make perfect sense together You d think they don t fit but in reality they fill the gaps in ach other and make a complete unit when togetherThe world building continues to add depth to the series The secondary characters are being fleshed out into people who will one day tell their own stories but in the meantime they are becoming a strong tightly knit group Enemies are not always what they seem on the surface and ven when in doubt about motive some things are in the grey area and we ll see how they turn out in later books I m sure I real. Ict Chase spends most of his time chasing trouble for his brothers The girl with the silver Love for Imperfect Things eyes is clearly her own kind of trouble but he's powerless to resist when his lion claims her So what if her hair literally has a mind of its own and most of the shifters in the city are after her She'sxactly who he's been looking for as long as she.

Book review Chasing TroubleI am an independent reviewer This book is the 2nd in the City Sifters The Pride series and A Heart of Stone ends in an HEA Benedict the clown of the Chase pride discovers Eloise as she is being arrested He realizes she is his mate and tries to befriend her Eloise not only pickpockets Benedict s wallet but steals a second wallet and all of his clothes Eloise is a gorgon medusa She can turn people into stone with just a look Her hair has a life of its own and is described as something between a cat s tail and a snake Benedict goes to bat for Eloise with all different types of shifterspecially hyena and bear I felt Benedict s heartbreak when he realized why Eloise slept with him the first time This book had all of the feels romantic suspenseful and humorous Logan and Natalia are in this book but Logan really comes across as rude The book is appropriate for an adult audience I am giving the book 5 stars This series is very good Great seriesI thought I loved Logan in book 1 but Benedict my my my This is the first shifter romance where the heroine was not human but not like other shifters Taking Instruction (Taboo, either which made the story that muchxciting Twisty mystery Reviewed at Shifter HavenIn Chasing Trouble the second story in the City Shifters The Pride series we have Benedict and Eloise s romance and talk about opposites attract Benedict comes from a very wealthy prominent lion shifter family he s the lawyer for both the Pride and the family Eloise is a former foster kid street kid who has always been on just this side of the law never anything huge but trouble nonetheless When Benedict is bailing out his brother at the local jail he sees how Eloise is being treated by the police and make a split second decision to represent her It doesn t really take him long to know why he stepped in his lion made it pretty clear that Eloise is thei. Eloise Deacon has a deadline deliver a hyena princess and ten grand in ransom money in less than two days or Eloise will pay with her life The only problem is she can't find the princess and barely has two nickels to rub together She'll need than her mother's Medusa powers to stay alive until handsome Benedict Chase walks into her life Bened.

Ly Language and Linguistics enjoyed this visit to Layla Nash s world It s a fast paced sexy action filled story with layers upon layers to discover along the way Never trust that you knowverything until the final page is turned Another good story I really like this authors writingview spoiler What I didn t like in this story was Logan and that was sad he came across sounding like a prize asshole which he didn t in his own book One of the things I loved about the first one was that the family fought to get them together as much as the main characters did that was sadly not the case in this book Benedict stood by Logan in his fight for Natalia and yet Divertimento even afterverything is said and done Logan could not be bothered to Love Is a Fairy Tale even try and welcome Eloise into the family nicely hide spoiler InterestingAn interesting story associating people with animals and mythical beings in a way that keeps one on thedge Promise at Dawn every step of the way From the synopsis I wasn t sure if I dnjoy a story involving a gorgon but it was so good Great bookI really love this series Although they seem at least so far to be insta love stories it works with these characters being shifters And ven though the relationship grows uickly it still feels natural and right not forced like some insta love stories The depth of these characters and the creativity in developing the powers specially of Eloise is so incredible There is so much Bangkok Wakes to Rain emotion and great and love in these books it s amazing I highly recommend this series to anyone whonjoys paranormal romance books with a lot of love heat motion and danger Although I recommend this series be read in order to get the best xperience possible as these books all take place within the same pride and family Wow a gorgon love story Eloise is an awesome heroine and Benedict is just such a sweetie Really good read with a pretty uniue story 25 Stars. Doesn't paralyze him by mistake But saving Eloise from the trouble she's in means risking a war with the hyenas and it could drag Darkmere every other shifter in the city into an interspecies civil war Benedict knows she's worth it but his brothers aren't so sure Will he go against the Pride to save her riskingverything the Chase brothers have bui.

PDF/EBOOK Chasing Trouble City Shifters the Pride #2

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