Pdf/E–pub [Stuck by Jessica Goldberg] Í Jessica Goldberg

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Pdf/E–pub Stuck by Jessica Goldberg Í Jessica Goldberg

Low key freaky play about two young women stuck in a small town One is slowly being bo. Set in backwater Middletown USA STUCK tells the tale of two twenty three year olds Lula and Margaritah best friends since they were five years old They work at a video store during the day and hang out in the car at night minding Margaritah's baby and wishing they could get.

Gged down by depression and the other with a newborn baby and deadbeat husband has an Out of Middletown Stifled by their environment the fulfillment the girls once found in each other is waning Margaritah falls in love with a ight wing Argentine businessman whose political agenda is a mystery to her Lula hits the bars and ends up in bed with the father of on.

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Ncessant buzz in her head that threatens to break her sanity Pretty dark but I liked it. E of her old school chums The girls' love affairs end in despair and each girl is inspired to change no matter the conseuences The play's inevitable horrific climax comes because these young women cannot imagine how to attain a eality beyond the one in which they already li.